610 Ready to Fight...

As the branch clan scions fought their respective opponents, proving to the audience that their performance in the lottery rounds wasn't a mere fluke, their family members in the skybox were watching with a mix of concern, pride and a small touch of critique.

The elders were impressed with how well their progeny were holding up in the ring, but they thought some of the moves they were performing were still carrying that touch of inexperience that stems from youth.

Of course, there was another person in the skybox who had a...different criticism in regards to the performance of the younger generation. Namely due to it being aimed at the patriarch of the children.

Thankfully though, the Zhen Clan matriarch made sure these barbed words never reached the ears of anyone beside the intended audience. She wanted a good show after all, and honor bound children were massive disruptions to such affairs...at least in her experience.


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