1 Chapter 1

I slept peacefully and had wonderful dreams until I felt that something was wrong. I felt a cool wind that completely blew over my body, which made me goosebumps all over. This is what caused my awakening.

I woke up abruptly, opened my eyes and saw something that was not what I expected. Instead of any ceiling, I saw a clear, cloudless sky.

Without understanding anything, I abruptly jumped to my feet and saw the place where I was lying. It was a small crater, the size of a human body, located in the middle of a grassy clearing that was surrounded by dense forest.

Still not understanding anything and being at a loss, I continued to look around the area until I looked at my body.

And there was something to see. I had a great athletic body, with eight-pack abs, muscular legs and arms, but no bust. My body could be categorized as an athlete swimmer. Such a body was usually attributed to Apollo, and I can proudly say that I did not disgrace his name.

The problem was that I was able to examine my body and my 'little brother' without any problems (there is something to be proud of here too), which means that I was naked. Fully.

I was in the middle of a fu**ing field, in the depths of a forest, in open air, without signs of civilization, and I was without clothes, and even banal underpants. The only thing I could cover myself with was my hair, which was blue and very long, reaching almost to my knees.

To the touch, by the way, they were great. Soft and fluffy. Almost like kitten fur. And they smell nice. If earlier, I didn't see my 'little brother', I would already have thought I was a girl.

- Well, what the hell is this? - I asked aloud, holding my hair to cover my nakedness.

But when I heard my voice, which was still young, but already gave off masculine notes and sounded very pleasant and melodious, I realized one thing.

This voice was unfamiliar to me. I don't remember ever hearing it, and even more so, I didn't remember that I spoke in that voice. And at that moment, I asked myself the question: What do I remember? The answer came immediately: nothing.

I didn't remember anything. At this moment, according to the idea, I should have fallen into a terrible panic, since the situation is not easy for me. I don't know where, I'm standing naked and my head is almost empty. But there was no panic. I was relatively calm, although I was nervous, but I could still think freely and clearly.

Fortunately, gradually, some memories began to come, and therefore, I immediately began to wool all the information received, hoping to find at least something useful about myself or about the world around me. It ended up being a little.

First, I knew all the common concepts, like how to talk, eat, go to the toilet and so on. This was already a good sign. Secondly, I know the name of this body. Nathaniel Drake. Yes, almost like the character in that game.

Thirdly, I remember information about my old world. Cars, planes and so on. Stories from this world remain especially distinct in my memory. Movies, comics, books, series, games, anime, manga, light novel. All this is very well stuck in my head.

But what I don't remember really scared me, although I could control myself. I don't remember my name or past. Like I said, Nathaniel Drake, this body's name is not me. (Although now, probably, me). I don't know why, but I felt that I used to be called differently. But I really don't remember how.

I know that I was born on Earth in the 21st century, but who my parents were and who I myself was, did not remain in my memory. There was absolutely no personal information. I didn't even know my favorite food. You could say I'm a clean slate.

At the same time I know everything, but I don't know anything. And I don't even know if that's good or bad. Typically, memory loss is associated with traumatic experiences. And if I'm right and indeed something truly terrible happened in my past.

I'd rather not remember anything. Overall, I felt just fine. There is no void or anything like that. I feel comfortable and comfortable, especially with such a body. I even somehow unknowingly accepted my name and now I really consider myself ' Nathaniel Drake', there is absolutely no rejection.

Sitting on the ground, I continued to search for any new information, because the decision not to bathe about memory loss did not change my situation. I was still in the wilderness and without clothes, but soon I would want to eat, and the night was close.

After a couple of minutes, I found something that did not at all correspond to the knowledge of a person from the ordinary world that I remember. Magic.

That's right, in the depths of my memory there was something related to Magic unknown to me. As I delved further, I began to receive more and more information about this Magic, as if I had found a zipped file that opened and gave me everything it contained.

Needless to say, there was a lot of information. So much so that my head began to hurt from the abundance of new knowledge.

As a result, the next hour, I lay on the ground and moaned from the feeling like my head was going to explode at any moment and prayed it would end soon.

When all the knowledge ended and I finally finished absorbing it, and most importantly, memorizing it, I began to know absolutely everything about my personal Magic. And about what this Magic is, and how to use it. All its features and disadvantages. And I must say I was not disappointed. But first things first.

First, the title. My Magic itself was called "Light Écriture". Unless you have more information, it is not entirely clear what kind of Magic it is. It seems as if this Magic is connected with something holy or sacred, perhaps even with the Gods.

It's not hard to imagine that this is the Magic of some Priest or something. And without knowing the context, if you hear this name, you can imagine some kind of holy book or something like that. But, it's not. Now I will talk in detail about the "Light Écriture".

If you've watched or read "Fairy Tail", you must remember a guy named Freed Justin. A member of the Thunderbolts, Laxus Dreyar's team. He's a really strange guy, completely devoted to Laxus and clearly has special views on him that have nothing to do with camaraderie (In love with him, basically).

The reason I mentioned Freed is because his Magic, the "Dark Écriture", is directly related to my Magic. In fact, it is the same Magic. Unless, the main element of Magic is different for me. He has darkness, and I have light.

True, without checking, I will not be able to say for sure whether our Magic is the same. It is not worth judging by memories, especially since I have not seen how this, and indeed any Magic, works in reality.

Earlier I said that I was not at all disappointed with the Magic provided to me and this is true. Until I try it personally, I won't know for sure, but already from the knowledge gained and what I remember from the anime, I can already tell how diverse and interesting Magic is.

It gives a huge number of opportunities and if used correctly, you can become really powerful. It's certainly not some kind of Dragon/God/Demon Slayer Magic and I won't get overwhelming power right away, but it's more diverse and can help not only in combat, but also in everyday life. So, I'm happy.

The very essence of this Magic is quite simple. "Light Écriture." is a Caster Magic that is a combination of Letter Magic and Eye Magic. The use of Magic is associated with writing runes in different combinations to create a certain effect.

This is the Magic of the Caster, because the Magic itself and the creation of runes, produced from the user's body, due to his magical powers, without requiring any external sources. Although this Magic can also be used with various objects such as writing implements or weapons, the way Freed uses a sword to make it easier to write runes.

Letter Magic, because spells use words (albeit in a different language) written by the user to create various effects. From the banal Fireball to Teleportation.

When I said that "Light Écriture." is a very diverse Magic, I was not joking. With its help, I can use any element and literally invent spells or various effects on the go.

Well, and Eye Magic, because all the power of this Magic is concentrated in the eyes of the user. The reason why this is so has not been explained, but I think the eyes are used as a concentrator to facilitate the creation of runes from pure Magical Energy.

If memory serves me right, Freed's Magic was concentrated in the right eye. I don't know about myself yet, it was not mentioned in the information about it.

But I also received the runes themselves together with a data packet about the Magic itself, so I don't have to worry about this. In total, I gained knowledge of 954 runes, each of which had a different meaning and could create different effects.

And as said before, for a more varied effect, the runes could be combined in almost any way. Everything depends on the user. I was given just a few spells for example and how to create the effects themselves and use the runes themselves.

The examples, by the way, were quite interesting. "Light Écriture: Wings" - a spell in which I create a combination of runes and cast them on myself to create a structure of light in the form of wings, thanks to which I can safely fly.

"Light Écriture: Shield" - as the name suggests, I create a combination of runes that terminates into a shield and protects me from attack.

"Light Écriture: Teleportation" is also understandable, a spell that, when inflicting runes on myself, teleports me to the place that I represent. This is the only limitation, I can't teleport to places I've never been before.

There are a few more rune combinations, but they are not so interesting and finally I got two strongest rune combinations, which give me great power and, in fact, are an analogue of the Strauss Family Take-Over Magic.

Not really, but it looks like it. They are called "Light" and "Absolute Light", by analogy with Freed's similar spells "Darkness" and "Absolute Shadow".

This is a transformation that turns my body into an Angel-like being, which increases all of my physical attributes and gives me access to freely use Light Magic. As you can see, the second transformation is much stronger than the first and therefore uses a lot more energy.

This is similar to the first Satan's Soul Mirajane and the second. In general, all this Magic is primarily focused on the user's imagination.

Using a combination of runes, the magician embodies his idea into the world. I think the essence of the "Light Écriture" is completely clear, and it's time to check how Magic works.

I even already have an idea what spell to use. Standing up to better concentrate, I followed the instructions I'd received earlier in the Magic Data Packet. Closing my eyes, I began to try to feel the Container of Ethernano, which should be in the center of my chest and contain all my Magical Energy.

After a couple of seconds, I felt an ephemeral vessel in my body, in which a huge amount of energy splashed. I don't know how much energy I have compared to the rest of the world, but it seems to me that in terms of reserve, I should be at least an A-Rank Mage. It can not be any other way. After all, I really have a sea of Ethernano.

After making sure that I feel the Container well enough, I tried to grab the Ethernano and bring it out of the Container towards my head. It happened unexpectedly simply, and the Magical Energy quite easily left its reservoir and flowed towards my eyes.

Almost instantly, the Ethernano reached my head and began to gather in my left eye. As expected. As it was written in the instructions, I instinctively felt when the Energy channel became strong enough and could calmly transfer enough Ethernano to the eye to use Magic.

In the future, this process will become instantaneous, but the first time it turned out well. When I opened my eyes, I felt that my left eye was overflowing with energy, and besides, it began to see much better than the right one.

Following the instructions again, I raised the index finger of my left hand and began to create a combination of runes that I had collected in advance. (Looks like I'm left-handed.)

By the way, putting together the combination turned out to be surprisingly easy. I had to choose the two runes I needed, among more than nine hundred characters. It must be very difficult, but it seems that all the runes literally crashed into my top dressing, and I perfectly remember them all.

Choosing the right runes and creating a combination happened almost instantly. My runes were noticeably different from Freed's because his runes were western type, and my runes were more like Asian-like, something like a mixture of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese characters, if I'm not mistaken, and they had a color another. Freed's runes were dark purple with a bright purple outline, while mine was white with a gold outline.

The finger was needed only as a focuser, since the runes are created by the eye and it is from it that the Energy for spells comes. In theory, runes can be created almost instantly and with just one glance.

But this requires remarkable control and a lot of experience. And as far as I remember, Freed also always used either a finger or the tip of a sword.

Apparently, the creation of runes with just a glance is the highest form of this Magic. Freed does not seem to have achieved this. What can to say about me. While I indulged in thoughts, about five seconds passed and I began to display the last, second rune.

Quite a long time actually, but again, not bad for the first time. I don't use it in combat though. When I finished writing the runes, which lined up in a column in front of my finger (as expected from Asian writing), I transferred them and attached them to my right hand.

- "Light Écriture.: Pain Relief" - for some reason I said, although this is not necessary and activated the runes.

Right after that, a small amount of Ethernano left, and my whole body was covered with a pleasant coolness, and finally the headache that I felt after overloading with information completely disappeared.

- Phew, okay. - I muttered contentedly, still amazed at my new voice.

By the way, just now, I noticed that I speak a new, unfamiliar language. It seems to have been instinctive. Apparently this is a local language and it does not look like either English or Japanese, which I know from the past world.

Although it seems that I can still speak these languages, but apparently for this body, the local language is more important and more familiar.

After I finished enjoying the pain-relieving cool, I looked at the still glowing two runes that were on my hand, the essence of which could be described as "Remove" and "Pain", and said in relief: "It seems to be working."

Still, some skepticism remained. But now I'm convinced that it's true.

- And now what I can do now? - I asked a reasonable question aloud, which no one heard.

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