1 chapter1 imaginary

"Hey, you wait for me,"Ashley said as she approached Kris who was heading out of class.

"Are you avoiding me,?"

"No, why would you think that," Kris answered quickly and looked at Ashley with a questioning look .Kris and ashley were then walking down the stairs as they headed out of school since classes for the semester were over and everyone was going home filled with excitement for the approaching holidays

"Because you've been acting weird since Derek's party when I caught you with that girl.You know if she's your girlfriend and you are feeling a bit shy about telling me about it,then you don't have to worry because I don't mind .Am actually happy for you," Ashley said as they continued walking.

With his eyes wide open, "She's not my girlfriend we are just friends,"Kris replied.

"Oh, just friends ugh.Then I guess I'm James freaking Bond.You can tell that to the janitor and I'm sure that even he won't buy it.I could see the chemistry between you two,the electricity,the tension building between you two.The longing your eyes for each other,"Ashely replied

Kris sighed before saying,"Believe what you want.I've already told you the truth."

Giving up and putting her hand on Kris' shoulder, Ashley said while shaking her head in disappointment,"Oh kris, seventeen years old and you've never had a girlfriend,a crush even something so little like a hug from anyone who is interested in you.Unless... you are playing on the other team ,right?"

"what! No! How could you ever think that?get off me," he said in shock while shrugging Ashley's hand off his shoulder.

"Okay, I'll stop playing around but seriously get out your shell and explore the beautiful and magnificent world filled with lavishing girls and boys,"Ashely replied playfully.

Kris,while rolling his eyes"Do you have anything of importance to say?"

"Oh, right.I hope you remember about my band performance at the subway at 2pm today.It's our last performance as a band before we break up and everyone countinues with their lives.So if dare miss it, I will pull bones out of your body,feed them to the dogs at the pound, throw your body in a tank full of pirannahs and watch them feed on your body while eating popcorn.You know I am very very capable of doing ," Ashley said while looking at Kris intensely.

"No you wouldn't because if you were to do that you would be eating chocolate flavoured popcorn while watching the pirannahs feeding my body to destroy the evidence."

While raising a brow,"That can be easily corrected,"Ashley replied

Kris:I get it I wouldn't miss it for the world

that's exactly what you said the last time and I don't recall seeing you there do

tht is only one time.

Ashely stopped walking and turned around to look at Kris" Really,one time let me refreshen you mind."

The two walked home as Ashely told Kris the many times he had broken his promises and missed something important and finally after a very long list Kris admitted defeat and swore that he would attend the performance

"Cross your heart and hope to die."

"Cross my heart and hope not to ."

A few hours later at the subway...

"Hey Ash we need to start it's getting late. We can't wait any longer, ", one of the band , said

"It's alright am coming,"

Before walking at the front to start the performance,she texted Kris

'are you still coming.were about to start. I'll kill you if you miss '

Along with the other twenty-five messages she had sent to Kris. She then put her phone away took her guitar and went to perform.

The fans were screaming and applauding as they finished their performance.Ashely looked around at the crowd to see if Kris was there but to her disappointment he wasn't. Ashely is sad about it and is about to turn around when she notices at a far something strange. She sees kris together with the girl he was with at Derek's party chasing a man who looked like his face had gone down a garbage disposal but was still alive and had many tats on his neck. Kris and the girl were dressed weirdly in what looked like a battle suit but modernized and kinda looked comfortable and appearing to some extent. The girl pulled some sort of a gun and aimed it at the man and in pulling the trigger,a blue glowing net shot out and captured the man causing him to fall on the cold hard floor with a thud.Kris walked slowly towards him together with the girl and stopped at where he was as the man still struggled to get out. kris then touched something on his wrist and said,"Target has been acquired." and immediately after finishing his statement they all disappeared.

ashley looked around to see if she could spot the anywhere and if anyone else had seen what had happened.Everyone else behaved normal as if nothing had happened.ashley started panicking thinking that she was hallucinating gaining the attention of Tony who was looking at her direction.

"Is there anything wrong?" he asked Ashely as he placed his hand on her shoulder turning her around so that she could face him

getting distracted from her thoughts,"hmm,nothing just thought I had seen someone."

" You're probably imagining things the guys are about to head to our favorite restaurant to celebrate.come on let's go," Tony said and ashley nodded her head in agreement and walked towards the rest of the band.

Tony watched as she left and turning around he contacted someone on his wrist watch and said,"Be careful next time Ashely almost saw you"

He then turned around to find Ashley staring at him and then smiled at him.Having got caught off guard he smiled back wondering if Ashely had heard what he had said.