336 Music encourages growth in people, plants and monsters

=Wait, are we even allowed to use this reference? We already skirted with the mouse last time and I don't want to piss off an entire subculture.=

<It'll be fine we're in another dimension. Besides, I think this counts as a cover and an... original interpretation? Translation? ...ethical dubbing.>

=That explains the lyrics...=


Can you hear, the breath of the sky?

Pounding against the doors of my heart, as if to beckon you in...


"Whoa...I didn't know Zhen Liu was so...melodic," Rianna commented in awe.

The reason why she said this was due to the fact that while others may see several people in masks performing all of the instruments in this band, the reality was that it was all Zhen Liu somehow playing all of the instruments at once in different places.


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