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(Ashley P.O.V)

She was reaching for another steak but Andrew stopped her. He looked pained when he did so but he was determined.

"We can't eat too much. Our stomachs have shrunken a lot." Even if he said that she could see him staring at the chicken. He barely ate any of it. She pouted she knew there would be consequences to being starved but she was not happy about it. There was so much food in front of her and she couldn't even eat it!

"I can eat a little more right?" She asked with big teary eyes. She did not feel full at all. She felt that there was nothing wrong with her. She is feeling even better after eating.

"No. You have already eaten too much already. We can't get medical attention here." Andrew spoke out firmly for once. This sucked she got all the food she could want but she can't eat anymore. She did not even get to eat any of the cake! She wanted to argue but she did not know what was good for their bodies. 

Andrew picked up the chicken and walked towards their small kitchen. She followed behind to get more information. Maybe she can eat the cake before it stops being yummy. Andrew started to take the meat from the chicken and toss it in a container. It looked so good now but it was going to have to sit in their freezer for a long time. Andrew's hands were shaking the entire he was doing this and he was drolling but he did not eat more. Which means he was actually serious about not eating more.

She just sighed at that. She then started helping him strip the meat from the bones. She thought they were done but Andrew got a pot and dumped the bones into it.

"What are you doing?" She thought he was going to start storing the ham. Instead, he was doing this.

"I'm making a broth it should be easier to keep down." She perked up at that. So they were going to eat some more today.

"No we can't eat it today we have to digest what we already ate first." He spoke out tiredly as he predicted her thought process. She just pouted her stupid stomach. You wanted food why did you have to shrink!?

"So magic." Andrew looked up from the pot at her. Oh, right she completely forgot about that. The whole eating bit got her off that track. She was connected to a magical Chat Group. She would be hesitant about that but the ten layered cake in front of her was proof enough about that.

"Yeah, magic." She spoke out in confusion. 

"How did you make magic friends!? Are you magical? Am I magical? Is that what the parasites are doing to us?" The dam seemed to break as Andrew was throwing question after question at her.

"Wait, wait! I don't know." She was just as confused as he was. That screen just popped out in front of her when she was lying down. All it asked was if she wanted food. Beyond that, it was the gift and the now very real people talking in the Chat Group. Wait. Was she a Demi-God now!? Instead of opening that can of worms, she explained what happened to Andy. Maybe he could make more sense of this than her.

He just looked as confused as she felt.

"You're a Demi-God?" His brain must have melted from the all the world shaking revelations she was dropping on him. She could not do anything about that as she was experiencing the same things.

"Wait, are you sure everyone in the group is magical? I mean you got an invite and you don't shoot rainbows out of your ass." He did raise a good point maybe not all of them had magic. She was going to ignore the snark for now. She was also concerned she might actually shoot rainbows out of her ass she had no idea what Demi-Gods did.

"Well, the Prince guy apparently had a defense that trips people if they become his enemies. He also said he could get me literally anything to eat so he is probably magic." Everything that was going on in the Chat was so ridiculous to her before. Now that she was aware that it was real all of it still seemed absurd.

She was going to continue but Andrew got a thoughtful look on his face. He opened his mouth to say something but the cabinet door above him fell and landed on his foot.

"Fuck!" He yelped out as he lifted the door off of his foot and looked it over. Once he finished that he looked back at her exasperated. She had no idea why it was not her fault the door fell down.

"Right, don't test some guy's magical defenses. That should have been obvious." He said tiredly as he rubbed his foot. She was tempted to make fun of him as she was usually the impulsive one but he will get off scot-free for now.

"Anyone else seem magical?" He seemed enthusiastic about something for once. Even if it was mixed with concern.

"The person Prince was arguing with seemed to be familiar with magical bullshit so maybe them. Magic Tit's might be magical? She did not seem to know she had magic tits." Those are the only ones that seemed magical to her.

"Do you think? Um, Magic Tit's could help us with the parasites?" Andrew clearly was uncomfortable calling someone that but she did not have the chick's name. Not that she would call her by her name she will forever be Magic Tits. Still, she narrowed her eyes at Andrew. It was a good idea but why did he want to ask for help from Magic Tits?

"Why does it have to be Magic Tits?" She gave him a glare as he twitched.

"Oh my god, now you want to fuck some magical cunt!" Of course, the manwhore that is her brother wanted to get some magical pussy. What else would happen? Why be interested in this whole magical world she was experiencing when he can get his dick wet!

"Calm down Ashley. That's not what I meant." Andrew backed off and tried to calm her down. He was used to her flipping out when he wanted to go fuck some dumbass whore.

"What did you mean then!?" She was absolutely fuming now. The room felt heavier with her rage. Andrew seemed to shrink in on himself before sighing.

"If you ask some dude for help he might ask for something in return. I just thought it would be better if it were a girl." He mumbled out as he refused to look her in the eyes. So it was Andrew being Andrew. When ever some guy tried to get close to her he loomed over her like a big old guard dog. She could have sworn he actually growled at some of them. She always found it adorable before but now he wants her to ask for help from some cunt.

She was going to continue the argument but a message popped out in front of her.

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: Hey Bro-con you alright? You have not responded for a while. You did not croak before you got the care package? It would suck losing a group member so quickly.]

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: So you did not even save the girl! I expected nothing less from such a ruffian!]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: Jesus Christ woman. What can I do to have you off of my back? I sent her food when she desperately needed it what the fuck did you do?]

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: I had no idea where she was !? You are the one stalking us!]

[Feminine Penis: Um Arrow-san? I don't think Prince-san is stalking you. He should be in another dimension.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: Thank you for being the voice of reason Trap-kun.]

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: I won't believe this nonsense about different dimensions. You are just in on it as well!]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: You know what, fuck it. You are going back into time-out. Enjoy the bad luck!]

The argument just went back and forth there. Apparently, the person arguing with Prince was also a woman. Great another magical cunt her brother would try to fuck. Was it too much to ask for the magical Chat Group she was a part of to not have women her brother wanted to fuck. She turned back to her brother and glared even harder at him.

"I'm not going to play nice with some sluts so you can get your dick wet!" She was absolutely furious. He already was fucking some dumb cunt she was not going to help him out as well.

"I already told you that's not what I meant. Besides, would it be so bad making some friends?" Andrew grimaced and glared back at her. This fucking asshole.

"Anytime I have female friends they want to fuck you! Do I have to remind you of that whore Juila!" She wanted to throw a certain other cunt's name at him but she promised him not to. Even if it would sting far more. Andrew seemed to read the unsaid sentence as he grimaced in guilt. If he did not want to feel bad he shouldn't fuck her friends.

"Fine, fine. Do what you want." He spat out as he backed down. He always did when a certain someone was brought up. Even if she never said the cunt's name she implied it.

Andy may have backed down but she was not happy with this either. She did not want him to be moody with her because he was slipping the leash. She never had to use it after their promise but lately, Andrew was being a real dickhead. She felt like she was the only one following their fucking promise. He knew what she meant when they made that oath. 

She got he was concerned about her but she would rather be in debt with some shady guy than deal with more cunts. Not that she thought Prince was shady. No wait, she did think he was shady. Judging from his name he was like her. So his particular level of shade was not directed at her. So she was fine with that. He did get her food for no reason so he already was in her good books.

Isn't that pathetic? All it took to get in her good books now was to get her food.

She walked towards Andy and hugged him even if he was being moody. He felt stiff in her arms but he relaxed eventually.

"I get you are concerned but I don't have to agree to anything if I ask a guy for help." She felt him stiffen some more. Andrew was such a fucking hypocrite he got to go fuck who ever he wanted but if a guy came even near her he got testy. She accepted it because he was the only one who mattered to her but it was annoying.

He only sighed and hugged her back.

"Sorry. I was just worried." He rubbed her head while speaking softly to her. She knew it was not the full truth but she would let it slide.

"Well, I might as well ask now." She backed away from him even though she wanted him to continue to pat her head. He still grimaced but he accepted her decision.

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: You will eventually run out of Aura! When that happens all the illusions will fade and I will hunt you down! No amount of tripping will stop that!]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: I don't know what brand of bullshit you operate off of but it is literally costing me nothing to trip you. I am not even doing it, I took your luck so the world is the one fucking with you!]

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: I don't care about your nonsensical stories just know you will regret this!]

Okay, maybe he was a lot more dangerous than she expected. Being able to just take away Luck from someone sounds like some grade A bullshit. Still, he has not done anything to her. The only reason he was fucking with the cunt was because she was insulting him. So be polite Ashley, you can do that

[Likely To Fuck Her Brother: Thank you for the food, Prince. It sucks that I can't eat it all my stomach apparently shrunk. Still, I appreciate the effort.]

There a nice thank you. Gratitude costs nothing and it can often manipulate others. 

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: Oh you were alive. That's great news. I suppose I should have expected you would be in a rather bad state. I sent over some heavy food instead of thinking it over my apologies. I'll go brew you a potion to take care of that.]

She was not expecting that. It was a rather generous offer. Although he was a prince so she should have expected some generosity. He should definitely be able to help them with the parasites he was brewing potions for god's sake. She did not want to bring it up just yet as he was going to send over something to fix her stomach with out any prompting. Maybe she will be able to eat that cake after all.

[Likely To Fuck Her Brother: That would be amazing thank you. Can you send two of them my brother is just as bad as me.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: Ah that does make sense. Well two should be no issue.]

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: That does remind me how are you sending her things? Is it one of your abilities? You never answered if you were close to her.]

[Feminine Penis: Oh I would like to know as well Prince-san.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: I used the gift function on the Chat interface. I don't have the ability to send things to other dimensions. I am just capable of fucking with someone from another world.]

[Feminine Penis: Oh I see it now.]

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: Magic is not real. I can't believe any of you are being tricked by this charlatan!]

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: Fascinating does magic not exists beyond the Dimension Gap?]

[Feminine Penis: Ah maybe she lives in a dimension that has no magic like me. It was like a dream when I used magic.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: Trap-kun is probably right there but who knows magicals tend to hide themselves from the mundane populace. Although it seems that she does have some sort of power as she is still threatening me.]

[Feminine Penis: I told you not to call me that Prince-san! My name is Izumi!]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: Nope!]

She let out the breath she was holding. She did not know if he was going to get mad at her for asking for another potion. It must have been a minor request. She looked over and Andrew who was sitting at the table trying to act like he was not looking at her.

"He is going to send some potions to help with our stomachs." She reported with a smug grin. Sure them getting this had nothing to do with her own actions but she clearly chose the best option from the chat members.

Andrew looked uncomfortable with that knowledge as he looked back at her.

"I thought you were going to ask about the parasites? What did the potions cost?" He moodily asked. Again she got the concern but she would appreciate some trust. She was not going to make a dumb deal that would fuck her over.

"Nothing I mentioned we could not eat the food and he offered to send the potions without me asking." This time her smug smile felt right. Sure she did not expect to get this but getting it for nothing felt good.

"Nothing is free Ashley." He said lowly. She was tempted to tell him that this Prince guy was like her obsessed with someone. She would have done it too if she was not sure how he would take it. The knowledge that the guy she was making deals with was exactly the same breed of monster might not sit well with him.

"Well, I not going to flash him my tits because he did something he wanted to do." She was going to leave out the bit about him probably not wanting to see her tits. It was far more fun to tease Andy with this. He just grunted but he still looked bothered. Before she was able to tease him some more she got another message.

[User Red-Head Obsessed Prince has sent you a gift. Do you want to open it?]


Huh, that was faster than the food. She guessed it was easier to brew a potion than collect random food she came up with. She hit yes and four potions popped in front of her. Two were neon green and the other ones were bright red. It also came with a note that had some fancy writing on it.

Take the Red one first to fix your stomach. It will feel like you have eaten a rather large meal but it will pass quickly. The green one will fix any nutritional problems you would have. Do not drink the green before the red I would hate to lose you now.

The note had a little smiley face at the end. Maybe this guy actually wanted to see her tits judging by how he was showering her with gifts. Or maybe he was just covering his basses now that he was aware of how bad her condition was. It did elevate her opinion of him. She was still not going to send him nudes but he seemed like a swell guy.

"Boom magical medicine. It even solves the nutrition shit you were worried about." She was on a smug high but it has been a long time since she felt this good. She did explain how to take everything without showing him the note. She was not going to make him freak out about a light joke from a guy. Before he could question her she downed the red one. It felt like slime going down and it filled her stomach like lead. She felt like she was going to burst for a moment but that faded like he said.

"Ashley! I should have been the one to drink it first. Who knows what that guy gave you." Andrew panicked but there was nothing he could do about it now. He certainly had a point but she already drank the thing. Perhaps she was being rather too trusting.

"Okay, the next time we get magical shit you can take it first." She knew if she did not agree he would be even more moody. Still, she did not suddenly want to suck the Prince's cock so she was probably not mind controlled. So everything should be good so she took the other one. That one felt like a cold breeze traveling through her body.

"I thought you said I would take the next one!" Again he was not fast enough to stop her as he was drinking the red potion when she drank the green one. Whoops she already labeled these potions as good shit so she drank it without thinking.

"Calm down I don't suddenly want to fuck him so we are all good." She winked and shot him a peace sign. Just to be even more insufferable. Andy just put his face in his hands as he sighed.

"Fuck, fine but no more randomly drinking shit you get." He reminded her. Again she was fine with that it was more than fair. She was just going to have to remember she agreed to this.

Once they took the potions the both of them sat down to eat some cake.

"Why is magical food so fucking good?" Andy was just looking down at his second slice as he finished the first one far too quickly.

"I thought magical places would have no idea what soda is but fuck this is amazing." She said as she drank her third can. She was never going to drink any of those shitty sodas after this.

Andy stopped eating for a moment and looked back at her.

"Ashley I can't help you with all this magical bullshit but I will be there alright." He looked tired but there was a flash of life in his eyes once more.

Well, today turned out to be the good day she was expecting.

You expected a regular chapter but it was me, Ashley!

I do not apologize. From my understanding, Ashley hates women because of her issues with her mother. She also can not trust them because any she got close to turned their affection to Andrew. Her mother, Nina, and Julia no matter who it was they chose Andrew fueling her inability to trust anyone. She does not even fully trust Andrew because in her mind he might end up leaving her as well. So she hates women but has no male friends. So she isolated herself in her small world with nothing but Andrew. This makes it harder for her to establish a connection with the female members of the Chat Group.

Andrew does not allow any males near Ashley as demonstrated in the game in Andrew’s mind. He noted that the guard used to leer at Ashley so he wanted to kill him slowly for that. He also has an incestuous tendency that he suppresses heavily. Shown by how he wanted Juilia to tie her hair like Ashley. At least that is my interpretation of the characters. I could be wrong I have not really down a deep dive into the characters.

I know I said I would be back in a week but the praise has me giddy so I wrote a new chapter and added it to the backlog.

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