Kaia - The Princess Of Wales

She cannot love anymore. He doesn't know how to love. She disregards him. He despises her. She is the moon that have lost its light. He is the sun that burns every sensibility alight. A lost princess and a cold hearted prince. Bound by fate without a choice. Will she let go and begin to love? Will he give way and learn to love? Will their destiny end in felicity or melancholy? Kaia's life is far from perfect. And so is she. But to keep up appearance as a princess one should act perfect. Or you'll be the jester among royalties. She never expected to be married off to a prince and she never would have thought he'd be the one to succeed in driving her mad. Hanson's life is filled with responsibilities. He is far from perfect. He never gave a second thought to life other than carrying out his duties. He never expected to be married to a woman who had already given away her heart, much less take an interest in her. And he never thought she would be the one to drive him mad. But what they don't realise is how they have grown fonder of each other. Until its too late... WARNING: -The story will have scenes of violence and tragedy. It's highly tragic, trust me. -It's a slow burn (including the romance, the mystery and action) -Mentions of suicide and self-harm will be there. -High mentions of LGBTQ+ elements via supporting characters, avoid the book if you are uncomfortable. Readers discretion advised. This is my first story so I'm doing my best to develop it as I write. I'm not really great at English so forgive me if there were any mistakes. DISCLAIMER: Also I do not take credit for the cover picture. If anyone did know the artist please let me know. And If the original artist would like me to take it down please do contact me.

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The Princes of Steins – Second Prince

Kaia was watching Athena and Cynthia enthusiastically picking up dresses for her to choose to wear for the banquet. Alexandra was giving her a massage to prepare her skin so it would not be bloated after the bath.

Just then the door to the room slammed open startling the unsuspecting women inside. Before anyone could react, Florien ran inside and engulfed Kaia in a bear hug.

"Kaia! I missed you!" He exclaimed in joy as he rubbed his face over the crown of Kaia's head.

Kaia laughed heartily as she hugged him back. "Oh you!"

It had been a little more than a year since they last met. Florien only visited once a few days after Leortes died. He was forbidden to visit her after that, until now. Kaia's heart felt an ache when she thought of the reason as to why.

She was very glad at the moment that he couldn't, for she doesn't want him to know everything that happened thereafter. She preferred he remained ignorant, not only because of her selfishness but also because he would be heartbroken. And Kaia did not want that, her being devastated was enough. She did not want him to be sad for something they could not help. He was the brother she could not have and she will treasure him so and not let him feel any sorrow if she could help it.

"So how is the devil that's planning to snatch you like?" He began his interrogation as he dragged a stool over and sat next to Kaia.

"He's not a devil Florien; he's quite kind and considerate." Kaia chuckled.

Florien's expression morphed to incredulity. "Kind? Him? I have never once heard of him being kind dear girl!"

Kaia smiled back but the joy in her eyes vanished. "You know better than to believe in rumours dear boy." She retorted.

Florien gave her sullen look. "Then I shall go check him myself!" He stood up abruptly surprising Kaia and the other three girls, before he dashed out of the room.

He came like a wind, left like a wind, leaving silence in its wake.

"Will His Highness Prince Hanson be alright?" Cynthia finally broke the silence.

"Well..." Athena left the words hanging.

"We shall see, I doubt Florien can do anything to Prince Hanson." Kaia shrugged nonchalantly while Alexandra just ignored the ordeal and focused on massaging the princess.

Hanson was just changing after a bath and was buttoning up his shirt as he stood in front of the mirror. Calvin stood by the side holding his vest and coat. He just finished buttoning up his last button when there was a knock on the door.

Just as Stefan opened the door and before he could open it anymore, it was pushed open completely and Florien entered the room. His eyes focused on Hanson and Calvin's figure before he let out an 'Hmph' as he walked to the sofa placed near the bookshelf to his right and dropped unceremoniously on it.

He crossed his arms and slung his leg over the other as he assessed Hanson with a scrutinizing gaze.

Hanson narrowed his eyes at the intruder. He was irked and he did not hide it in his expression. He did not like anyone barging into his room, be it his mother or sister much less a stranger.

He turned around and walked towards the sofa on the other side of the one Florien is occupying and seated himself. He imitated Florien's posture as he lazily leaned back on the sofa. "Can I help you, Your Highness Prince Florien?" he asked languidly. But Stefan and Calvin knew he was clearly annoyed and kept quiet.

Florien narrowed his eyes."So you knew who I am?"

"Don't mistake me, I don't have that much free time. I just know that no one else in the entire country will dare to barge into my quarters like you did. Not even your brother."

Hanson's reply made a nerve throb visibly in Florien's temple while Stefan held back a chuckle. Calvin looked impassive but it wasn't hard to discern the mirth in his eyes.

"So, I will ask again. What brings you here?"

Florien glared at Hanson openly which made the latter raise his eyebrows in befuddlement. He was sure he never met this young prince other than that one time when they were very young. Even then he doesn't remember offending him in any sort of way. Then what's the reason for this hostility, he wondered.

"You! You should consider yourself lucky for marrying Kaia! If it were up to me I would not let you marry her. You aren't worthy! I will not give you my blessings, understand?"

'Ah...' Hanson then understood. "But... You should know this marriage will happen with or without your blessing, no?" Hanson looked at Florien amusedly.

Florien fumed as he stood up and pointed his finger at Hanson. "That's why I'm going to keep my eye on you! Understand?"

Hanson just chuckled at that as he stood up and headed back towards the mirror leaving behind the words, "Do as you please."

Somehow, he can't come to dislike this little Prince.

Florien was dumbstruck at Hanson's reply, he absentmindedly sat back on the sofa and pondered Hanson's attitude.

Florien watched Hanson as he finished wearing his coat. He had to agree that he had a good figure and the face of an elf. He can't be called handsome but he can't be called beautiful either, maybe a mixture of both. But he could clearly see that in a few years his features will sculpt themselves into an exquisitely handsome visage. Florien determined there was nothing to complain about the thieving devil in the looks department. Both the face and the body are well made, not surprising from his mother's lineage. He matches the nickname 'Lucifer' that Florien had given him, looking like a fallen angel.

'Fallen angel?" Florien couldn't hide the disgust he felt as he revised his last thought. Even though he liked men he's not desperate, he too has his preferences. Not even Leortes caught his eye even though he was incredibly handsome, even more so than Hanson. Even Esther, Kaia's cousin did not catch his eye with his extremely beautiful features similar to hers.

A flash of a young handsome brunet with a sweet smile appeared in his memory. Florien couldn't help the sad frown that appeared on his face. Nora... If there's one person he loved with all his heart then it would be him. He shook himself out of his thoughts and decided to focus on the devil in front of him.

He will stick himself to the devil like adhesive and figure out his secrets before he does anything bad to Kaia.

With even stronger determination, Florien watched Hanson's every move vigilantly, not knowing that the latter didn't bother to give any thought about him and not knowing a certain redhead watched all his expressions with the gaze of a hawk, as he stood guarding beside the door.

So... What do you guys think about Florien? And before you ask, no, Florien and Stefan aren't a ship and even the wood won't be prepared to build the ship. I was planning on a book for Florien with the setting placed in the future when they get older by few years. And of course, the Main characters in this book will make an appearance. So anyone interested in LGBTQ+ ?

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