611 Zhen Liu the Puppeteer, takes the stage

<<What the fuck? What kind of puppets are->>

<<Impressive, right?,>> Zhen Liu interrupted, << I call the big guy here a Copper Oni. While the little over there with the club and shield is what I call, Root Maiden. These two are still prototypes, so try not to lose too quickly, okay?>>

The puppets (zakos) Zhen Liu had summoned this time around were a bit(read: incredibly) different from the usual zakos he would use for general minion work and occasional test dummying. 

Instead, these particular zakos were the ones he had assign to the kaijin some time ago in order to facilitate their growth into future kaijin as well as help instill lessons of responsibility into the kaijin themselves.

However, there had been some (un)intended consequences to this arrangement.

Namely that the zakos end up developing physical traits and abilities that are reminiscent or their respective leaders.


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