Just Like That Book

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Just Like That

Laurie Lae

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Lauren Parker finds herself interested in one of the coolest yet cutest boys in her class who seems not to even give her attention. She always hoped to find someone else to put him out of her mind which seemed rather rueful but it was the least she could think about.And just like that she gets a chance to speak to him but she fails to say anything to him most of the time. Her best friend, Jess Diagle who saved her once from being a laughingstock sees it through with her as she's always present to bring her back to reality when she loses her mind in front of Corrie Allen.Jess has her sweet boyfriend, Carl Diaz who helps her out to find a way to let her best friend spend time with her crush. Lauren eventually realises she has more friends than she had imagined that she can actually count on. She comes face to face with unexpected reveals where she struggles through all the battles, temptations, heartbreaksand atrocities with her best friend who stays by her through it all. Will she really be able to be with the person she discovered she now loved the most in the world?