2 New Beginnings

-5 years later-

As I laid in my bed, I tried manipulating my cursed energy around me.

'After 5 years I can only accomplish this.' I had a frustrated look on my face before hearing steps leading to my room and then someone knocking. I got up and walked over to the door opening it to a smiling kid.

"Big bro you want to go outside and play." As I looked at my little brother Tokito, I looked at him with a smile before rubbing his head. "Sure, what you want to do." My brother looked at me smiling before leading me outside.

"Let's play tag." I looked at him with a funny expression. "You never beat me in tag." He looked at me with a challenging expression. "I'll catch you this time I promise." Before long He was chasing after me, eagerly trying to catch me. I was able to easily outmaneuver him while thinking about my Cursed energy training. 'With my Current strength I'm at least a Grade 3 sorcerer. But with my current strength I couldn't even make the smallest impact on the cursed society.' I gained an annoyed expression before jumping on Tokito's back to invade him.

"Hey that isn't fair." Tokito looked at me with a pouting expression. "Sorry I wasn't even paying attention." After I said this, I could notice Tokito expression become even more frustrated. "Big bro when will I be able to do stuff like that."

I looked at him a lightly chuckled. "Maybe in a million years Tokito." He looked at me deepening his pout before running inside sad. I followed behind him with a sly smile. "Mom Kuta won't play fair against me."

'You snitch.' I quickly put on a good boy smile before looking at my mother sitting on the couch relaxing. "Kuta how many times do I have to tell you. Go easier on your brother, he's 6 years younger than you." I looked at Tokito with an evil smile before answering back. "Yes mother."

Tokito gained a scary expression at my smile and quickly sat next to mom. before looking back at me and sticking out his tongue. 'Brat.' I walked toward the kitchen thinking of what to make before hearing mom say.

"We're out of eggs. You mind picking some up Kota." I let out a quiet sigh before answering. "Yes Mom." I quickly walked towards the door noticing dad's shoes there as well. He must be in bed asleep. Mom allowed me to stay out longer than a normal kid because I know the neighborhood better than anyone. I walked to the market before noticing a strange energy in an alleyway.

Lately I've had more cursed encounters. 'What a drag.' All though the curses where annoying they still were good practice for the future.

'Probably a curse' as I entered the alleyway, I saw a small creature and approached it coating my hand in cursed energy. The creature was weak, before long I exorcised it with ease. Looking up at the sky I could tell that the sun was starting to set. As I stood in the alleyway looking at where the curse had died at, I started thinking.

'Didn't I go on patrol two days ago. There shouldn't be any curse spirits around these parts.' As I stood there and thought, I quickly shook it off before leaving the alleyway. I walked home feeling the wind on my face. A strong putrid scent filled the air.

'I'm getting a bad feeling.' As I walked home, I walked towards my front door and my heart suddenly slowed down. I pushed on the door and felt the door slide with ease. As I opened the door a strong scent hit my face. As the smell exited through the door, I felt my knees become weak.

"MOM, DAD, Tokito." I felt my throat instantly dry; my words barely made it out before I heard an evil laugh. I Walked through the door I saw something that I thought impossible. Standing on the bloody pile of limbs was a laughing curse.

'I wasn't even gone for long. How... did you even get here.'

I looked at the curse as he chowed down on a limb. He looked at me just smiling and eating it. I could tell he was loving the despair I felt.

The Moments all of them ran through my head.

"Big bro you want to play."

"Kota help mom right quick."

"Kota You're pretty strong for a Kid your age."

I felt all three voices mix into one.

"Kota, I love you."

The monster finally feeling that his meal had been seasoned properly with delicious despair rushed him delivering a punch right to his stomach.


The punch the cursed deliver was stronger than anything I had ever felt. I struggled to get onto my feet. The cursed look at me surprised that I could still stand. I felt tears fall slowly down my eyes.

'I can't cry right now.'

I wiped my tears and put my guard up surprising the curse. Coating it in cursed energy I prepared to battle the curse. It quickly approached me hitting my guard with a barrage of punches. I felt my arms slowly going numb. I could barely dodge the attacks thrown at me. My movements where sluggish and I was running into furniture placed around the living room.

'I can't win. If I hadn't dumbly taken that hit from the start than I probably would've had a chance to attack back.'

I felt my body press onto a wall. The monster gained a big smile before approaching again.

For a split second I could feel everything stop.

'How unlucky could I be. My Cursed Technique didn't manifest. On top of that I let an opponent near my level get a free hit on me.'

As I saw the monster's huge fist slowly approach my head, I instantly focused on the fight. 'Focus Kota, your family wouldn't want you to die here. Focus everything into your cursed energy manipulation.'

In a split second I dodged the monster's attack before countering. As the counter hit, I could feel my wounds slowly healing. But even better a spark of lighting sprayed out of the monster.


The monster smacked into the wall adjacent to the one my back was to. The monster slowly dissipated. I instantly feel on my knees feeling my eyes water.

'I won.' I looked at my hand feeling accomplished. ' I avenged them.' I looked at what was left of my family and slowly grabbed everything I could. I placed them in the backyard building a grave for them. As I looked at them, I could only feel a wave of sadness wash over me.

'I won but what. I could care less about that I want my family.' I sat on the ground looking over the graves. Although I won, they were still gone. I looked up at the sky feeling it blur.

"Did the News say it was going to rain." I looked up at the sky feeling my voice shake.

I sat there looking at the sky. The blue sky slow turned a hue of darkness. I didn't know for how long, but the exhaustion from the fight slowly engulfed me before long I felt my consciousness slip. Before long I awoke in a dorm room of sorts.

I lifted my head and looked around before getting out of bed. When I got up, I looked at what I was wearing.

'Is this the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College uniform.'

As I stood up, I noticed the familiar uniform on my body replacing my previous clothes. While checking out my clothes I heard someone open the door to my room.

"Oh your awake."

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