15 Profound Aspects' Surprising Result

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--- Chapter 14 ---

Three weeks later.

Yu Long's daily life in the Xia Manor is excellent.

Every day, he'd stay till midnight and train [Arts of Ghost], raising his affinity toward Yin(Darkness Element). Sometimes, Yu Long met with Xia Qingyue when the moon hung in the sky, making them closer despite the initial coldness. 

Of course, this doesn't mean the heroine would take the initiative to talk with Yu Long. Even after weeks, she's still aloof as ever.

Yu Long had never seen Xia Qingyue smile, and his teasing only caused her to be flustered. Although it was great to see her cutely avoiding him, her acts at such a young age made him helpless.

After that, Yu Long slept until morning. 

In the morning, Yu Long trained [Arts of Violet Mist] and counteracted his Yin(Darkness Element with Yang(Light Element). And three weeks of casual cultivation has allowed him to break through five more times.

Yes, Yu Long is currently in the 7th Level of Elementary Profound Realm.

Although his strength didn't increase much, Yu Long's understanding of the 'profound way' is several times better. There was something that books couldn't explain, after all.

It is better to walk ten thousand miles than read ten thousand books.

Maybe Yu Xin's decision to send Yu Long to the Floating Cloud City works wonders. He should experience more journeys than locking himself in the underground library.

After his cultivation session, Yu Long observed Xia Yuanba exercising to build his foundation for cultivation. He has made an exercise method to help the muscular youth squeeze his overloaded vitality out.

Xia Yuanba might be tired, but he'd feel great shortly after. 

The benefit of having large vitality is that Xia Yuanba's profound veins might mature earlier. 

It also confirmed Yu Long's theory.

Why did people in the Upper Realm cultivate earlier than people in the Blue Polar Star? The answer is the energy density up there is several times better than in this place.

Their profound veins are bound to mature faster because of overflowing vitality, allowing them to start cultivation at age seven or younger. 

But everyone has their talents and fortuitous encounters. Some are born lucky, and some aren't.

The situation of Primal Chaos is dangerous. Living in the Blue Polar Star, far away from the Divine Realm and on the corner of the universe, is better for safe development.

Above all, Blue Polar Star has many legacies compared to the so-called 'Realm of Gods.' people who gatekeep theirs.

Anyway, back to the topic.

The heroine's little brother used to hesitate to call Yu Long 'Big Bro.' and was embarrassed. However, now? When he spots Yu Long anywhere, he starts shouting and waving at him.

As much as Yu Long was annoyed by Xia Yuanba's antics, he couldn't do much about it.

Talking about Xia Yuanba's antics, Yu Long finally met the protagonist because of him.

Yup, the Against the Gods' protagonist, Xiao Che or Yun Che!

Still, this Yun Che is much more confident than Yu Long remembered. 

Yun Che probably hasn't realized that his profound veins are 'purposely' broken. Soon, the protagonist will get condemned by the entire city, his clan, and his peers.

The title 'cripple.' will become his sooner or later.

And they will hate him even more when the engagement with Xia Qingyue is 'maliciously' publicized.

Even then, Yu Long didn't meddle too much with Yun Che. Xia Yuanba only introduced them to each other for a brief moment and then disappeared with the protagonist to play around somewhere.

After collecting Yun Che's blood, Yu Long left the protagonist alone. If fate works as intended, Yun Che will die because of poison and get replaced by another Yun Che from another life.

It's bullshit, but that's Mirror of Samsara for you!

This heavenly treasure is literally fucked with reincarnation, karma, and destiny.

Well, Yu Long pushed that matter aside for now. 

Yu Long's schedule continued into the evening. He will experiment with his profound way, patterns, and aspects until dinner time.

He has made some discoveries already. 

With the abundant material, Yu Long believed he could copy and implant the 'Tyrannical Aspect.' of Xia Yuanba's Tyrannical Emperor Profound Veins.

On top of that, Xia Yuanba gave Yu Long a big surprise. It contained a 'Primordial Energy' that shouldn't have existed in this era, maybe because his mother possessed the Divine Stainless Body.

The Divine Stainless Body allowed someone to possess pure 'Primordial Energy.', but only women could have this unique constitution. While the 'Primordial Energy' couldn't be absorbed by others. The infant born within such a body would exist together, with the pure primordial aura from the moment it comes into existence. 

Even if the infant's potential would be far from comparable to the gods born amidst the primordial energy at the beginning of the Primal Chaos, the inherent nature of its physique would be similar to them.

In other words, the descendent born from a woman with the Divine Stainless Body will have overpowered talents!

Not only do they have overpowered talents, but there's also a significant possibility for them to have a unique 'physique' or even an already extinct variant physique.

The first child of descendants born would have an especially astonishing talent and physique. Xia Qingyue is an example.

Even though the following child will have less primordial energy, they would still be incomparable to ordinary people. 

Yu Long could trace everything back with his [Kaiju Maker] with some fewer details. 

Still, he was sure Xia Qingyue had 90% of the Primordial Energy in her mother's womb, and Xia Yuanba got the rest 10%.

Yu Long tried to replicate 'Primordial Energy' in the past three weeks but bore no result. He knew [Kaiju Maker] could do it, and an invisible barrier prevented him from doing it.

That invisible barrier is his incomplete past life's memory!'

Besides obtaining the pattern of the 'Tyrannical aspect.' from Xia Yuanba, Yu Long also attained the 'Manifestation aspect.' of Yun Clan's Profound Handle from Yun Che's blood and the 'Scarlet Dragon aspect.' from the Scarlet Dragon's blood.

[Kaiju Maker] gave Yu Long's capacity to sense and crystalize things to a subatomic level. The secret of one's blood, or 'more precisely' genetic codes, is nothing to him.

The next step is to copy. All Yu Long needed was to implant the pattern of these aspects to someone, granting that person with a similar perk possessed by the sample.

Increase in Cultivation Speed and Physical Prowess.

Spiritual Manifestation.

Physical Manifestation.

Pure-blooded Dragon's Strength and Fire.

Everything is possible now.

Yu Long originally planned to implant an 'essence sphere' in others but later discovered the 'essence spheres' rejected anyone without [Kaiju Maker].

And he discovered it in a bloody way, watching the scummy bandit's body explode into blood mist. 

The only way to give someone Kaiju's power is by having that person die and turn into an 'essence sphere.' and combine it with another 'essence sphere.', completely turning humans into Half-Kaiju.

Unfortunately, this procedure isn't feasible because the essence sphere of humans contains not only 'memories' but also their dying spirit. This dying spirit makes it hard to fuse with other essence spheres.

Profound beasts' essence sphere is easier to handle because their minds don't mature until they gain wisdom, like the scarlet dragon.

Yes, the source of the problem is Yu Long's mastery over [Kaiju Maker] is far from enough. 

He awakened his power one year more than in his previous life.

Thinking about it makes Yu Long depressed.


Yu Long sat on his bed, adjusting his physical and mental condition to their peak. 

He inhaled a lot of oxygen and blew it out a few seconds later. 

Yu Long raised his right hand, creating a vortex of color. 

Gold, white, and scarlet colors intertwined above his palm. It emitted a mysterious atmosphere.

These are the aspects Yu Long discovered so far.


"As Mario said, here we go!" Yu Long slowly brought his right hand into his chest and pushed the vortex inside his body.


His bone cracked upon contact with the vortex.

His muscles bulged, squirming like worms.

His blood boiled, gaining a red hue.

"Keep it down..." Yu Long gritted his teeth, feeling every inch of his body change quickly.

Suddenly, Yu Long's head burst with wonders as the 'Manifestation Aspect.' opened a new realm for him.

Yu Long rolled his eyes and seemingly fainted. His veins exploded and painted his clothes with redness.

Several hours later.

Yu Long's body slowly adjusted to the new changes added by the aspects. A gentle white light covered his body.

"Nyuu?" Woby appeared from Yu Long's inner world. 

The slime stared at its maker and tried to wake him by nudging its head against his cheek.


The wood floor released a sizzling noise.

"Nyuu!" Woby felt threatened and stepped back.

An ethereal humanoid figure appeared above Yu Long's body, hovering silently. It possesses a muscular physique and is 'thoroughly' covered by layers of faint scarlet dragon scales. Its facial feature is hidden by thick mist, but there is a black sword mark on its forehead.

Woby stared at the humanoid figure and trembled, "Nyuu?"


Yu Long opened his eyes, revealing a pair of slitted golden dragon eyes.

He shook his head a few times and got a headache, feeling an extra weight on his consciousness.

He glanced at the humanoid figure behind him and shouted, "What the fuck?!" 

"T-This is..." 


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