Jujutsu Kaisen: Nah I'd Adapt

You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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Disc: HrPrTeam

I just saw a comment about Kashimo being in the top 3.

He is top three...(femboys).

Never in my life have I ever laughed so hard.



Well, I expected this.

Choso had left the compound to search for Yuji.

He stomped out of the compound without even knowing what Yuji looked like, so I had to give him a description.

Choso and the death paintings can sense their brothers if they are on death's edge, so he will be a better tracker than me.

If Yuji even comes close to death, Choso can notify me to assist him in getting him back.

His other brothers are still here, but he is going alone to find his unknown brother.

I will miss the guy since he's pretty fun to hang around.

He is the most enthusiastic about his brothers, so it's funny when he goes on tangents about them while they sweatdrop behind him.

The binding vow requires me to help. However, I can have him call me to fulfill the requirement instead of going on a crusade with him.

On another note, I've gotten pretty close to Shoko.

Ever since we talked things out, she has been much more open, happy, and physical when hanging out with me.

I'm not a dense anime protagonist who doesn't realize what is happening.

The problem is that I'm unsure if I should pursue it with everything going on.

Having people close is a weakness, and Shoko isn't as strong as Naoya.

However, I've reached a point where no one can screw with me.

Even the higher-ups tip-toe around me.

Maybe I could give it a shot.

*Inhale* *Exhale*

Alright, I've made up my mind.


A few hours later, it becomes time for training.

Maki ends up joining since she has the most promise aside from Megumi.

With Maki's progress and Naoya's new position as clan head, he doesn't have time to work with someone who is shooting up in ability.

Mai and Ranta only need basic training, which makes things easier for Naoya in their training.

Sitting on the training field, I wait for everyone to arrive.

Maki shows up first, which is somewhat expected, but Potential Man should be here first.

She begins to stretch, to which Potential Man arrives.

He has a horrified look on his face as I send him a glare that he is familiar with.

A while later, Shoko shows up.

I yell. "Potential Man, Maki, get over here!"

They run over with haste to avoid more torture.

I cross my arms. "Potential Man is up first. You will be taming your third Shikigami: Nue."

He looks defeated but doesn't complain. He has learned that arguing with me is a useless effort.

I'm so proud of him.

I raise an eyebrow as he speaks up. "Can I have a shovel?"

A smile appears on my face. "Good Potential Man, head over to the shed and grab one."

With a smile on my face, he grabs a shovel and starts digging.

This might seem odd, but removing Nue's aerial advantage by keeping him in a closed-off space will make taming it a sinch if he can quickly exorcise it.

Nodding, I turn to Maki. "Now, Maki, you will be doing basic physical training. I have something to attend to, so I cannot spar with you today."

Instead of complaining, she nods and starts to swing and practice on the training dummies.

Sitting down on the grass, Shoko joins me.

Smiling, she speaks up. "Originally, I thought you did this because you felt forced, but it seems like you genuinely like teaching."

I shrug. "Maybe I'll be a teacher at Jujutsu High."

She raises an eyebrow. "Didn't think you, of all people, would want to take Yaga's job after seeing what he went through. Imagine if you got students like you and Gojo."

I smile. "I'd make them like Potential Man."

Aka fuck around and find out.

She huffs a laugh and closes her eyes. "Well, even if your methods are interesting, they do show results. At seven, Megumi is way above what he should be. He's already able to take on low-grade two curses."

I lie back. "That's mostly due to his technique since he doesn't have to get up close, but it is still impressive."

Her eyes widen a tad. "You're impressed with him?"

I smirk. "No, I'm impressed with how strong his technique can be in the hands of a seven-year-old."

She smiled. "Why did I even ask?"


I rest my hands on the back of my head and stare up. "Hey, would you like to go out with me?"

She blinks. "Go out?"

I smile. "Just the two of us. Going out, talking, and eating."

Her eyes widened. "As in a date?"

I sit up. "Yep, I want to do something, just the two of us."

She pauses for a moment before smiling. "Yeah, I would like that."

I rest my fist on my cheek. "Great, does tonight work?"

She raises an eyebrow. "Does it look like I have anything planned?"

I smirk. "No, just thought I'd ask."

Shoko ponders for a moment. "You have a place in mind?"

I give her a closed-eye smile. "I heard Shibuya has a lot of places that would be nice to visit."

She tilts her head to the side. "Shibuya, huh? That sounds great."


As we both smile, a small explosion comes from a hole in the field.

Someone's hand comes out of the ground. "*Cough* *Cough* I DID IT!"

A black, spiky-haired kid pokes his head out from the hole with a lot of blood on his face.

Shoko widens her eyes. "Oh shit, hold on!"

She sprints over as Megumi passes out...again.

Four Hours Later

I've never been one to dress up and look nice, so it was strange, but I can't lie that I look pretty damn good.

Thanks, Kenjaku, for the opportunity to use the prison realm.

My clothes were pretty casual: a red shirt with brown pants.

With me wearing training clothes 24/7, I never got to try out different clothes.

I smile. "I don't think I've been truly happy since coming here."

Paranoia has become a part of my personality because of the constant stress, but some things need to be enjoyed.

Even playing chess with Kenjaku stressed me out.

It was chess!

In any case, I plan on having a great time.


Since we are both at the Zenin compound, we decided to go together since it was convenient.

I smile as we hold hands and start having small talk.

Making our way to Shibuya, I can't help but think to myself.

Everything will be different.

No Shibuya, and no massacre.

I wanted to go here on purpose to see what it looked like before all the chaos.

While entertaining in the anime, it is horrifying for someone in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

My thoughts get broken as we arrive at Shibuya.

The city that turns into a hellhole after Kenjaku seals Gojo. However, right now, it is amazing.

 I smile. "I've never been here."

She raises an eyebrow. "First time in a city?"

I smirk. "Not really, but I haven't gone anywhere for enjoyment before."

Shoko turns her head to the side and smiles. "Well, I guess I'll have to show you around then."

Her hand tightens as she starts pulling me around the city.


It was an interesting experience, to say the least.

We ran around and stopped at a lot of different shops.

One that was interesting was a clothing store because I didn't have anything formal.

Who needs it?

Shoko puts her arms in an X formation and shakes her head. "No, absolutely not."

I tilt my head to the side. "Does it look bad?"

She puts her hand on her chin. "Not bad, but it doesn't match you."

I raise my eyebrow. "What matches me?"

She smirks. "Anything that you don't pick."

Giving her a deadpan stare, I sigh. "*Sigh* I do try, you know?"

Shoko gives me a closed-eye smile. "I know, that's why I'm here to help."

Most of my picks get vetoed.

I guess I don't have an eye for things like this.

The next place we stopped at was a ramen place.

It was amazing since I hadn't tried any good ramen since coming to this world.

I smile. "This is great. Haven't had ramen like this in forever."

She raises her eyebrow. "If this is good, then what have you been eating your entire life?"

I rest my hand on my chin. "Food is food."

She claps her hands together. "My god, you have been missing out. It's not bad, but definitely not great. Let's go somewhere else. Come on, I know of a fantastic sushi place."

I smile as I get pulled across the street with many people passing by.

Noticing her face, my eyes widened.

I never knew Shoko had this side to her. She never showed much emotion.

She doesn't smoke and is constantly smiling now.

I'm glad.

After a few more hours of stopping at interesting places and experimenting with likes and dislikes, we decided that it was time to head home.

She speaks up. "I can't believe you haven't seen 90% of the stuff we visited."

I rub the back of my head. "It hasn't been on the front of my mind."

Her eyebrow raises. "Training, right?"

I huff a laugh. "Of course, strength is everything. Look at me now."

She turned to me, let go of my hand, and smiled. "You look happy. Thanks for today. I really liked it."

I smirk. "Why are you thanking me? You were the one who dragged me around everywhere."

She returns a smirk. "You liked it, though."

I shrugged, keeping my smirk. "It was alright."

She exhales as she gives a genuine smile. "I needed this. Something that could drag me away from all of the Jujutsu crap."

I pondered for a moment. "It was odd doing something different, but I enjoyed it too."

Suddenly, she leaned forward.


Her lips interlocked mine.

I stood there stunned for a moment before she spoke up. "Let's do this again sometime."

This time, I leaned in.


After a few seconds, I responded. "I would like that."




We held hands and walked back to the compound.


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