1 The starting of a day

it was just a normal morning... nothing to worry about and nothing to do. I was just sleeping in my bed when my mother came and bashed open my door and told me to wake up. But I'm a kind of girl who would not wake up even to the sound of bullets. So now what? Nothing.. mom will just sigh and say, there is another season of your favourite anime has released. I would rise up from my bed and quickly run to my computer looking through the the anime section on crunchy roll but NOPE. There was nothing! So I just sat there blank when I glanced at the clock... he...he..he. it's 7:30pm. My school starts at 7:45pm. I am screwed. I quickly changed and combed my hair but in the end I had to redo it all again cause.. you see? I'm me and there's no way that there could be such a morning in which I don't make a mistake. I drop stuff and all cause of

" Gods great plan ". Ok... ok.. I admit it! I'm clumsy... but I've seen worse.. ok!?

I ate breakfast and headed out to the scorching hot sun to walk to school. I felt so lonely and hot as I was walking until my friend, Lily showed up. It didn't change anything about my body temperature but it did feel nice to have company. We talked about anime and manga, games etc. as we walked to school. But..... there is always a twist in happy times in a life.. or only in my life. We saw Sabrina and her gang walking on the other side of the road. A brief description of Sabrina is that she is a spoiled rotten, super "filled with ego" type of girl school bully. Her gang members are just a small copy of her except they are a bit sane. I hoped she did not notice us but guess what happens next? She notices us. What's with me and my luck?! She just gave us a nasty look but my friend stroke one back. That might have seem like a good thing to do but I personally thought that that was not quite a good idea.... Sabrina walked towards us with the rest of her group and asked us "what's your problem?" I just stood there and said nothing cause I didn't want to be dragged into this. I thought that Lily would just say sorry and then the "Fashionista" group would shrug it off and walk away. But nooo.....! Lily has to get revenge no matter what! Yep, so that's it. Sabrina got angry and the birds beautiful chirps in the morning were replaced by a ROAST BATTLE! I was neither the judge nor the fan that shouts for a contestant. I was more like a nervous person who had no idea what she was doing here but then remembers that her "friends" dragged her in this mess. But I have to admit. Lily is not a bad friend, she stands up for me and treats me nicely. We've been friends for about three years and we know each other very well. But in these long three years, my problem never went away. Lily has quite a competitive personality and I also get in trouble for the fights she gets in. Anyways.... so later on Sabrina got bored and walked away and warned us to never mess with her again. HeHeHe.. the poor girl doesn't even know about Lily. Those words always fire her up! Ugh.... talk about a terrible start of the morning!