439 Shark Fight

<Huh. And here I figured he would use the "Y-form" for his first fight as an Aether Grandmaster...then again, guess our lord is still trying to maintain a cover...>

=Indeed...Pathos...what does the "MY" in our lord's armor stand for? You never informed me.=

<Oh shit, I didn't?>

=No, you just started laughing like a gremlin while our lord was testing out the "M-form" and "Y-form" with the kaijin. Then started laughing even more when our lord developed this thousand yard stare as he realized something he didn't want to share with me.=

<Oh yeah...hehehe!,> Pathos laughed like a gremlin, <alright, super quick, you know how I've been playing that game series in the "JRPG" section? So weird to have an entire genre dedicated a specific country, but damn are they good.>

=I...think so? You've been playing a lot of game series lately.=


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