598 Small Talking with distant (future) In-Laws

<Hah! Fucking told you she'd be the first to initiate contact.>

=Shit. Looks like you win the bet on this one.=

<Damn straight! It would make no fucking sense for that Howlite kid to do it since the Marquis was technically estranged.>

=Revenge is a more logical motivator to initiate conversation with possibly hostile forces than distant familial relations by law...=

<Ah yes, but you forgot one important factor: Royal Inheritance shenanigans!>

=You mean game of th$(&?=

<Whoa, what the fuck was that?>

=Cough! Bleh...copyright protection.=

<Warn a brother when you do that next time.>

=Consistently be one for more than thirty minutes.=

<Never. >


'Question. Did y'all-'

=Make sure to set up countermeasures in regards to telepathy and the like?=


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