Jujutsu Kaisen: Nah I'd Adapt

You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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Sukuna pulls out more binding vows than Megumi pulls out Mahoraga.

King of Binding vows. 💀



Tengen will be able to keep Megumi safe while I deal with Kenjaku. As I am now, I'll be ready to take on a full-power Sukuna by the time he awakens.

In the best-case scenario, he never awakens, but there are so many ways to revive him that I don't know if I am able to stop it.

Keeping Sukuna's perfect vessel away from him is step one of many to making sure that nothing gets screwed up.


After making my way back to the familiar Tombs, I took the elevator back to the ground floor.


Opening the door, I see another familiar five-foot-tall young girl sitting at a table. "Hey, Tengen!"

She raises an eyebrow. "What are you doing with the boy?"

I walk over and sit down at the table with a smile. "Nothing much, just wanting to ask you for a favor. If you could create a barrier for him, that would be nice!"

She crosses her arms. "Why would I create a barrier for him?"

I rest my head on the back of my hands. "Because I'll need to keep Kenjaku away from him due to his ability to summon Mahoraga."

Then, I notice movement on my shoulder. "*Ugh*."

I dump him on the ground like a sack of potatoes.

He rubs his head and shoots up. "WHAT THE HELL WAS ALL THAT FOR!?"

I smirk. "Which part?"

To my surprise, he moves his hands into a very particular formation.

He narrows his eyes. "Get me out of here."

I raise my own eyebrow. "Do you want me to knock you out again?"

He drops his hands. "Damnit, why are you so...so..."

I finish his sentence with a smile. "Unique?"

Megumi gets a tick mark on his head. "Not the word I was looking for, but sure."

Tengen speaks up. "Megumi Fushiguro, may you wait at the entrance of the Tombs? I have something urgent to discuss with Naohiro."

He looks at me, and I nod.

I speak up before he leaves. "Don't even think about leaving before I finish my conversation, or you'll regret it."

He scratches his hair. "What is it with you and threatening children?"

I had a hard time not laughing. "*Pft* I learned it from someone who looks a whole lot like you."

He sighs. "*Sigh* Alright, I'll wait by the entrance."

I give him a closed-eye smile. "Good Potential Man."

Megumi grumbles before stomping off towards the elevator.

I turn my head to Tengen. "Now, then, what do you want to talk about?"

Tengen stands up. "*Sigh* Follow me. I need to show you something in your new 'training room' as you like to call it."

I tilt my head to the side. "Did I do some permanent damage or something?"

Rather than responding, she turned her head and glanced at me.

I shrug my shoulders. "Alright, alright."

Getting up, I follow Tengen back to my Mahoraga training quarters.


After making our way back to the empty barrier, I stand outside.

As I am about to step inside, I stop.

This is strange.

Just using basic context clues makes this whole thing seem suspicious.

I turn around to look at Tengen, but she has her hand raised.

Well, I can't say I didn't expect this.


I get pulled inside of the barrier.


A wide smile appears on my face as I lay on the ground. "Tengen, you granny. I would say I'm surprised, but I'm not."

Tengen speaks up from behind the barrier. "I hope you understand."

I laugh. "HAHAHA, you think I'm going to stay in here forever? Let me guess, Kenjaku is in on it."

Then, I see a woman with black hair walking up from behind the barrier. "Hello, it's been a..."



They get sucked inside the barrier as well.

Tengen speaks. "Our binding vow is a one-year non-aggression pact to seal Naohiro Zenin. Keeping you in check is more important than him. Sealing doesn't count as aggression based on our agreement."


Before he responds, I run up to Kenjaku and grab him by the throat.

I have a murderous look on my face. "It has been a while, and now it's time to say goodbye bitch!"

However, he smiles and laughs. "Hahahaha."

My eyes narrow as I pull my fist back. "[Cursed Technique Reversal: Soul Ruptur-]."

I stop my technique as I realize something.

His soul...

He speaks up. "You know. You've been a real thorn in my side these past few years."

I throw him across the room.


A dust cloud gets formed as he continues. "Seems like you realized it."

I speak from across the room. "Your soul is way too small and is fractured. Your consciousness is here, but killing you here will do little to nothing to you. Also, if I do end up killing you, your consciousness will be transferred back to your main body."

The dust clears to a mangled body. "Well, the original plan was for you to kill me after Tengen ended up sealing me. I knew the shut-in would seal me alongside you, so do you really believe that I would send my real body here?"

I lay back against the barrier's walls. "You are like a cockroach. It's a princess in another castle scenario whenever I try to kill you. Just die already!"

He smiles. "You know, I could say the same thing about you. Somehow, you were able to escape me seven years ago because of very special circumstances."

I lean my head back onto the wall. "So what, are you just going to kill yourself in here to go back while I'm sealed?"

He tilts his head to the side, keeping his smile. "Then how would I be able to monitor you? I've made that mistake once already."


I cross my arms. "So you'll have your goons do your work for you while you and I are here."

His body seemed to heal, so he stood up and brushed the dust off of him, walking over to me before sitting a few feet from me.

He stared right into my eyes. "Let me ask you something, Naohiro. You knew me seven years ago, didn't you?"

I kept a neutral look as I rested my head back on the barrier walls. "What are you yapping about?"

He huffs a laugh. "I have an eye for things. It was strange how you reacted when we first met. Then, you react to Uraume when she met you at the Kyoto Goodwill Exchange Event with a domain expansion. Someone usually wouldn't use such drastic measures on a first-year student."

I have a short smile as I close my eyes. "What can I say? I like my domain. It's cool."

Kenjaku rests his face on his fist. "It was the most strange when you were able to get in my way while I incarnated Yorozu. The [Bath] is something few know about and you randomly happened to stumble upon it while Yorozu was in the midst of assimilating with her vessel."


My eyes open. "Where are you going with this?"

He stared straight into my eyes. "There are three possibilities that I have thought of regarding your existence."

I raised an eyebrow, but he continued. "The first is that you can tell the future. However, that doesn't seem likely since you would've been able to tell if Tsumiki Fushiguro would be kidnapped, and it still doesn't explain your anomaly status."

Then, he raised his hand with two fingers. "The second is that you are a never-before-seen addition to the world. Something that it decided to throw in to cause chaos. However, that wouldn't explain your knowledge of things you shouldn't know."

He leaned forward and put up the third finger. "The other is that you are from some different reality or timeline in which I accomplished my goals, and you found a way to enter this reality."

A wide smile appears on his face. "As an anomaly."

I leaned forward to stare back at him. "Those the only three theories you got?"


Kenjaku shrugs. "Your existence, actions, behavior, and more all point towards a few very specific options. I'm curious what happened for you to come all the way here. Did someone you love die? The world thrown into chaos?"

I stretched my arms. "I just want to kill you so I can live how I want to. You die, and everything gets solved."


He snaps his fingers. "Just like that? Everything magically goes away when I'm out of the picture?"

I raise my eyebrow. "Hopefully, yes."

Then, what appears to be a genuine smile appears on his face. "You are truly fascinating. Do you want to know something?"

I nod. "Sure, shoot."

He leans closer to me. "You are what I've been looking for. I've done countless experiments trying to uncover the secrets of cursed energy. You are the very definition of what I have wanted to learn about. A being unbound by anything. Your adaptation trait, cursed energy, and unbounded status are the definition of my research."

I give him a smile. "Man, do you like to talk."

He tilts his head to the side. "Why not talk when we're in here together?"

I sit up and stare straight at him. "I'm not going to be here forever. When I leave here, I will rip you apart worse than Uraume."

He didn't seem bothered by my threat. "I know, but by the time you can get out of here, everything will start to fall into place."


Unknown: 3rd P.O.V.

An old voice speaks up. "Now it is time, my grandchild."

Then, a man in a white sweater opens up a small container and drinks the blood inside.

She speaks up. "Unfortunately, we weren't able to get her body, so the only thing we can bring back is her soul information, but it will work all the same. [Uraume]"

The man or grandson started spazzing out before the head was lowered.


He spoke up. "How can I cook for Master Sukuna in this inferior body!? I look like a peasant. My hair and features are gone!"

Ogami sweatdropped. "Uh, I'm here...Mr."

He snapped his head towards Ogami.

She continued. "Mrs. Uraume."

The grandson or Uraume rubbed her new mohawk and scowled. "Damn Kenjaku."

Uraume is a dude now.

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