589 Bravado is only false if you can't bring it

Zhen Liu let out an internal sigh of relief as soon as he saw the marbles he and his cousins had drawn from the strange aether treasure.

While he could make out the look of worry appearing on the faces of his cousins, it was daunting to fight five on one after all, it was better than any of the alternatives...mostly.

That and he was fairly certain that the power boost he gave them would probably make them significantly more dangerous threat than some family honor guards.

'I am not gonna lie, I honestly thought that with my luck that I'd have to fight that dragon otter or one of my cousins or that one dude with dragon force, but a bunch of normal ass soldiers should be easy as pie!' Zhen Liu told his kaijin, 'any volunteers or do y'all wanna go all out at once and make a show of kicking their-why am I getting feedback in the form of embarrassment and awkwardness?'


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