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You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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Culling Games

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Curses born from concepts are the strongest.

Fears, negative energy, and concepts create curses, but only a select few can be said to be able to reach the highest form of sorcery.

Recent times have been complicated due to the Six Eyes, but more powerful curses have been born to counteract them.

It has given me the perfect opportunity to start the culling games.

A binding vow was made with various past sorcerers to create a survival game for the strongest sorcerers in history.

Yorozu won't be able to participate, but she is irrelevant long-term.

I could go by every sorcerer one by one to awaken them, but that leaves me at risk of Naohiro, which wouldn't be an ideal outcome.

There is also the issue with Sukuna.

Even Sukuna can't win against the combined effort of Naohiro and Satoru.

If the fight is pitched one-on-one, he doesn't stand a chance if they work together, even if he incarnates at his maximum power.

I've had to improvise.

The merger.

If Sukuna alone isn't enough, why not introduce an equal or higher power?

Originally, the plan was for Tengen to merge with Japan. However, the result won't be satisfactory.

It's why I'm lucky to have birthed Yuji.

Merging the immortal barrier master Tengen with someone who has the potential to rival Sukuna himself will do much more than if Tengen merged with a group of humans.

The question is how to incarnate Sukuna if the proper vessel will be used for merging.


The Culling Games.


I speak up. "I'm sure you have collected him, yes?"

Uraume turns towards me. "Of course, I wouldn't come here without a way to get out."

I smile. "We wouldn't want Naohiro to be able to track her now, would we?"

She glared at me but shook her head as she reached inside her robe and brought out a vial.


Grabbing the vial and opening it, I turn it over to drop the cursed womb.

It spoke. "ScReAm, DiE, HaTe."


Cursed wombs evolve using various methods, however, speeding up this process can be done if correct steps are taken.


The manipulation of cursed energy at the highest degree can allow one to do many things, even forcing evolution to an extent.

While it won't be perfect, it is needed for now.


Cursed energy shoots into the womb.

A wide smile appears on my face as it rapidly expands.

Since this isn't my real body, I must return to my main one after this is completed.

Naohiro's tracking ability seems to work with marking his cursed energy. Since it doesn't disappear, it can be assumed that he is leaving it on souls.

So, what would happen if you were able to manipulate the soul?

Answer, you can remove the tracking he has on Tengen.

It won't take him long to figure out what is happening, but I only need a little time.

This cursed womb is interesting since it has boundless potential due to its nature.

The fear and hatred of humans.

A grey curse with long hair and patches.

The thing smiles as it speaks. "Mahito."

I give it a closed-eye smile.




I grab the thin wire on my head and remove it to reveal my true form.

Using the cursed technique of others in my current body will kill the clone, but I have a few seconds before that happens.

I grab my brain and place it inside the barely alive curse.


I speak. "*Ahem* Uraume, take Kaori to the main body after I'm done."

She nodded as I grabbed Tengen and put my hand on the ground.

I smile. "The technique...[Idle Transfiguration]!"


A massive symbol appears on the ground.

Using a freshly awakened technique around Japan wouldn't be effective, so the Tombs of the Star is the primary location to start the Culling Games.

Tengen's barriers cover the entirety of Japan, so using them as a medium for Idle Transfiguration allows for the activation and release of the consumed cursed objects.

While unleashing the cursed objects, Tengen's body physically changes as I manipulate her soul to remove the tracker that Naohiro has on her.


Suddenly, I notice my body start to disintegrate.

Unfortunately, I'll lose access to this cursed technique, but I'll finally be in my main body.

I turn to Uraume, who is blushing. "We will meet soon. Remember to keep her away from eyes until we can complete the merging."

Rather than responding to me, she mumbles. "*Mumble* Master Sukuna."

I smirk as my vision starts fading as the curse becomes exorcised.

Across Japan

A young man's eyes snap open.

Shooting up, he stretches.

He smiles. "Now, where is Sukuna?"



Loud explosions can be heard as a woman smashes through buildings.

The woman with black sclera laughs. "HAHAHA, IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK!"


An old man with long hair awakens.

He speaks. "Not even death will prevent me from painting the sky red."


Another man with unusual hair in the shape of a canon snaps his eyes open.

He runs his hands through his hair. "Can the sorcerers of this era satiate my hunger?"


Two blonde-incarnated sorcerers stare each other down.

A man with paper covering his body speaks. "How about we work together with this whole culling game thing?"

The shorter one narrowed his eyes. "Don't get in my way."

He shrugged. "Sounds fair to me."

They shook each other's hands.



Screaming people could be seen as a naked old man with a mustache was running around a marketplace.

His eyes were widened. "Katana. Katana. Katana. WHERE IS A KATANA!"

*Wee Woo*

Turning around, he looked to see people in uniforms chasing him.

He spun around and looked at them. "Do you know where a katana is!?"


In another location, a teenager sleeps.


His heart beats.


Cursed energy starts rising.


Black tattoos start to fade onto his body.


It has since long surpassed the rank of special grade.


The beating stops.


Small slits appear at the sides of his face, revealing extra eyes.

He slowly sits up as his eyes gradually open.

The 'teenager' speaks and shoots up. "*Inhale* *Exhale* WHAT A WONDERFUL ERA TO BE AWAKENED! HAHAHAHAHA!"




He has a wide smile from ear to ear, showing his teeth. "Now, where can I find that brat that touched my soul."

The culling games

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