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You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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Disc: ryh3Fnr7Mu

I was thinking about the Sukuna fight and felt it was too short. I can add to it or keep it.

If I add to it, I can either Embarrass Sukuna even more or make the fight more interesting.

If you think it's fine, I'm also cool with that.




Meanwhile in Sendai

Miwa spoke while on the ground. "W-Wait a second! Can we talk about this!?"

Looking back up at the person who attacked her, she widened her eyes.

'Where did she g-'

A voice whispered in her ear from behind. "*Whisper* You didn't kill Ryu, did you?"


Quickly drawing her sword, Miwa slashed behind her. "[Simple Domain]."

The anti-domain technique can be applied in many ways to provide people with a reliable way of dealing with damage.

After being appointed as a secretary to the principal, Gakuganji ordered Atsuya Kusakabe to train her in his signature fighting style.

However, against someone like Takako Uro...


Her sword was deformed.


Miwa gets sent flying as she gets punched in the face.

After rolling for a few meters, Uro spoke. "Disappointing, and I was scared of this trash? What a waste of time."

Miwa didn't stand up as she could barely move after a single strike from the incarnated sorcerer.

Takako Uro is an incarnated sorcerer from the Heian era, one of the few people who could go blow-for-blow with the special grades of the modern era.

Miwa didn't stand a chance as a grade-three sorcerer.

Looking down at Miwa, blood flows from her nose, and one could tell that her facial bones were broken where she was hit.

Uro shook her head. "Whatever, five points is five points."

She brings her arms together and points at the downed Miwa.

The sky deforms slightly as she shatters the air like ice. "[Thin Ice Breaker]."






Uro spoke. "Kogane, is Maki Zenin still in Sendai?"

Kogane nods with a smile. "Sure is!"

However, she knew something was wrong since Kogane didn't give her points.

Her eyes widened when she saw that the helpless girl who should've died was nowhere to be found.

Uro narrows her eyes and turns towards a far-away building.


Three people stand on top of a building.

A brown robot spoke up. "Is she gonna be alright!?"

Another woman with black hair rolled her eyes while outputting reverse cursed technique. "Quiet, I need to concentrate."

The last person stands on the edge, narrowing his eyes at the assailant. "Takada-chan is live in thirty minutes. We'll need to wrap this up quickly."

Kokichi Muta, or Mechamaru spoke. "Can you take this thing seriously!? We lost contact with Momo!"

Originally, Todo was supposed to go alone. However, after losing contact with Momo Nishimiya, the two strongest students, Mai Zenin and Aoi Todo, were sent to deal with it.

For obvious reasons, Kokichi insisted that he join, even though he was only a grade-two sorcerer.

Unfortunately, they were slightly late, making Miwa suffer damage that could've been avoided.

Mai reached back into a small bag she was carrying and pulled out a finger that radiated an immense amount of cursed energy.

She spoke. "I didn't want to use one of these for this, but desperate times. [Deconstruct]."

The reversal of construction allows Mai Zenin to deconstruct objects. However, her main use of the deconstruction technique is to gain the cursed energy. Every item deconstructed allows her to extract the cursed energy within.

Construction and reverse cursed technique cost an insane amount of cursed energy, making them inefficient, so she needed a surefire way to replenish her reserves.

This leads to her solution.

Naohiro Zenin.

Since he has a near-endless amount of cursed energy, deconstructing even a fraction of a part of his body refills her entire tank and more.

So, he had parts of his body turned into pseudo-cursed objects for her to use if she ran low on cursed energy.

It's definitely weird but effective in results.

Mai stood up. "She'll be fine; her bones are fixed, but she is in no condition to fight."

One of the benefits of Shoko living at the Zenin compound is having access to her abilities. Mai was getting further and further behind Maki, so she moved to the reverse cursed technique, which led her to where she is today.

A grade-one sorcerer.

Mai wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Mechamaru, stay here and protect Miwa. We've got to handle the naked lady flying towards us."

He spoke. "Bu-"

Mai narrowed her eyes. "We might need you to come here in person."

In the other timeline, Kokichi needed Mahito to heal his sickly body, but there was someone else he could go to.

The current Mechamaru was using a proxy since his ultimate form mode, Albatross, only has a certain amount of battery.

He nodded as his body froze as if activating something. "It'll be ready. Give me a signal, and I'll come here."

Kokichi tossed a mini-mechamaru that Mai caught.

A distant voice could be heard. "[Thin Ice Breaker]!"


Mai smiled. "[Shield]."



Cracks showed on the massive black-shield, but it held firm.

While she could construct things without speaking, she gets around some of the cursed energy costs by revealing her creations.

Uro spoke as she narrowed her eyes. "How annoying. Why can't you all die?"

The frontman spoke while hitting his chest with a fist. "I can't die yet, Takada-chan is counting on me!"

Uro raised an eyebrow. "What?"

He smirked and pointed at her. "I've got to be somewhere, so I'll make this quick."

Mai facepalmed.

Veins appeared on Uro's face. "Quick? Shut it, dickhead!"


She appeared in front of Todo and threw a punch.


They switched places.

Uro's eyes widened as she turned around to see a fist. "Wha-?"


She gets punched in the face.



Her nose starts to bleed.

Not wasting any time, Todo grabs a piece of rubble beneath him and throws it while imbuing it in cursed energy.


He switches Uro with the rock, teleporting her away from the group.



The same is done with two more rocks, which Mai and Todo teleport to get away from Miwa and Mechamaru.

Todo speaks and removes his jacket. "Although you're boring, I'll work with you this one time."

Mai rolled her eyes. "Gee, thanks."

Uro, who is a few feet away from them, has an irritated smile on her face. "I'm gonna enjoy this."

Todo shakes his head. "I'm not. You aren't my type."

She grabs the sky. "Are you fuckin insane?"


Todo starts crying. "You're boring, just like everyone else."

Liquid metal covers Mai's body as she deconstructs another portion of Naohiro's finger. "He's just like that."

Everyone knew the time for talking was over.

Uro drags the sky with a wild smile and jumps toward Todo. "Die, asshole!"


They switch places, but Uro grabs the sky under her this time.

Todo throws a punch, but his arm becomes smooth and morphs.

Uro throws an elbow; however, she has someone else to worry about.


Mai speaks as liquid metal spikes appear below Uro. "[Spikes]."

She stops her strike, floats above them, and points at Mai. "Annoying. [Thin Ice Breaker]."



Uro switches places with Mai.


Blood drips off of her body as she is hit by her own blast.

Mai speaks. "[Spear]."

She has no time to rest as she looks up to see a metal spear a few inches from her face.


Uro moves her head out of the way as the spear cuts her cheek.

She narrowed her eyes and thought to herself. 'So the guy can switch places with things that have cursed energy, and she can mold things using metal.'

While Uro is strong, she matches up poorly with a disorienting technique like [Boogie Woogie] when paired with an offensive technique.

She smiled. "If I can't hit either of you, I'll make it so I can."

Mai and Todo widen their eyes.

Todo moves to clap as Mai creates a metal block and puts it above Uro.

Uro crosses her arms. "[Domain Expansion: Skydome Sanctum]."

A black barrier encases everyone present.

Mai speaks. "[Falling Blossom Emotion]. Mechamaru!"


However, Todo doesn't switch.

Immediately, Todo moves into a stance for simple domain. However, he becomes unable to move as he floats.

Uro smiles as Mai starts to float as well.

Inside Uro's domain expansion, Skydome Sanctum, the sky can be molded and shifted however she wants, meaning she can control the movements of everything inside.

Falling Blossom Emotion is only effective against certain domains.

This isn't one of them.

Uro speaks. "You both were a pain in the ass, so I'm going to take my time."




As she walks over to the both of them, she hears a crack in her barrier.




A loud voice is heard. "RAHHHH!"

She spins around to see a massive fist smashing through the domain.

Uro moves to grab the sky, but her technique fizzles out.



Todo teleports Mai and himself now that they are out of the domain using the rocks he imbued with cursed energy earlier.


The massive fist smashes Uro into the ground.




Ultimate Mechamaru keeps punching the ground where Uro once stood.

Mai blinks on top of a building as she speaks to Todo. "Remind me to apologize to Kokichi."

Todo crosses his arms. "His taste is still boring, though."


After a few more punches, Kogane speaks. "You have gained 10 Points!"


The head of Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute opens up to reveal a healthy Kokichi Muta with a smile.

Mai spoke. "A little overkill?"

He shrugged. "She nearly killed Miwa."


As if lightning struck, Todo gasped. "NO, I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! THERE ARE ONLY FIVE MINUTES LEFT!"

Mai scratched her cheek. "Well, you need 100 points to leave."

He looked at Mai in horror. "Why didn't anyone tell me!?"

Mai rolled her eyes. "Kogane did, you didn't listen."


Todo fell on his knees and looked at the sky but said nothing as tears streamed down his face.

He had the face of a heartbroken man.

Miwa is safe

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