Jujutsu Kaisen: To Ashes

A person or the child of flames? A hardened sniper dies in an altercation in his original world and gets reincarnated into the world of JJK by a goddess who keeps calling him her child. How mysterious 'A Zenin?' * Warning: This is genderbent. As in the MC was a guy in his past life and got reincarnated as a woman. Don't read if you're not ok with that, obviously, but it's not gonna be a central part of the story anyway. This story is set in JJK canon so there will be characters from the original series in here. Main character is an OC. Apart from MC, I'll try to keep OCs limited, unlike last time, maybe. Read to chapter 2 for a surprise.

sucroseliker · Anime & Comics
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12 Chs

Character info (Mild spoilers for first 3 chapters.)

Naoko Zenin - Mc

Powers: ( Mild spoilers)

- Special attribute cursed energy (Fire)

Special attributes are something introduced quite recently in jjk with the introduction of Hajime Kashimo who possesses lighting attribute cursed energy.

Everyone else is canon but here's a rundown of important characters and the names of their powers. I will expand on these powers later so either keep reading or google them.

Naoya Zenin - Mc's brother

Powers: Projection sorcery (Innate technique)

Maki Zenin

Powers: Heavenly restriction

Kinji Hakari (Jujutsu High student)

Powers: Private pure love train (innate technique), Idle death gamble (domain expansion), rough, serrated like cursed energy (special attrubute)

Kirara Hoshi (Jujutsu high student)

Powers: Love rendezvous (Innate technique)

A/N: fuck love rendezvous

Ranta Zenin

Power: Paralyzing gaze (Innate technique)

And more.