1 (Story)

JR walks down the balcony pathway with a cheerful grin on his face. He thinks to himself, one crisis after another, even after Seol and him made it official, they almost had no time to spend with each other. On top of that Seol had some live performances and JR getting swamped with NIS paperwork, courtesy of Ami Han. The opportunities the two had to spend time with one another was severely limited.

JR then walks up to a door in the apartment complex. He looks over to the door besides the one that he is in front of. "Wow, I can't believe that we are going to be neighbors again."

He then knocks on the door and it gently swings open to Seol; her half-black, half-white hair tied up. She is also wearing a baggy T-shirt and some girls' basketball shorts. She gazes at JR. She admires him for a moment.

JR was in a sleeveless turtleneck that forms around his body nicely. The turtleneck really gives that chiseled shape of his pecs and abs. the lack of sleeves on JR's shirt brings out the definition of his lightly-tanned toned, muscular, arms especially his biceps. Although it was a bit sad looking at the gunshot scar on his left forearm and the knife-slash scar on his right shoulder, it somehow brings a different side to the aesthetic of his body. He also had a black day-pack hanging over his left shoulder, effortlessly displaying his swagger. He then casually fixes his messy combover jet-black hair with his right hand. And to top it all off, he's wearing a girl's secret temptation: grey sweatpants.

Seol whispers to herself "Damn, why do super-soldiers have to look this good? Followed by the thought "My God, please, don't look at me that way. It's too much for me to handle." She then quickly says while a small blush of pink starting to form over her fair-skinned face "Come in JR, don't want you to wait outside all day."

"Sure thing. Thank you for having me over, Love." JR steps inside Seol's apartment, and takes off his white Nike shoes then sets it to the side. He then sits down on the couch in the living room.

"Honey, I'm just going to take a quick shower since I was practicing a bit of a new dance number I am working on this morning and I am a bit sweaty from that. Be right with you."

"Gotcha." JR confirms.

Seol makes her way over to the bathroom, and the door shuts. Then the faint sound of running water from the tap, transitioning into the sound of water rushing from a showerhead.

As JR is sitting on the couch, panning his field of vision, seeing the various furniture, pictures, plants and whatever catches his eye in the apartment. He then sees an elderly woman come out of another room in the apartment.

"Oh, hello Mis- "JR gets quickly gets interrupted by the elderly woman.

"Ah, JR?" The elderly woman reminded.

"Oh, sorry. Good afternoon, Halmeoni. Man, I guess old habits die hard." JR greeted.

"It's okay. So, what are you and Seol up to today?" Seol's Grandmother asked.

"We're going to take it easy today and just watch some K-dramas and relax."

"Well, I am off to my Yoga class and maybe a bit of shopping."

JR stretches by raising his arms "Sounds like you got a productive day, Halmeoni."

"Speaking of production, if you decide to "Re"-Produce" with Seol some great-grandchildren for me, please be gentle with her" Seol's Grandmother jokes.

JR's face turns red and embarrassingly responds "Halmeoni, we're just going to watch some K-dramas, nothing else!"

Seol while in the shower still, exclaims from the bathroom, "Hey, JR, I'm just going to be in the shower a bit longer, so you can go ahead into my room!"

"Okay! Got it!" JR gets ready to go to Seol's room.

"JR, if you need anything like birth-control or condoms, there's a convenience store nearby" Seol's Grandmother jests.

Seol again still in the shower, now embarrassed exclaims "Halmeoni, you should get going now, you don't want to be late for your yoga class!"

Seol's Grandmother leaves the apartment, "Have fun now, you too!"

Both JR and Seol from the shower say their goodbyes to Seol's Grandmother.

JR gets settled in Seol's room. He sits down on a large beanbag chair. In front of him is a medium sized CRT television on a small table with a DVD player under the small table. Beside the TV is a small, translucent, plastic drawer where a stack of DVDs is visible to the naked eye. He then unzips his small day-pack and reaches inside of it to get a sports drink he bought from the corner store beforehand.

Seol, finally done her shower enters her room. JR starts coughing because when drinking his sports drink, he choked on some of the drink.

She was wearing some black athletic dolphin shorts that seems to hug her hips, perfectly bringing out the curves she has, making her thighs more voluptuous to JR's already mesmerized gaze. Her top is a spaghetti-strap white crop-top that really shows her sizable, shapely breast that fits her cleavage very snug, but not uncomfortable. The crop-top also revealed some of her stomach, not too flat, but has some subtle plumpness to it, defining her hourglass, supermodel figure. Her hair still a bit glossy despite it being towel dried, still was effortlessly styled in a way where it did not take away from her beauty. Even if this was not a fashion catwalk runway kind-of-look, Seol's outfit is very effective on its alluring effect that even the most mentally resilient of heterosexual men could not resist.

Seol notices JR coughing and quickly comes hither to him. Without thinking she holds him, in concern, not realizing that her cleavage is pressing against him. "Honey, are you okay?"

JR looking up at the ceiling, fighting the temptation to look down on Seol's boobs pressing against him, He clears his throat, "I-I'm fine love. Nothing to worry about. This drink just went down the wrong pipe."

"JR, if you need anything, just let me know, okay?" She gives a sincere smile then kisses his forehead.

JR fixes his gaze to Seol's eyes, responding with a cool yet loving, smile back, "Thank you, Seol. I'm really grateful."

"Okay, now it's time for our K-Drama marathon!" Seol then let go of JR to bend over where she is now on all fours, over to the plastic container of DVDs and goes through looking for her desired DVD from her small collection.

In full view, JR's line of sight is on Seol's butt. Her hips were a dead giveaway that her booty will be quite curvy much to JR's desire. The shorts she was wearing really added the attractive-ness of his girlfriend. JR then quickly shifts his gaze over to the bed which has a plush toy pillow version of the new shield he got with his new replacement suit after his last hero costume and shield was destroyed during Namor's invasion of the Portal city of Pan. JR thinks to himself "Huh, I guess my sister gave Seol first dib of the merchandise she made of me."

"Ah, here it is! Boys Over Flowers! My favourite series! I used to watch this with Halmeoni when I was younger! This is such a good series! JR, I think you'll like this one!" Seol is still on her hands and knees as she puts the disc in the DVD player.

"Sounds good, can't wait." JR slightly nervous switches back his vision from the pillow-merch to her behind then quickly to the ceiling.

Once the DVD starts playing Seol moves over to JR on the beanbag chair, then sits and snuggles close to him, her legs rested on top of his lap and after a quick moment, now comfortable, the couple is now ready for their K-Drama Marathon.

After a couple of episodes, JR, due to the fact Seol is cuddled up to him, gets whiff of her fresh-out of the shower aroma then his eyes wander and looks down on Seol. Her head is rested on the area of his body that's around his shoulder and Pec area. His continuing, wandering, gaze accidentally takes a peek at Seol's chest as he quickly realizes that She isn't wearing a bra.

Because Seol was so excited to watch her favourite K-Drama series with JR, she quickly glances down at her own chest that is also pressed up against him and thought, "Oh crap. I forgot to put a bra on, I hope he didn't notice."

With one of her hands, Seol gently brushes her fingers on JR's forearm that has the gunshot scar on it. She notices how muscular and perfectly toned he is. Although super-soldiers are said to be the pinnacle of human perfection the contrast of the various scars on JR's body really gives a special meaning on who JR is to Seol.

When the current episode of "Boys Over Flowers" ends then transitions into the next one, Seol feels something poking her legs.

JR Thinks to himself, "Oh no, I got a hard on right now. Damn. Seol is so close to me right now. I-I got to think of something else right now."

Before JR can think of something quickly, Seol asks, as a blush begins to form on her fair-skinned face, "JR, Honey, are.... Are you turned on right now?"

"Hey, Seol, if you are uncomfortable right now, I can leave if you like. I'm sorry this kinda, uh, just happened..." JR tries to prepare to leave despite Seol still cuddled up sitting on him.

"Your good, you don't have to leave JR. Please, stay." Seol bites her lip and grins.

"Seol, I just don't want you to think I'm just some pig who's only dating you for your body. I love you; I love everything about you, Love." JR looks to the side then slowly pans his head to Seol's face.

Seol places her left hand on JR's right pec. "Honey, I never thought of you like that, ever. Even when we first met. Even after all the crazy-ness that happened in the city of Pan. I love you too. But I do kinda want to know what turned you on?" She continues playfully, "It better not be Ami."

JR takes a quick breath, "It was obviously seeing you in those shorts and that top you have on, how it fits you perfectly, and the fact that your body is so close to mine, you, um, smell so good especially after your shower. God, that sounded so weird. Sorry."

Seol blushes gets slightly pinker, "Hey don't worry about it. I'm happy that your honest with me. And honestly, I'm pretty turned on as well. Seeing those perfectly toned arms, the abs, the way you look at me with those hazel eyes with that cute beauty mark under the left one, and I'm going to be real here, the way you wear those grey sweatpants, it has to be illegal."

Seol uses the remote to pause the K-drama then turns off the TV. Then she shifts her body so that she's now on top of JR. Then she kisses his neck, then works her kisses up to his cheek then onto his lips. All while she continues to feel up his biceps with her right hand while her left slips under JR's shirt to have her bare left hand brush up his abs.

JR in return starts to interlock his lips to Seol's has his hands travel around her Hips then to cop a feel of her butt then he works his hands up to her back. Where his hands are holding Seol's rib area but under her breasts, then sensually transitions to him giving a gentle, arms-around the body hug.

Their make-out session gets more intense as their tongues get involved. It's like both Seol and JR are trying to get the full extent on what the other tastes like. Indescribable but desperately wanting more from each other.

JR lets his lips break away from Seol for a short moment, "Seol, what if your grandmother comes back?"

Seol kisses his neck then his cheek again "She won't be back for a while, Halmeoni tends to talk with some of the shop owners in the shopping district, so we got some time. So, JR, want to continue on the bed?"

JR, now with his right hand on Seol's breast while his remaining hand on her butt, while he's getting back into another round of lip-locking, "Sure."

As JR and Seol continue to make-out to the highest forms of pleasure and passion, Seol's Grandmother opens the door of Seol's room with a tray of snacks and tea, "Oh, my, young people these days. I was going to bring you lovebirds some snacks but it seems that Seol got one already."

"Oh, My God, Halmeoni!" Seol stops kissing JR and hides her face by putting it into JR's chest.

"Halmeoni, it seems that your back early." JR while his face is red, looks away so that Seol's grandmother is not in his line of sight, still holding Seol.

Seol's Grandmother puts the tray of refreshments next to the door, inside on Seol's room. "Sorry if I am interrupting your "quality time". I'll be in the living room if you two need anything else."

Seol's Grandmother leave and makes her way tothe living room then thinks to herself, "I guess great-grandchildren is comingsooner than I thought."