Jujutsu Kaisen: Nah I'd Adapt [Completed]

You know the drill, dude dies and reincarnates with some op wishes. This time, what if the cursed technique was as broken as Mahoraga's adaptation? Can Naohiro surpass Mr. Nah I'd Win? __________ I don't own JJK (duh). Lord Gege has the right to his stuff. I found the picture on images, if you own the meme and want it taken down, let me know and I'll replace it.

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Is Higuruma dead?

Of course not (copium).




Tokyo Colony No. 1

Inside the theatre lies a man inside a bathtub and a half-curse, staring each other down.

The half curse pointed his arms towards the bathtub. "[Piercing Blood]."


Narrowly, the man got out of the way before being stabbed with a beam of blood.


The bathtub was destroyed.

Higuruma, who was previously in the bathtub, spoke. "So, I see you are like the others, unwilling to have a civil conversation."

Choso spoke. "I need your points to get to my brother."

Higuruma narrowed his eyes. "Very well then. I don't plan on giving them to anyone."

Choso brought his hands together. "[Convergence]."

Higuruma grabbed a gavel that seemed to come out of thin air, which multiplied its size.

Lines showed themselves on Choso's face. "[Slicing Exorcism]."

Slicing Exorcism, the ability to sharpen blood is an attack that can be more effective than Piercing Blood, given the circumstances.

Usually, Convergence is used for Supernova or Piercing Blood. However, since Higuruma has proven the ability to avoid them, Choso decided to condense his blood to make his Slicing Exorcism faster and stronger.

Flowing Red Scale, Convergence, and Slicing Exorcism allow for a devastating attack.

Choso wanted to kill him now, not to waste any more time.

He spoke. "Die."


As the blood cut through the air, Higuruma's eyes widened as he raised the gavel. "[Domain Expansion: Deadly Sentencing]."

A black barrier forms around the both of them, instantly becoming a courtroom.

The blood stopped inches in front of his face.

Suddenly, a massive Shikigami appeared behind Higaruma.

Choso's eyes widened. 'My attack! It was stopped! No need to think about it, [Convergence].'

However, he couldn't compress his blood.

Choso dropped his arms and looked at his hands before Higuruma spoke. "Violence isn't permitted in my domain."

He scowled. "What does that mean for us, then?"

Higuruma spoke. "My domain's rules must be followed by all that are within. Judgeman, please begin."

Choso isn't like Yuji.

To Higuruma, Choso was just another culling game player, the same as the 19 who came before him.

He couldn't care less about his life story or morality.

The Judgeman spoke. "The defendant, Choso, is charged with the Serial Murder of 12 individuals at a local coffee shop in 2007."

Higuruma spoke. "You have three options: silence, confession, and denial. False statements are al-"

Choso spoke in a somber tone and looked Higuruma dead in the eyes. "I did it. My brothers' lives were on the line. I'd kill a hundred more if it meant I could keep them safe."

The Judgeman's eyes slowly opened as it glared at Choso. "Guilty! Confiscation and Death Penalty!"

Suddenly, the domain disappeared as a bright yellow sword appeared in Higuruma's hand.

Depending on the accused's crime, the Judgeman can give punishments based on the severity.

The death penalty allows Higuruma to wield the executioner's sword, which can kill anything that gets cut or pierced, and confiscation allows Higuruma to confiscate a primary part of the accused arsenal, such as a cursed tool, technique, or energy.

Choso was ready to fight but noticed something was wrong. 'I can't use my technique!'

As Higuruma was about to move, Kogane spoke. "Attention, a new rule has allowed players to travel to different colonies if they reach their respective colonies' barriers."

Choso and Higuruma narrowed their eyes at each other.



Choso turned around and started running. "I'M COMING FOR YOU YUJI!"


Higuruma blinked and had a shocked look on his face, but he still pursued him nonetheless.

The Judgeman delivered a death verdict, so he must carry out the sentence.

Choso is aware of Sukuna's presence inside Yuji Itadori; however, he wants to avoid wasting time and not helping when he can.

Even with his technique confiscated, Choso didn't care. All he wanted was to ensure Yuji's safety.


Ugh, why am I the one delivering the luggage?

Even though they are pretty weightless, flying around carrying two people is annoying.


Gojo spoke with a smile. "I'll check on the others while you drop off those two."

I instantly reply. "Wai-"


He vanished.

Flashback End

I guess it's the result of making binding vows.

I'm not regretting it since having Choso as an ally is a great addition to our forces rather than having him become a problem for others.


Hmm, is that Hakari?

Looking down, I see a shirtless man with blonde hair standing on top of two others.

It looks like Hakari dealt with Hazenoki and Reggie.

With Jackpot, they didn't stand a chance.

Anywho, where is Choso? I've tracked him, so it won't be that hard to locate him.

My eyes widened as I sensed where he was. "Why is he running?"

I started floating towards him.


After making my way towards his location, I hear a distant sound. "yuuuuuuuuuuJJJIIIIIIIIIIII!"

Yep, sounds like Choso.

I guess he found out about the rule addition, which allows players to change colonies.

Well, it's time to fulfill my end of the deal so I can get back to searching for Kenjaku.

However, I notice someone else.

Higuruma Hiromi running after him.

Not just that, he has the executioner's blade with him.

Of course, Choso would get the death penalty due to his...actions in the past.

I can't have Choso dying just yet.

Usually, I would be worried about the executioner's blade, but it only works for the accused due to his techniques and functionality of delivering the proper penalty.

I'm positive that the Judgeman wouldn't allow him to carry around the blade to execute others since they hadn't been tried for their crimes.

Floating down to the ground, I appear in front of Choso with Uraume and Yuji in my arms.

I smile. "Hey, Choso! Got two gifts for you!"

He stops in his tracks but only looks at Yuji.

Choso could care less about Uraume at the moment.

His eyes started to water as he slowly walked over to Yuji.


I let go of Yuji as Choso hugged him.


He silently cried as he finally got to see the faceless brother that he had been searching for.

Choso spoke. "I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for you, Yuji. I've failed you as an older brother."

His hold on Yuji tightened, and he stayed still, hugging his long-lost brother.

Higuruma arrived and ran towards Choso.


I punched him, but not hard enough to kill him. "Give the man some space."

His executioner's blade disappeared as he went unconscious, returning Choso's cursed technique.

Yuji's eyes slowly opened.

Choso looked into his eyes as Yuji stared back.

Yuji spoke.




"Kill me."

You are my specialz.

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