474 Attack of the Otters

<Oh fuck, Ravager Otters! I haven't seen those damn things in decades. Didn't we lose a kaijin to one of these fuckers?>

=I...don't think so...wait...yes. I think it was a kaijin named...Thundermaw. He was an empowered crocodile who was willing to forego aether for [Chaos].=

<Oh shit right, natural predation...whatever happened to that otter? < p>

=Not really sure, but my records on that time indicate that there was an explosion after the damn thing managed to chomp down on the poor boy's core.=

<Hmmm. What was Thundermaw's core again?>

=I believe it was...=


"Oh fuck the Geyser Hippo is coming right at us!"

"It's working with the otters?!"

"No, but I think it's up to something much worst!"


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