Kaiju Maker in Another World

After getting hit by a truck, Hayate Kurogami experienced something bizarre. He arrived in alternative world and awakened as Kaiju Maker. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave this world. Sacrificing himself for goods, Hayate reincarnated to another world. A cultivation world filled dangers and charming beauties. Watch our protagonist become stronger, adventuring the vast universes to achieve the highest realm. 1st World: Against the Gods Hi, everyone. This is Nine Clouds. This is the rewrite of my previous work, Kaiju User in Another World. My writings aren't the best, but I hope everyone enjoy it~! Note, I don't own any characters or worlds beside my OCs. Cover: Ekina 1217

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Another Heroine has Appeared!

--- Chapter 49 ---

The commotion happened outside the Heavenly Gourmet Tower.

A group of young nobles argued with the Heavenly Gourmet Tower's servant, demanding to enter the 9th floor or VIP room. 

Usually, this wouldn't be a problem like this, but they also demanded everything they ordered to be free of charge.

No matter how one sees it, they don't know much about this place and act as they fit. 

They are coming here with that attitude, but considering they have Sky Profound Realm Experts as their bodyguards, everyone in the streets could guess they were from a strong background.

A woman walked out of the Heavenly Gourmet Tower. She's a beauty with a flawless face, a short nose, and deep brown eyes. Her black hair flowed down to her shoulders.

She wore a black robe with golden lining, the female attendant outfit of the Silver Moon Hotel, but it still highlighted her well-endowed body.

"Manager..." The servants lowered their heads in difficult positions.

Ling Ke smiled and replied, "Get up and stay inside." 

"Let me deal with them myself." 

"Hmph!" A young man snorted at Ling Ke. His companions also stared at her with disdain.

"You are... But a mere servant." 

"What qualifications do you have to deal with this young master, Gui Hongwei!" 

Ling Ke maintained a calm expression and responded, "Gui Hongwei. So, you're the son of Sunflower Dew Nation's Monarch. No wonder you are acting so overbearing in Silver Lake City." 

"To create a commotion here... You're brave for a cub who just left its nest." 

"I don't need your praise." Gui Hongwei returned indifferently.

"Tell your manager. I want the whole 9th floor empty for me and my friends." 

Ling Ke sighed, "It seems you misunderstood my words." 

"I don't praise you..." 

"I was ridiculing you for being a small kid who knows nothing about the world." 

Gui Hongwei and his friends are surprised.

And the young master obviously can't accept such ridicule.

"Heresy! Old Jing, I want that woman to kneel on the floor!" Gui Hongwei ordered one of his bodyguards.

A middle-aged man in a purple robe nodded and rushed toward Ling Ke, leaving no afterimage.

Everyone expected the beautiful attendant to kneel on the ground, but what came next shocked them.


"AAAAAARGGHHHH!" A blood-curdling scream escaped the purple-robed elder as he kneeled on the ground with bloody holes all over his body.

Ling Ke pressed her slender hand on the purple-robed elder's shoulder and forced him to kneel on the ground even further, causing the bones on his knees to shatter.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

What happened?

They blinked once, and this surprising sight happened.

Some people who have visited Silver Lake City a few times stared at Ling Ke and realized her face looked similar to the City Lord.

"Fuck..." Someone cursed under his breath. He trembled in excitement and disbelief.

"S-S-She is..." 

"City Lord Ling!" 

"What, City Lord Ling? Are you telling the truth??" Another bystander questioned.

"I would never lie about her. I once saw her in the Silver Lake City's Hall to open a new building..." 

People are whispering to each other. 

They would have never thought the beautiful female attendant was the Silver Lake City's Lord. After all, they expected the City Lord to be a grumpy elderly.

Ling Ke is 'simply' too young!

She looks no older than 29 years old.

Gui Hongwei's expression becomes solemn.

He frowned slightly, "I give you three seconds..." 

"Release my guy, or the other bodyguards will attack you." 

Ling Ke chuckled and commented, "I thought you were just a dumb young master outside the empire." 

"No, you're actually an idiot with an 'extreme' level of ignorance." 

"Your IQ is so low that I wondered how you could survive this world. Ah, wait, you have Daddy Emperor on your side?" She added with her sharp tongue.

"Show no mercy!" Gui Hongwei ordered. He also showed a deep killing intent toward Ling Ke.

Three bodyguards shot up from their positions. 

They drew their weapons and were ready to attack Ling Ke with all they could.

Ling Ke stared at Gui Hongwei emotionlessly and raised her finger casually. 


An invisible pressure released from Ling Ke's body as crows appeared around her. The crows flew everywhere and formed an image of a ghost-masked reaper.

Not far away, Xu Sanshan raised his brow because this ghost-masked reaper's image looks very similar to his grandson's state months ago.

Ling Ke's deep brown eyes turned crimson, overflowing everyone within a one-mile radius with killing intent.

The weak passerby kneeled on the ground, clutching for their necks and chests. They just experienced virtual death from the killing intent Ling Ke released.

"Reaper's Scythe..." Ling Ke pinched her fingernail and swiped it against the air.

Everyone could feel the sharpness of the air expand.

The three bodyguards' eyes widened as their limbs were 'cleanly' amputated by the sharp air.


"MY ARM!!"

"MY LEGS!!" 

Blood sprayed the ground and dropped the temperature rapidly.



The sounds of Ling Ke's heels touching the ground make everyone nervous.

She stood before Gui Hongwei and said coldly, "Listen here, you spoiled brat..." 

"Go back to your empire and wait for me... I'll fucking destroy everything you had there." 

"Your nation, your castle, your useless little family... Everything." She concentrated her killing intent on Gui Hongwei and his friends, making them lose their bladder control.

"This is not a promise..." 

"This is not a threat." 

"This is what you sow and how it's gonna be." 

"Y-You can't kill me!" Gui Hongwei trembled like a wet dog.

"M-My father is the Sunflower Dew's Emperor-!"

"As if I care..." Ling Ke rolled her eyes.

She huffed while creating needles with her profound energy and piercing their veins, crippling them for life.




Gui Hongwei and his friends crumbled on the ground, shrieking in pain as if they were injured pigs.

"Shut up..." 

Ling Ke wiped her hand with a clean handkerchief and burned it off. 

She turned around and flashed an innocent-looking smile at the surrounding audience, "Oh, my..."

"Sorry for my vulgarity earlier." 

"Some flies angered me a little, so I punished them..." 

"I'm just a little heavier-handed than usual." 

Everyone doubted her words. 

A little heavy-handed?

Do you mean by making them disabled for life?

Even then, they didn't dare to refute Ling Ke. The show of dominance is deeply ingrained in their minds now. 

They heard about Silver Lake City's Lord fighting someone above her cultivation base in the past, but seeing her right now proved that her strength isn't something one should underestimate.

She could demolish four Sky Profound Realm Experts with a casual swipe of her finger. That alone spoke a lot about her strength!

Ling Ke noticed the change of mood and added, "Also... From now on." 

"Anyone from the Sunflower Dew Nation will be banned from entering Silver Lake City. It includes any business we agreed upon a few months ago." 

"I don't care if Silver Lake City's 'monthly' income plummeted slightly. You touched my people, and we shall become mortal enemies..." 

"Well, have a nice day, everyone." Ling Ke walked away confidently, leaving everyone's mouth agape.

They thought her sudden act toward the Sunflower Dew Nation was too rash. How could she challenge an entire nation just because of a city?

They didn't know that Yu Long told Ling Ke to announce this matter.

Yu Long leaned on the wall and thought, 'We always tried to find a reason to break into another nation's system.' 

'Hehe, fortunately, we met some brainless fellow here.' 

'What a good chance!' 

Ling Ke returned to the Heavenly Gourmet Tower and bowed to Yu Long's family before bidding farewell.

'Good job.' Yu Long's voice transmitted to Ling Ke's ears.

The latter smiled and disappeared into the shadow.

Yu Xin frowned when seeing blood on the ground and sighed, "What a bad drama..." 

"At least those spoiled kids got what they deserved." 

"Agreed." Xu Nannan nodded as she expected some people to die. 

Xia Sanshan hummed in satisfaction, "That was disappointing." 

"Father-in-law, please think about the children." Yu Zhan helplessly said.

"Uh..." Xia Qingyue wanted to say something but closed her mouth again.

Is it just her feeling or her big brother's family is somewhat wrong in their head?

No, Xia Qingyue. You're no different than them.

"Let's go back to the hotel." Yu Long said nonchalantly. 


As the servant cleaned the mess outside the Heavenly Gourmet Tower, Yu Long and his family returned to the Silver Moon Hotel. The story about Ling Ke has spread all over Silver Lake City. Soon, the whole Blue Wind Empire and the neighboring nations will know.

Yu Long was about to enter the Silver Moon Hotel's lobby when a carriage with the Blue Wind Royal Family's crest arrived at the parking lot.

His golden eyes blinked in curiosity as a young lady in a white dress walked out. 

She is so beautiful. 

Beautiful enough to make one's heart tremble. 

She has two lovely, sparkling eyes without an ounce of arrogance. She also oozes a noble and graceful aura like calm water. Her lips are cherry-like, and her eyebrows are crescent-shaped.

Her pitch-black hair flowed gently down her waist, making her look like a little yet noble fairy.

Although she didn't reach Xia Qingyue's level of beauty, this young lady isn't that inferior. Something about her aura is unique.

The young lady said something, and another person walked out.

It was a beautiful, mature woman who looked like an older version of the young lady. However, she styled her hair in a bun and wore a modest green dress.


Unknown Pov.

"Mother, we have arrived..." I said to my mother.

"Mm, you don't have to do this, Xueruo." My mother said while grasping my hand. "I accept my fate already." 

"You don't have to stress yourself out like this." 

"Even bringing me to this place..." 

I shook my head stubbornly and responded, "E-Even if you're going to disappear..." 

"I wish to make a memory that lasts forever with you here!"

My mother smiled, "My daughter is so adorable, so pure like snow." 

"That's why I hope you use my surname and given name to stay pure after my death..."

"My dear daughter, Lan Xueruo." 

"Mm." I nodded, giving her an understanding look.

My mother will pass away soon.

She was ill with an unknown disease.

Still, I hope this trip will give her one last enjoyment and a lasting memory.

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