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Meet and Greet

I stared at the screens that appeared in front of me in utter confusion. I understood what was in front of me. I was just baffled at them being there. Sure it's a troupe in transmigration tales to receive a golden finger or cheat. I just never really thought of myself as the Protagonist. A Protagonist had plot armor. No matter how bad the world got they would also find a way forward. My experience with the world was of a rather different sort. Even if things have been going better for me lately. Sure I had power but I have always felt like my life was on a ticking clock. Hell, I knew if I did not do something I would wind up dead. 

With that thought, Fortuna threw more comfort my way as if telling me she would never allow that to happen.

Fortuna that's the answer. I was not the Protagonist I made myself the Protagonist. I bent the whims of fate as Luck will always be by my side. I have effectively given myself plot armor.

She might have even bent reality to give me this blessing. I was fairly familiar with golden fingers and cheats. I was an avid reader of fanfiction and light novels after all. So I knew by joining the Dimensional Chat Group I would be given an opportunity for some absurd power ups. I knew with Fortuna by my side I would win my war but I will not deny I wanted more power. That I wanted to travel the multiverse and go on even more adventures. So Fortuna was able to give me exactly what I always dreamed of.

So I hit the join button with a sense of anticipation. I am not sure what type of version this chat group was but most of the time they are amazing.

[Congratulations welcome to the Chat Group!]

[As a new member you will be given a newbie gift.]

[Would you like to open it now?]

Unexpected but having a free power up tossed my way was good. I don't think anyone would be upset at being given a magical gift. Unless they were not in the right state of mind. Which to be fair I was not. Still, I am not going to give up power. So I opened the newbie gift.

[You have received Fortune's Beloved (Unranked)]

As I was looking at what I got I kind of felt cheated. Fortuna loved me already and I knew Luck would always be by my side. Maybe I was far too arrogant with my creation but I could feel Fortuna scoffing at my new found gift. 

[Fortune's Beloved (Unranked)]

There are many that have Lady Luck on their side. You are an exception. You are Luck's one true love. There are no others that shall claim her blessing with you around. You are capable of increasing affection quickly with those with ties to Luck.


That on the other hand was a good thing to have. I was not sure if my Fortuna would be strong enough to defeat other luck based powers. This guarantees I will be the only lucky one. There should be no way for someone to stop me now. Not here and not in the multiverse.

[Now that you have received your newbie bonus welcome once more to the Chat Group!]

[User:Red-Head Obsessed Prince. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Likely To Fuck Her Brother. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Her Tits Give Power Ups. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Feminine Penis. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[There is currently no admin please vote for one!]

I felt my self twitch at the nicknames we have been given. I knew which one I was and it was certainly not Feminine Penis. I honestly felt like I came out on top with this.

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: All right I know what I'm about. I would just like to state I am obsessed with one specific red head. None of you are her at least I don't think so.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: I don't want to be outed by this thing. Also, your nicknames have nothing to do with her….At least I hope so I'm looking at you Feminine Penis.]

I had some ideas about who these people are. The fact that two of them might be red-heads meant I had to clarify first. I mean I can only really think of one person whose boobs gave power ups. Not that her ta tas were the reason Issei was really just that perverted. The Hunter one should be Pyrrha I hope she is not a ghost that has joined. The other two I have no idea. They are just too vague as odd as it sounds. There are just too many brother fuckers and traps in the multiverse. So with out any other information, I had no idea.

(Ashely Graves P.O.V)

Ashley might be losing her mind. Well, what little of her mind she had left. She knew what she was about. Murdering your friend because they wanted to fuck your brother was not normal. Not that she cared if she was normal. At least being not normal kept Andy by her side. That's all that really mattered anyway. Her questionable state of sanity aside she was losing it.

This stupid water company has trapped her and Andy in their apartment for a month now. Apparently, they delivered parasite infected water to their homes. Which has infected her and Andy. Her Mother and Father did not drink any so they went and fucked off. Which was another example of stellar parenting from them. Not that she expected anything else from them. Andy was always the one to take care of her, not them. At least she did not have to deal with her Mother's disapproval constantly. It did hurt that they left even if she did not miss their presence. 

Being trapped in a room with her lovely brother was not the issue. No her problem is that for the past month, the only food they have eaten was instant noodles. One pack a day is all that the water company has delivered to them. Those fucking cheap skates. Her and Andy were able to make other things in the house for a little while. Then they ran out of fresh food and had to rely on the noodles. They had some canned goods they could eat but nothing really that appetizing. Mainly canned vegetables so the instant noodles actually tasted better. At first, that is. After eating nothing but noodles for two weeks she was tempted to eat their canned goods if only for variety. 

Andrew vetoed that as he was trying to balance their diets with vitamins. He was saving the canned goods for when the vitamins ran out. Always the responsible one she still wanted to eat them but she caved because he was being moody lately. She was not sure why she was wonderful company. He never complained when they hung out before. Well, she guessed he did not like the choice being taken from him. Which was silly as she always took that choice from him before. He promised after all.

Still, even she was getting moody. She would kill someone to eat something else. Not that she had an opportunity to do so the only one around was her brother. She would never kill him if he was gone she would have nothing left. Andy was the only thing she had and that was something she had long since accepted.

She knew she was not exactly swimming in affection. Her mother never liked her, she never got to have birthday parties or gifts or even an I love you. Not from her mother and certainly not from her father. Her father never cared about anything not Andy and certainly not her. If he could remember their names she would consider it a miracle. Andy got treated better than her but she could not blame him because he was the only one to care.

She did not have any friends not real ones anyways. No one liked her. She was loud and annoying and clingy. She would often say stuff without really thinking about it. The ones she was 'friends' with only stuck around to get close to Andy. That hurt. They were supposed to be her friends but they chose Andy. Just like her mother. 

So she made a plan to teach her friend a lesson. She got her brother to lock that dumb cunt in a box. That way any feelings for him would die and she would stop trying to take her Andy away. She did not get to take Andy from her. He was all she had. Of course, the dump bitch died in there. Big whoop she was already not her friend. Andy did not see it that way. No, he cared about the cunt. He was oh so sad that he killed her.

So she saw an opportunity. If her friend could leave her then Andy could as well someday. So she took the cunt's death and used them as chains to keep Andy right by her side. If he wanted to live a normal life it would be by her side. So they grew up with that dynamic. At first, Andy was nervous and paranoid and no fun but eventually, he gave her that love she was craving. So all in all a big win.

Then the other slut she called a 'friend' started to date her brother. That cumdump was trying to take what was her's. Why did no one but Andy love her!? Was she that bad!? WHY!? She knew that no one could take him while she had those chains wrapped around him. Still, the thought of him wasting his time fucking that cunt when he could be with her drove her mad. So she tried to break them up. Making Andy cancel their dates last minute to be with her, he would never tell her no. When that did not work she started to send death threats to her. Still, that whore was still trying to fuck him. 

She was going to take more drastic actions but then she and Andy got locked up here. So problem solved right? Andy was by her side while the slut could not come around here. Then the cunt started to call Andy all day, taking away his attention. Some friend she turned out to be she never called her. So she threw all sense of subtly aside and started leaving her some rather vivid voicemails. She was not her friend so what did it matter if she knew that Ashley was the one threatening her? Even if the cunt told Andy he would not leave her side. The chains made sure of that.

So the whole situation has her moody as well. Surely that was not why Andrew was being moody? So what if she broke them up she was a slut that did not really know Andy. God damn it she hated thinking this much but they had nothing else to do but bitch and laze around. She was interrupted from her brooding as a loud banging reverberated from their front door. Andy was already walking towards it instead of cuddling on the couch with her.

"What the hell is going on." Andy said as he tried to open up the door. Nothing happened even when he tried to push it open forcefully. He then started to bang on the door.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing!?" The banging from the other side of the door did not stop so someone was clearly there.

"Nothing much we just have to install a lock on the door. Can't have you spreading the parasites by opening the door. We already had to deal with some one trying to leave." The voice of the guard came from the other side of the door. That caused Andrew to stop trying to get the door to open. They never left as Andrew was all about following rules while nothing out there interested her other than food. She never tried because she was a frail girl and the guards would have no problem subduing her. She was impulsive not stupid. Still, it was really concerning having the option of leaving taken away. They were getting a little stir crazy after all.

"Oh, okay. Do you have the noodles? Kind of getting hungry here." Andrew spoke out nervously. Why did he always fold when faced with any authority figures? Oh wait that was her fault.

"Ah, Sorry kiddos the food delivery got lost on the way here. We will get you double the usual tomorrow." The guard's voice did not sound sorry at all but what can you do? She did not expect random strangers to care about their situation. She started to walk towards Andrew who was nervously rubbing his chin.

"Right, okay," Andrew said softly.

"You better get us the good shit!" She pipped in startling Andy. Hey if they were going to fuck up the least they could do is get them something extra. A better tasting instant noodle was the least they could do.

"Actually can't you just get us something from down the street? I got some money!" She knew the answer already but maybe he would change his mind this time. It was their fault they were going to starve today.

"No can do. Have to install all of the locks. It's going to take all day. Just tuff it out today." The guard spoke out nonchalantly. Dick. Sure she did not expect anything from him but most normal people had empathy. She was usually able to use that. She wanted to continue trying to convince him but the banging stopped and it sounded like he walked away.

"Dickhead." She mumbled out. There goes their ticket to good food. Not that she expected him to get food. He has never caved to any of her demands before. He seemed to always have an excuse ready. 

"So did you think the 21st time was the charm?" Andrew spoke out sarcastically. Someone was being mouthy for her just trying to get them some food. 

"It was their fault we were going to get nothing today. The least he could do is get us a fucking burger. I don't even think he is going to install more locks." She fumed out. She did not want to take her anger out of Andy. As much of a dick he was being she knew he already felt bad about it.

"Right, sorry." He said blandly as he rubbed the back of his head. See he already apologized.

"So what are we going to eat today Mr. Responsible?" She hip checked him and started to look at their collection of canned goods. Finally, they were going to eat something other than noodles.

"Nothing. We are going to eat double tomorrow we don't need anything today." Andrew said as he reached out to stop her from taking one of the cans of soup. She looked back at him and pouted.

"Nothing Andy? Come on and live a little one can of soup is not going to have that many vitamins. It would only last so many days." She reached for the can in his hands. Sure she could go pick another can but she has been eying that one for a while.

He must have seen something in her face because he just sighed and put the can in her hands.

"Whatever we are going back to noodles tomorrow so might as well eat something else." He gave her a tired smile as he rubbed her head. That is why she loved Andy. He cared. No one else does. If things keep going on like this then she was fine being trapped here. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

It was not.

"What do you mean they lost the order again?" The usual calm and collected Andrew was no longer in the building. He was angry and was clearly frustrated by his body language.

"It is what it is kid. Whining about it won't change that." The guard's voice was still that annoying non caring tone. She hated that. If he hated them she would find this easier. The emptiness of it all sickened her.

"Can't you get us something? I am more than willing to pay extra. Just a quick stop at the corner store for some groceries. You would earn a nice little tip and we all would win." For once it was Andrew trying to negotiate with him to buy something. She did not have enough money herself to bribe someone so she never tried. That lack of food delivery was clearly bugging him.

"No can do. Anything you touch might transfer the parasites." A bland statement from a fucking bland person. She would stab this fucker if he was in front of her. Coward was hiding behind the door.

"I can transfer you the money. No need to touch anything I own." Andy was getting more desperate. She did not really get it they still had enough food to last till tomorrow.

"How would that look to my boss. I suddenly get a transfer of money from someone in the quarantine when I am supposed to be guarding it." The dickhead reprimanded Andy. Maybe if she coughed on something and tossed it out the mail slot it will take this fucker out.

Andrew goes to say something but we could already hear the dickhead walking away. Andrew then slammed his fist on the door.

"Motherfucker!" Andrew was clearly upset so she went and hugged him to calm him down. Andy may not like to admit it but her presence has always been a balm to him. He certainly slept in her bed when he was feeling particularly bad. He slumped in her embrace.

"Fuck." He no longer sounded angry just defeated. So about par for the course.

"It's alright. We still have the soup from yesterday. We will be fine for today." She did not like being the reasonable one. Still, she would do it if only to calm Andy down.

"I'm just worried about what this means." He said nervously as he got out of her arms and started to pace.

"It can't be that bad. This whole quarantine is a disaster for PR starving us would be the final nail in the coffin for them." She smiled lightly at him. She was a little worried as well but Andy needed her to be cheerful. He was not going to be the one to bring the cheer here.

"Right, you're right." Andy smiled tiredly at her and stopped pacing.

She was not right.

"Funny story the truck blew up." How much bad luck could a company have!? Fine, it was just one more day. 

Andy was nervously looking at what we had left but that was fine. Tomorrow should be fine.

(Next day.)

"New driver went to the wrong locations." Why did you hire a fucking retard!

"It's been four fucking days. I know you don't leave here what are you eating!?" She was nearly snarling out and Andy was holding her back.

"None of your business. Just wait." Motherfucker!

She slumped in Andy's arms. They skipped out on eating yesterday so she was feeling rather testy.

"Andy we can eat another can right?" She was hungry and feeling awful. Andrew only looked between her the cans and the door bitting his lips.

"We are going to have to ration out what we have. What ever is going on it's not good." As always he has to be the one to do the responsible thing. She felt like crying but just nodded. He was not the one doing this to her. It was this fucking company. How does a company that sells a product called ToxicWater still exist!?

(Next day.)

"Delivery came in but it was filled with stationary. They must have mixed it up." She swears this guy was amused by their suffering. At this point, she was not even surprised this company was clearly incompetent.

"Andy can we eat something today?" She looked at him as he was gnawing on his lips in front of her. She wanted to be the one in charge but she had no idea what was good for them.

"Yeah, we can eat something." He mumbled tiredly. He was in lower spirits than he usually was. Still even his current state could not take away from the excitement she felt for being able to eat something. She never thought she would be this enthused about eating green beans.

(A week later.)

"Food arrived but a dog ate it." Who would even believe that!? She was well past the point of trusting this nonsense. They were clearly doing this on purpose. What purpose she had no idea. All she knew was she was going to stuff tissues she coughed on out the door. After doing so she looked over at Andrew who was sitting at the table smoking.

"If you are going to smoke go outside." She hated that he smoked. Smoking kills you and anything that took him from her had to be bad. He still smoked despite her known displeasure of it.

"Right, sorry." He looked dazed and confused but he walked to the balcony to finish his cigarette.

When he was out of sight she squatted and hugged her knees. Another night of salt water filling her stomach.

(Three weeks later.)

"You kids still alive?" There was not even a dumbass excuse this time. He was just checking if they were still alive. They were but no thanks to this asshole. They only lived so far because Andy was so good at rationing. He knew how far they could push themselves.

"Do you have any food for us?" Andy sounded so tired. So done with the world. Nothing she did could cheer him up. He was only happy when that fucking slut called him. Which of course left her fuming for the rest of the day. Some girlfriend, what use was she? Did she bring them food? No, the cunt got Andy's attention and was able to eat whatever she wanted.

"Nope, a demon attacked the last driver." Oh wow, what a surprise.

"Just go away." She did not have the energy to deal with this bullshit. She was already contemplating doing something she really did not want to do.

(A day later.)

"I'm telling you they are starving us!" She yelled into the phone clutching the receiver tightly. Why did she think this was a good idea?

"And I am saying I don't believe you. This is clearly a cry for attention. I don't have time for this Ashley." Her mother spoke out in that same bland tone she hated. Why did she expect that the person who birthed her would care about her dying? That was never in the cards for Ashley Graves. She just thought her mother would give a fuck if Andrew was also starving.

"Why would I lie about this!" She cried out desperately. They were running dangerously low on supplies. So she tried to talk to the one person she hated the most. She knew Andy would not ask for help from them he never did. So she had to be the one to do so.

"I don't know Ashley, I never know with you." God damn it can you emote at least a little woman. Was it too much to ask for? Her daughter was clearly in distress but she did not bother showing anything. A piece of trash she had to call mother.

"Look can you." She was going to make another attempt at getting her to help.

"Enough Ashley! I don't have time for this!" With that, her mother hung up. She knew her mother hated her. She has accepted that. So why are there tears running down her face? Andy walks into the room awkwardly trying to pretend he did not hear everything. She was not sure who he thought he was fooling the apartment was not that large.

He looked like he wanted to say something but he could not find the right words. So instead he just gave her a hug. She buried her head in his chest to hide her tears. She was stronger than this. She may be a broken little girl but she can take on the whole world. Just you wait.

(A week later.)

Food, food, food, food, food, food, food. That was all she could think about. She even camped on the balcony for a night trying to catch a pigeon. Sadly no pigeons arrived on their balcony the fucking cowards must have felt her menacing aura. They were almost completely done with the canned goods which meant even further rations. 

She was bored. She was anxious. She had too much energy and nothing to do. She could not even watch TV anymore as they only allowed them a certain amount of time each day. The fucking tryants. They were already killing her the least they could do was let her watch cartoons.

Andy was no help he spent most of his time sleeping. She did not know how someone who was plagued with nightmares could sleep so much. She was a psychopath that felt no guilt and she was having trouble sleeping lately. It was the hunger that kept her awake but you got her point. She looked over at him from her spot on the floor.

He was sitting at the dining room table bitting down on his finger while he bounced in nervous energy. Of course, when she was feeling no energy he was bouncing off the walls. Go for it Andy maybe you will catch the pigeons.

She looked at the ceiling and contemplated. She was going to die here. She accepted that. At least she will die with Andy by her side. She looked back at him and he was still biting his finger. She was going to have to forbid him from eating her if she went first. Her fat tits were meaty enough to last him a while. She did not want to wait too long in the afterlife if she died first.

Here lies Ashley Graves a broken girl who only wanted people to love her. Then a screen popped up in front of her.

[Do you want food?]

"Yes!" She bolted from the floor at the random screen about food. Her sudden surge of excitement startled Andy as he looked at her in surprise and concern. She looked back at Andy who was not looking at the floating screen. Oh, she must be hallucinating. Damn, that sucked.

[I guess that is good enough for confirmation.]

[Congratulations welcome to the Chat Group!]

[As a new member you will be given a newbie gift.]

[Would you like to open it now?]

She flopped back down on the ground when she realized she was just seeing things. Yeah sure what ever glowing food teaser.

[You have received Demi-God Physique (S-tier)]

[Demi-God Physique (S-tier)]

You are now blessed with the body of a Demi-God. This does not mean much right now but with time this gift will prove invaluable. All limitations that you previously had have been removed. You will continuously grow in power even without training. If you do train you will see results a lot faster. You will develop abilities based off of the God that is your unofficial parent. You will need to discover who that is on your own.


She felt a jolt of energy go through her whole body for a second before it passed. So she just continued to lay limply on the ground. She must be in a pretty bad state if even hallucinations were affecting her body.

[Now that you have received your newbie bonus welcome once more to the Chat Group!]

[User:Red-Head Obsessed Prince. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Likely To Fuck Her Brother. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Her Tits Give Power Ups. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Feminine Penis. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[There is currently no admin please vote for one!]

Can't a girl just die in peace? Why does she have to see a glowing screen in front of her? Well, at least what is written on them is interesting. God, she was really losing it if glowing screens talking about feminine cocks were amusing her.

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: All right I know what I'm about. I would just like to state I am obsessed with one specific red head. None of you are her at least I don't think so.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: I don't want to be outed by this thing. Also, your nicknames have nothing to do with her….At least I hope so I'm looking at you Feminine Penis.]

Good for you dude. Game recognizes game. She also knew what she was about so she could respect someone who knew themselves so well. She too was an obsessive weirdo. Well, she knew what she was about so if she typed into this box her name should be that one. Still, if she was going to hallucinate discussions she was going to ask for food. Maybe she will hallucinate some food before she goes.

[Likely To Fuck Her Brother: I was promised food. So where the food at?]

Oh, she was right. She knew what she was about. Granted she never really thought about fucking Andy. It just never really occurred to her. She already had him by her side why would she fuck him? To break him and that slut up? She guess that could work but he seemed far too squeamish to fuck her out of his own will. She could force it but she did not want to. He was already close enough for her liking and he did not look like he was going to leave. Not that he could anymore. They both were going to die in this coffin.

(Rias P.O.V)

Frustration and anxiety seemed to be the defining trait of her life lately. She knew that she was blessed with a lot of things. A loving family, a doting brother, immense wealth and power. In comparison to the problems of her peerage everything seemed so minor.

 How was she supposed to be upset with her parents when Akeno would never have the opportunity to see her mother? How was she allowing her anxiety to build when Gasper was so hurt he could never leave his room? How was she supposed to be upset about her brother's inaction while Koneko was betrayed so brutally by her own sister? How can she be upset at Sona for not helping when all of Kiba's friends were murdered in front of him?

No all of her peerage were in such dark places so she couldn't allow herself to whine about her fate. She had to be the strong one. They all need someone to be there for them. Still, she fears she was not enough. Her peerage is in a better place but all of them are so very scarred. She did not know what to do for them. Adding to her frustration. None of them wanted to face their issues and she did not have the heart to force them to. Even if it was for the best.

So she can only face the world with a smile. Even if it felt like it was closing in on her. She did not want to marry Riser. He was just so arrogant for no reason. Sure he was a part of the Phenex family but she was the heir to the Gremory. He boasted of his invincible strength when he was not even the strongest of their generation. He gathered his harem when he was supposed to marry her. It's not like his harem really bothered her but he did nothing to get her to like him. He just expected that she would fall in line because their parents arranged it. He lusted after her but never even bothered to know her. He saw her for her body and her family name and that was it. 

She was trapped and she had no idea how to escape. She wanted the kind of romance she read in Manga. She wanted to be swept off of her feet and be saved by her prince charming. She wanted her peerage to be happy. She wanted her family to be happy as well even if she was rather cross with them at the moment. All of that seemed so illusory to her. Something that she could not obtain with all of her power.

So she struggled with everything she had. She ran from the underworld where she had to put up with Riser being Riser. She knew he would never want to go to the human world as he hated everything in the human world. She went to Japan to 'continue' her education. A small part of her chose Japan because she thought in the land where all those stories took place she would find her prince. It was a small hope but one she never gave up on.

She did contract after contract to increase her demonic power. She knew she was never going to catch up to Riser but she had to try something. She wasted a lot of time to be there for her peerage but she had to be there for them so they didn't fall apart. With what little time she had left she desperately tried to gain more control over her trait. The power of destruction was the ultimate form of attack but it was so very hard to control. She had to wrestle with the concept of destruction every time she wanted to use it. When in use it wanted to destroy everything regardless of what she wanted. So she had to be more careful with it than she wanted to be.

None of her efforts felt like it was enough. She knew it was not enough either. Her search for prince charming was an equal failure. Every single human she has encountered drolled all over her. None of them had the strength, wil,l or potential to sweep her off her feet. So she started to give up on that dream.

She was running out of time and nothing she could do seemed to help. So she could only grit her teeth and push herself further and further. She felt like she had to fight the world with no one on her side. Rias Gremory was a rather lonely girl.

[Do you want the power to change your fate?]

[Do you want to break your engagement?]

[Do you want to save all of your peerage members?]

[If so you should join the Dimensional Chat Group!]

[Join.] [Deny.]

To say she was confused would be an understatement. She was in her room resting from a long day and this screen just appeared in front of her. She must have been under someone's illusion but who? Sure she was the sister of Lucifer but no one wanted to poke the bear that was Sirchens. So maybe this was someone trying to recruit her. She wanted to deny it on principle but what they offered. Well, that was far too tempting. It was a hand reaching down when she felt she was drowning. So she hit join.

[Congratulations welcome to the Chat Group!]

[As a new member you will be given a newbie gift.]

[Would you like to open it now?]

Huh, she was not expecting to get anything for signing up for whatever this thing was. Well, she was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

[You have received Incarnation Of Destruction (S-tier)]

[Incarnation Of Destruction (S-tier)]

You are the Incarnation Of Destruction. You are a concept brought to life. You will excel in all fields as long as it ultimately leads to destruction. You can destroy nearly anything with but a touch. 


When she received her Newbie gift she instantly felt the difference. Her clan trait seemed to bloom as it filled her whole body. Instead of the never ending urge to destroy it now felt like a docile dog waiting to be commanded. It felt like she was more the trait than she was her body. She once recalled her brother saying he could turn himself into a destructive form. She wanted to see it but he said he had no control over it when he did. He just destroyed everything. 

Now she knew she was capable of doing the same thing. She may not have the same demonic energy as her older brother but now she was just like him in potency.

That was a massive relief. With this ability, she should be able to beat Riser into the ground if he tried to push the marriage issue. On the other hand, what has she joined? If this group is capable of gifting such power what were they? Her big brother who was among the top ten strongest beings on the planet could not do this. Sure being able to beat everyone up did not equal creative ability but it was still shocking. Beelzebub-sama was not capable of this and he created the evil pieces. Something so game changing it stopped hostilities with the other factions. 

Was this chat group something beyond the 

Dimension Gap? It did make sense with the name. Still, to get past Great Red this group is simply amazing.

[Now that you have received your newbie bonus welcome once more to the Chat Group!]

[User:Red-Head Obsessed Prince. Has joined the Chat Group.]

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[User: Feminine Penis. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[There is currently no admin please vote for one!]

When she read the first line she felt her heart start pounding. She has always waited for a prince charming. Now a red-head obsessed prince was right in front of her. So she felt some anticipation even though she did not see who this prince was. Her fluttering heart faded quickly to be replaced with confusion. What was with these other user names? More importantly which one was her? She felt like none of them really represented her. Maybe she just did not have a user name?

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: All right I know what I'm about. I would just like to state I am obsessed with one specific red head. None of you are her at least I don't think so.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: I don't want to be outed by this thing. Also, your nicknames have nothing to do with her….At least I hope so I'm looking at you Feminine Penis.]

That was disappointing. Of course, this was not her prince. What was she expecting? Love does not come so easily. Still now she was able to escape her marriage so finding that special someone should be easier.

[Likely To Fuck Her Brother: I was promised food. So where the food at?]

A weight lifted from her chest. Objectively she knew that her User Name should not have been that one. Her brother may be a Sis-con but she never and will never see him in that capacity. Still even knowing it was not possible she was still worried about it. She then looked at the interface. Well, there was one sure fire way to find out what her user name was. 

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: Hi do you know who this group represents?]

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: My what does what now!?]

She felt like she just blue screened. Sure she knew feminine penis had nothing to do with her. The other name made no sense to her but she never expected that was her user name. She looked down at her own chest in confusion. Sure they were rather large but they had never given her a power up. At the rate Akeno molested her chest she should be a god but Akeno never received a power up. So what was the trigger for her chest to give power ups?

She continued staring at her own chest in confusion as she questioned her whole world.

(Pyrrha P.O.V)

Pyrrha does not regret any of her decisions. She is not the type to do so. Does she think she made the best decision every single time? No, despite what the world thinks of her she knew she was not perfect. She strived to be better every day so of course she knew she was not perfect. So even if her decisions have caused her pain she did not regret them. Not a single one.

Her choices may have led her to training every single moment of her life. Her choices may have alienated her from her peers as they placed her on a pedestal. Her choices may have eliminated any sense of privacy she once enjoyed. Her choices made her the 'Invincible Girl'. She still does not regret it.

Her decisions have elevated her family from barely living to living lavishly. Her decisions have honed her skills to their limit. Her decisions have brought a surge of positivity in her home town. Her decisions have bolstered recruitment rates. Her decisions have let her truly enjoy the thrill of battle. Her decisions let her be the 'Invincible Girl'. She can not regret it.

Here she stands strike after strike. Over and over again she swings. Over and over again she slashes. Over and over again she stabs. Doing everything she can so her form can be perfect. Then doing it all over again so she can go beyond. That is her life. That is who she is.

Even with all her superhuman abilities she has to rest eventually. Even then she pushes her self even further despite the risks. No one can change her mind. Not the world. Not her peers. Not her family. She is Pyrrha Nikos and she has to be the 'Invincible Girl'.

She finally had to catch her breath but she knew she was going to get back to it soon. Her last fight was far too close already. She had to resort to using her Semblance to subtly influence the fight. Part of her image is every one knew she won all of her fights without even using her Semblance. To be so skilled that she did not deem it necessary to even use it. Not that anyone really knew what it was. She kept her Semblance hidden for a reason.

Part of it was she was selling her image. Nothing sells better than mystery. The larger part of it was fear. She was already on a pedestal. What would her peers think if they knew she could bombard them with any and all metal? That she could tear apart Atlas's army of automatons. That all of their weapons were effectively hers. No, she did not want them to know. She did not want anyone to know.

So she hid what was truly a representation of her very soul. A cowardly move for the 'Invincible Girl' but not one she regrets. She was a lonely girl. A desperate one. All the fake smiles and false cheer could not change that. She wanted to change that. She tried to get closer to her peers but there was always this sense of adoration in them. Even those she bested did not see a rival they saw an immovable mountain. So she failed over and over again.

She wanted to change that but she knew she could not. At least not here. Not in her hometown. Not in Mistral. Maybe not even in Renmant. That last one was a fear she felt constantly but she chose to ignore it. To push forward despite her hesitation. It was all she really knew after all.

So instead of enrolling into Haven like every one expected she enrolled into Beacon. She was running from her home. From her family. From the world she built. She was running from her reputation. She was running away from herself.

Despite it all, she does not regret that she chose Beacon. She can not do that. It was her chance. Maybe her last chance. To have friends and comrades. To not be the 'Invincible Girl' but to be Pyrrha Nikos. At least for a little while. Before she had to come back here. To do it all over again. 

She felt like she was lost in a fog. There was no light to guide her. Her own light was far too bright to see others. Blinded to the world for what she was. Yet even as her vision remains clouded she continues forward. Maybe she will end up even more lost. Even then she won't regret it. At least she tried.

The 'Invincible Girl' was far more fragile than any one really knew.

[Do you want friends?]

[Do you want to fight battles you could never imagine?]

[Do you want to even fall in love?]

[If so join the Dimensional Chat Group!]

[Join.] [Deny.]

She looked between the sudden screens and her water. Did someone spike her water? Or was this someone Semblance? If her water was spiked then this was a creation of her own mind. If this was a Semblance then it was a cruel demonstration of how much the person knew about her.

She could rule out the spiking as she had no matches close enough for this to matter. If it was someone's Semblance then it was a useless effort at needling her. Yes, it did hurt for her lack of friends to be noted by someone but it was not shocking. So it was not going to affect her training. Nor would it affect her in the battles to come.

Still, she looked back up a the screens. What if this was someone genuinely reaching out to her? That someone noticed her lost in the fog and reached a hand out. That her own light did not blind them. If it was real how could she not reach out? Even if she blushed at the implication that she would find love. She was a rather lonely girl after all.

So she hit the join button.

[Congratulations welcome to the Chat Group!]

[As a new member you will be given a newbie gift.]

[Would you like to open it now?]

She was being given a gift? That is certainly a way to gain someone's favor. The thing is she had nothing to give in return. Unless they wanted her sweat filled towel. Which they might actually want knowing some people. Not that she would offer her towel to a stranger. Even if the stranger was trying to be her friend. There is really no reason to not open it now.

Although she was wondering how she was going to receive it. This person's Semblance was some sort of illusion. Or maybe it was the manipulation of light. So they were going to have to pop out of their hidey hole if they wanted to gift her something. Unless the gift was more illusions.

[You have received Magic Resitance (A-tier)]

[Magic Resitance (A-Tier)]

Either from some freak accident or divine blessing you find yourself with Magical Resistance. All spells ranked A or lower will automatically cancel when in contact with you. At this rank, only Gods, Ancient Magicians, and Divine spirits should be able to affect you. Rejoice for no spells shall touch you!


Instantly Pyrrha felt something change. It was like an electric current underneath her skin. It was a strange feeling but not one that was unpleasant. There is no such thing as magic so this thing is useless. Not that she expected anything grand from her gift. Still, she could tell instinctively that whatever this gift was it was now a part of her.

It does bring into question what the hell was going on? She thought that this was someone reaching out towards her. Now they have demonstrated that they could change her body willy nilly. Their semblance should have been only related to illusion so this did not fit. Were there multiple people messing with her? That did not feel right. At least that was what her instincts were saying and she trusted them.

[Now that you have received your newbie bonus welcome once more to the Chat Group!]

[User:Red-Head Obsessed Prince. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Likely To Fuck Her Brother. Has Joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Her Tits Give Power Ups. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Feminine Penis. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[There is currently no admin please vote for one!]

Her confusion increased even further. Once she spotted the name Red-head Obssed Prince she felt like that was the one messing with her. It had to be a fan who knew far too much about her. Obsessed was right. She did not know how he knew what he did about her but she was rather upset now. To think she thought this was going to be her chance to make friends.

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: All right I know what I'm about. I would just like to state I am obsessed with one specific red head. None of you are her at least I don't think so.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: I don't want to be outed by this thing. Also, your nicknames have nothing to do with her….At least I hope so I'm looking at you Feminine Penis.]

She was confused once again. Was she wrong about him? Was she being too arrogant thinking that the red head obsessed boy was after her? No, he had to be messing with her. It's just the way he was doing it was strange. Why try to spin this as if he was talking with multiple people? It was just her here. He should know it was a strange way to try to trick her. Not even remotely convincing. Or maybe there were other people talking to her through his Semblance. There was that one that messed with her body after all.

[Likely To Fuck Her Brother: I was promised food. So where the food at?]

Her confusion grew even more. Was this person raiding her personal training grouds for food? Surly there were easier places to break into. Not that they looked like they had problems getting in to here. She still has not even seen a hint of this group of fans. Also why the hell was their name so proudly declaring they would fuck their brother!? What kind of absurd being was she?

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: Hi do you know who this group represents?]

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: My what does what now!?]

That was a rather vulgar name. Was that another dig at her? She knew that gossip rags were saying some rather strange things about her but she never heard that one. Or was this another victim of this group of harassers? It would fit the cruelty that they expressed towards her. Dangling the one thing she wanted above all else in front of her.

Well if they were going to be harassing others she should get to the bottom of this.

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: I don't know what game you are playing Prince but this is just cruel.]

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: Stop hiding and show yourself! Or I'll report you and all of Mistral will hunt you down!]

There it was an empty threat as it would mess with her own image but it should work. She was also going to be investigating these miscreants herself. When she found them they will rue the day they messed with Pyrrha Nikos!

What did her so called User Name even mean? She got the Hunter part as she was in training to be a Huntsman. The arrow part made no sense to her. She certainly did not have an arrow sticking out of her heel. Her Aura would stop any arrow from sticking into her. The other User Names were clear insults from this stalker. So why was her's so weird? What ever she will skewer this so called Prince when she catches him!

As she fumed she slipped on a puddle of her own sweat and hit the ground hard. It even hurt a fair bit as her Aura was exhausted from her training. What was even going on today!

(Izumi Sena P.O.V)

Izumi was a perfectly average boy. He went to a fairly average college. He lived an average life. He was an average boy even if his family was unbelievably famous. With a rock star brother, a model for a mother, and a thespian for a father he lived an odd life. He wanted nothing to do with his family's fame. He was a perfectly average boy and he is fine with that. 

He had his own dreams to pursue after all. He was going to become a Managaka! Just like his idol the author of the world famous Lala-lulu. He was even making steady progress in that as all of his clubmates said his drawings were getting better.

They always seemed too busy to read his work but every time they saw it they said it was better! If he keeps improving at that rate he will be joining Lala-Sensei in no time!

He was not envious of his family at all. He had his shot at acting when he was young and it was not for him. It turned out he had no skill for it but that was fine. He had his own dreams. He was fine being the perfectly average Otaku that he was.

Sure his mother and father tried to get him back into showbiz all the time but he never let them win. He did just not have it in him to do it. They should know that by now. He has long since accepted that.

This time he was having a much harder time rejecting them. Apparently, the commercial he did ten years ago was doing another one. They wanted to do the concept of ten years later. So they wanted the old cast to come back to show the difference. The thing was ten years ago in the commercial he was dressed as a girl. He told them that they could just get a girl that looked like him but there was another catch. Apparently, the boy who acted with him was Ryouma Ichijou a super famous actor that has been blowing up recently. His mom really wanted to act with him the thing is his condtion to come was that all of the original cast had to be there. Ryouma even said he would reconize the girl who played with him but her distinct eyes. So it has to be him!

He told them that no one would think he was a girl now that he was all grown up. Then stupid Rei said with his short and small statue no one would think he was a boy anyway. When he said he did not want to be involved in showbiz because he wanted to be a Mangaka Rei insulted him. The meanie called him a horrible artist who looked like he only drew with his left hand. That hurt a lot he was getting better all the time! So he went to his room to cool down. No, he was not sulking.

Should he just do the stupid commercial to make his mom happy? He was no good at acting he would just make a big mess. Why would his mom even want him there? Did she not remember what happened the last time? He peed himself why would they not remember that? He knew he was a package deal to get Ryouma but surely if they explained it he would get someone else to play his part. He probably did not even want to act with the crybaby who peed himself.

[Er this one is difficult.]

[Um do you want to talk to anime characters?]

[Do you want to save your butt?]

[If so join the Dimensional Chat Group.]

[Join.] [Deny.]

Izumi blinked slowly as he stared at the sudden magical screen. Was he experiencing a manga like situation? Was he going to become OP and go on to defeat the demon king? What did it mean by saving his butt!?

He scooted away from the windows and clenched his cheeks. He did not know who was after his butt but now he was scared. So he quickly hit join.

[Congradulations I guess.]

[As a new member you will be given a newbie gift.]

[Would you like to open it now?]

This magical window was kind of being mean. If it did not offer to save his butt he would have denied joining. Well, he might as well see what the newbie gift was.

[You have received Paint To Life {Ib} (B-tier)]

[Paint to Life {Ib} (B-tier)]

They say artists have rather special souls. In your case, they would be right. Under the power of your soul, you can bring your creations to life. By sacrificing a small part of your vitality you can bring them to life. The sacrificed vitality will eventually recover but you can certainly kill yourself using this ability. You can not bring other people's work to life. Nor are you capable of brining a drawing to life if that person exists in the real world. Your creations do not have to obey you but they generally respect you. So go forth and create and be the artist you were meant to be.


This was amazing! If he drew LaLa he could bring her to life! This magic screen was right he could talk to anime characters. He was tempted to try right now but he should build up his skills before trying. Still, he wanted to use his new found magic. So he drew a small cat.

Once he was done he tried to use his new found ability. It was like a switch he knew exactly how to use it. With a small amount of effort, he pushed his soul into the drawing. With tha,t his vitality started to drain. He paled rather quickly and stopped. He was still able to bring his cat to life but he felt awful. Still, his excitement at actual magic overruled his new found sickness.

He looked as the cat rose and walked around the page. It was strange seeing his drawing walking around in curiosity. He felt absolutely terrible as the cat tripped every once and a while as he did not draw their limbs equally. It even gave him a sad look as it mewled at him. He wanted to erase them and start over but it was alive now. To erase it would kill it. He did not know if he could fix his drawing. So he did not want to try with his sad little cat.

"I'm so sorry" He looked at the sad little kitten and started to cry himself. Maybe he was fooling himself. Maybe he was not cut out for art either. His sad little creation only mewled at him to catch his attention. Their big eyes blinked slowly as they approached his hand that was holding the page. It tried to rub against him. He cried more as his little baby did not blame him.

"I'll make a whole world for you little guy." He may not be as good of an artist as he thought he was but he would get there. If only to build a world for his little baby.

[Now that you have received your newbie bonus welcome once more to the Chat Group!]

[User:Red-Head Obsessed Prince. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Likely To Fuck Her Brother. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Her Tits Give Power Ups. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[User: Feminine Penis. Has joined the Chat Group.]

[There is currently no admin please vote for one!]

He almost forgot about that. He really should have paid attention to the magic chat group. Maybe it will help him be a better artist for his little guy. He wondered what he should call his little baby.

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: All right I know what I'm about. I would just like to state I am obsessed with one specific red head. None of you are her at least I don't think so.]

[Red-Head Obsessed Prince: I don't want to be outed by this thing. Also, your nicknames have nothing to do with her….At least I hope so I'm looking at you Feminine Penis.]

Huh that is a strange username, he clearly did not pick it but it apparently fits for this Prince. He wondered what his username was he did not read the other ones as he got distracted. He was going to read the backlog but another message played out.

[Likely To Fuck Her Brother: I was promised food. So where the food at?]

What!? Someone would do that with their own brother!? Izumi could never imagine a world in which he did that with his brother. Although Izumi was a boy so maybe it was different for girls? No there should be no people who would think like that. If he was talking to someone from another dimension then maybe he has found the mythical Bro-con. What a rare creature!

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: Hi do you know who this group represents?]

[Her Tits Give Power Ups: My what does what now!?]

Her name is so bad! The first one was okay but hers is so mean. He feels so bad for her. Wait is it actually true? The Prince agreed that he was obsessed. So does that mean her's is true too?! He wondered if she would be willing to give him a power up. He was not going to ask as that would be so rude.

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: I don't know what game you are playing Prince but this is just cruel.]

[I Was A Hunter But I Took An Arrow To The Heel: Stop hiding and show yourself! Or I'll report you and all of Mistral will hunt you down!]

Oh this one did not think this was real. Izumi had proof that magic was real with his sad cat. He wondered what they got in their newbie pack that they did not believe in the Chat Group. He got their username at least it was a Skyrim joke. Does that mean only power up lady and the Bro-con had a bad user name?

[Feminine Penis: Uh I think this is really a Dimensional Chat Group Arrow-san.]

[Feminine Penis: WHAT THE HELL. IT'S NOT!]

He blushed and looked away quickly. Why did he have a stupid name to! The other two are so lucky. He did take a look in his pants. It did not look feminine to him. He was perfectly average!

Fun Fact Ashley was not added until recently I played Coffin and loved the character design so I added her

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