577 Blind-Sided Entry

[Wait, does this count as getting in trouble with the family or being forced onto a grand stage?]

=I don't know, Spring Brawler. I don't know.=

<Doesn't seem to be stopping Razorstella though.>

[Haha! Fuck all y'all!,] Razorstella began to boast, [I am the ki-wait...I am the queen of the kaijin! Bow to me!]

[What were you checking?!,] Hurricroak shouted back, [I'm not even sure if we have anything down there!]

[Either way, fuck you that's what!]

[Oi!,] Nepherage interjected,[all of you shut it! Our lord appears to having a mental crisis right now and needs us to be supportive. So shove it so we can help.]

[Oh, shit, right.]


"I...as you wish, clan leader," Zhen Shi said with a bow, confused as all hell on just how this went from him looking to make amends to having to show off the capabilities of his grandkids.


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