Juri Runs Away From the Royal Crown Prince Book

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Juri Runs Away From the Royal Crown Prince


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[ Some chapter may contain mature themes. Read at your own risk.] Royal run away! Juri Meryll, is the eldest daughter, the breadwinner and a strong woman. Ever since her teenage she focused on working part time, maintaining scholarship, then when reached adulthood, getting a full time job. “Daughter, when will you get married?” “What?” The sudden question of her mother seems like a deep burden, growing up with hardship due to a broken home, she thought to herself. “I don’t need a man to be happy.” Marriage is not an option. She decided to only have a child and not get married, cohabiting is not on the list as well. “Wanna sleep together?” Is what her part time employer asked her, he is handsome and totally her type. After several attempts and chasing, tempted with this born-to-seduce man, she gave in herself and spent the night with this man. Not knowing the crown he wears, that night will bear fruit and give her the chase of a lifetime. “You are to give birth to my heir.” “No one said I must marry the prince!” “Your highness the baby can hear you.” “Be my Queen.” Why am I being chased by these men in black? A royal romance of chasing in a modern city, love and responsibility, taking part in the history. ~~~~ Follow~@airianepages for more updates and character illustrations Support me: https://linktr.ee/airianepages


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