Kaijin Fighter: So I Have to Make Monsters, So What?

Horrible Accident? Check Otherworldly Soul Yeeting? Check Taking over some schmuck's body who died around the same time? Check Unable to cultivate because the aforementioned schmuck's constitution is all messed up? Double Check In the world of Valresta where the great and powerful cultivate an energy called aether to get to where they are, Zhen Liu (Thomas Lee) is physically unable to despite having the qualities to do so. But due to a twist of fate, Zhen Liu is given the ability to create kaijin, strange and monstrous warriors to fight in his stead. By using this world's laws combined with his knowledge of Earth, watch as Zhen Liu stands above the so-called aether saints to become the one and only kaijin lord! "What the hell is a train"?! "Something that's about to kick your butt. Get him"! "Yes my lord"! Cover art done by JacKLYart on Twitter My Twitter: https://twitter.com/MajorMizako?t=23kOezglRcDjEUKcmpZQiA&s=09

Mizako · Eastern
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1032 Chs

A miracle in a minute

Aether Formulas.

The secret language of the universe that allow cultivators to bend the rules of reality as they see fit by manipulating the fundamental energy that composes it, aka, aether.

But how does a cultivator tap into the power of these fabled formulas and begin making reality their plaything?

By carving the formulas into their souls of course.


All mortals, hell, all souls are capable of tapping into the aether and manipulate parts of it in minute to negligible amounts.

Think of the soul as an unrefined ingot of copper and aether as electricity, one could technically use the ingot to store and conduct electricity, but it won't be very good at it.