587 ... Awkwardness can too

'Alright, how long am I going to have to wait here until its my turn to go up there?'

=Probably not too long, especially if they're doing this in groups of ten. Although, it does appear that they're stopping when certain combat scenarios are pulled...=

<I get that. This all technically entertainment, and something what is essentially a controlled battle royal, people will want to focus on where the best action at.>

[Makes sense to me, maestro!]

[Wait...ringmaster, I just thought of something.]

'Huh? Whats up Spring?'

[This is going to sound absolutely crazy, but do you think that that Hero Elder guy is doing this random group thing in order to justify later grouping you and your cousins into one big group and then rig it so you guys get eliminated because of a "superior opponents" from that treasure of his?]

'That...is somehow both incredibly convoluted...and incredibly likely...Welp. I now have a whole new paranoia work with.'


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