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You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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[Author Note]

As stated earlier, this is before the preamble.

Also, we will ignore the realism of a recent birth because that isn't fun.

I ain't gonna explain it because magic.


"It's a boy! Welcome to the world, Naohiro!"

Well, it looks like ROB wasn't bullshitting when he told me that I was being brought into Jujutsu Kaisen, but he could've told me that I would be in one of the worst clans in the series!

That title goes to the Kamo clan because they are lame, but anywho...

Looking up, I see a man who looks like he's in his forties, narrowing his eyes at me. I unconsciously started sweating because I recognized that old fart, even if he was younger.

After a few seconds, I lost the staring contest, and he broke out a slight smirk.

"This cursed energy...what a monster you'll become. Everyone is making a fuss about that new Gojo brat, but maybe we might have our own."

I felt as if my life had just gotten a lot more complicated.

1 Year Later

It turns out the old drunk is my father. I would say that I'm glad Ogi wasn't my father, but being Ogi's son means that Naoya isn't your direct sibling.

I am also the next clan head which I have no intentions of following through with. Clan politics, especially with the Zenin clan, would be a waste of time, considering they were ultimately useless.

"It's a boy!"

Random nurse mob #1 is back at it again with the cliche announcements. Nurse mob #2 is the classic display the baby to the rest of the room while making generic statements.

People have already seen me as the Satoru of the Zenin clan because I pick up almost everything quickly, can speak broken sentences, and can practically walk. Not even talking about the monstrous amount of cursed energy that I have at my age.

Some people think I might have a heavenly restriction, but last time I checked, the cursed energy restriction would make me a sickly gremlin. No offense to Mechamaru, scratch that, offense to Mechamaru, but he was only interesting in his ultimate mode.

Thankfully, I was Japanese when I died, so I could pick up on things rather quickly when it came to learning new phrases.

(A/N - "How convenient")

As an older brother to Naoya, who was being passed around like a piece of art, I had a few options in front of me.

I could ignore him to pursue the path of strength alone to reach the heights of Jujutsu sorcery, or I could change him to be a better human capable of running the Zenin clan as a leader instead of an ass.

I was considering a third option.

Spit on him.

With the third option ruled out, I ultimately decided against actively changing him since becoming the clan head and being an older brother would put him in his place.

It will probably change his personality as I would be seen as 'his prodigy older brother with potential on the level of Satoru Gojo.'

I might've gotten a little ahead of myself since that title belongs to the GOAT Higaruma, but I will focus on strength and plans rather than dealing with a future arrogant waste of space.

The only thing that I am worried about is that I won't awaken the Ten Shadows or Projection Sorcery, which is one of the two techniques almost required of a clan head of the Zenin clan.

With my showings, I think the clan assumes I'll be that person, considering Satoru Gojo has the Six Eyes and, to their knowledge, most likely the limitless. Techniques only manifest around 4-6 years old, so Satoru and my technique aren't currently known.

The fascinating thing is that I was conveniently born alongside Satoru, so when the balance shifted, each clan naturally thought of their respective children as the people who broke the balance between curses and sorcerers.

I knew it wasn't me, and thank god I didn't shift the balance because two sorcerers who have the possibility of standing at the peak you can reach in sorcerers would annihilate everyone below us. It might sound arrogant to say that, but I was going to use my potential.

The disaster curses and powerful unregistered special grades were born because of the shift in the balance of sorcerers and curses. Hell, the disaster curses clear everyone that isn't in the top 0.1% of the verse.

I was brought out of my thoughts when the nurse brought over my new brother.

"Look, Naohiro, it's your younger brother Naoya. Please help him in the future as an older brother."

I had evil thoughts but realized this baby wouldn't be the same Naoya as in the original timeline. These aren't fictional characters anymore. My presence here will cause a massive chain reaction that will make some of my knowledge useless.


With that confirmation, she brought him to Naobito to discuss some random business. I refused to call that drunk my father or clan head.

While I liked him when I saw him in the story, I knew he allowed everything that happened to Toji, Maki, and Mai. Ogi and Naoya had a hand in that, but Naobito could easily deal with them if it came down to fists.

Toji was bullied, beaten, and scared. Maki was nearly killed and treated like trash. Mai was killed. I wouldn't forgive my clan for ruining the lives of some of the people I liked the most.

Speaking of Toji, I haven't seen him in the compound ever since I was born. I don't know if he has already left the clan or if I can't see him because he doesn't want to be seen. I remember seeing him walk past Naoya in a sick panel when Naoya fought Maki for the first time.

Toji was my favorite character in Jujutsu Kaisen because he was the catalyst that started nearly everything that we see. Only Kenjaku has him beaten in terms of how the world was affected.

He created the strongest sorcerer, killed Riko, drove Geto down his path of madness, and created Megumi, whom Sukuna would take as a vessel.

In different circumstances, I might've fanboyed meeting Toji, but he needs to be dealt with. If two of the strongest sorcerers at the time of Hidden Inventory weren't nearly enough to kill him (pre-awakened Gojo), I'll need to surpass them when that time comes around.

Hell, he only lost to Gojo because he was doubting himself and was rusty. These heavily weaken Heavenly Restriction characters since Maki went from getting blitzed by Cursed Naoya to folding him just by doing sumo.

I doubt I'll be able to take on a stronger Toji than the one shown, so I'll need to create some type of countermeasure against him if I'm not strong enough.

Wow, am I really glazing him more than Naoya?

That is a problem for me in the future. I'm having these deep conversations with myself, and I'm not even two yet.

I was worried about feeling and using cursed energy, but with so much in my body, I was basically forced to hold it together.

Now that I can feel and manipulate it, it's time to get stronger!

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