Jujutsu Kaisen: Exception

Shuichi, a normal man gets reincarnated to the world of Jujutsu Kaisen as a boy from the Zenin clan, except he gets thrown out of the clan as soon as he gets transmigrated. Unfortunate right? Well, lucky for him, he has a system to help him survive! How will a man with a system at hand change the world of jujutsu kaisen, and more importantly, those around him? . . . . JJK does not belong to me, I only own the oc. Some changes might be there, seeing as its a fanfic. The cover art is mine.

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Jujutsu High

Tokyo Jujutsu High was situated in the mountainous outskirts of Tokyo.

Naturally, a thick group of trees obscured the location further, making the school completely hidden from most sorcerers.

In the vicinity of the complex, several statues of deities, spirits, shrines and torii gates stand erected. Their compact yet dilapidated appearance suggests of a heritage as old as several decades.

The main path on Mount Mushiro that leads up the mountain to the main campus was riddled with torii gates, each symbolizing and functioning as a seperate 'curtain' that further veils the compound.

Every two steps of the 5 thousand stairs, there was a seperate gate that was erected, leading to a veil stronger than anything a conventional jujutsu practitioner could ever hope to create, much less breach.




Shuichi's lone footsteps echoed out into the surrounding woods. The surroundings were quiet, broken only by the chirping of birds, the flowing of a stream of water and the occasional rustling of branches and leaves.

He had been dropped off at the base of the mountain by a window. The rest of the way one had to travel on foot. It was more than just a safety measure. Passing through torii gates, listening to the sound of nature, disconnecting from the sounds and callings of the modern world; it all symbolized stepping into a seperate territory, one predominantly ruled by jujutsu rules.

It was the Japanese concept of "Ma" in action.

Ma is a pause in time, an interval, emptiness in action. It is the beauty in silence. Ma symbolizes motion in inactivity, a moment of quiet contemplation as one makes their way into 'another domain'.

One claps their hands, the interval that is between the claps is Ma. One sits quietly in a train and looks outside; that is Ma. A person walks up a mountain in silence; the slow appreciation of sounds, the quietness in motion, that is Ma.

Quiet an interesting concept, I must say. Shuichi thought while walking up the mountain. Jujutsu was more than just techniques, tools, exorcisms, and fights. It was artstyle to change one's life.

As Shuichi walked up, he felt his mind and thoughts grow tranquil. His inner self seemed increasingly tangible and robust; with a bright hue of colors that while ethereal, extended out from the unknown into his body.

His soul.

And peering deeper into the ethereal construct of light, he could 'see' another sight to behold.

A large 'landmass' comprising of three different parts.

Above the landmass was a purple tinted sky, adorned with various glistening stars and a singular gigantic moon that covered almost 40% of the sky.

The three comparted landmasses represented the three techniques his body holds; the Cursed Heart, Hard to Kill and Hundred Armament Refining.

It was his innate domain.

A representation of his truest self, the projection of his soul, imbued with all his techniques!

Shuichi's thoughts were still. He did not think. He did not need to think. His thoughts had entered the state of 'silence', the power of Ma highlighted due to Hard to Kill and Shuichi's own power of concentration.

He simply acted on instinct, trying to grasp his soul.

His cursed energy twisted and ripples. Each step he took up the stairs, his cursed energy grew more and more restless, gently rippling across his body, trying to get a 'hold' of something that couldn't be seen.



Shuichi calmly walked up the stairs without a change in his expression, his cursed energy completely hidden within his own body. A small tug at his lips revealed his pleased expression.

After about 5 minutes of walking in quietness, a notification was heard.

[Spiritual Protection has been unlocked!]

[Spiritual Protection has gained proficiency!]

[Proficiency has been increased by 20!]

The notification brought music to his ears as his small smile broke out into a complete toothy grin.

It would seem the trip would earn me more than I hoped for...


Masamichi Yaga walked towards the entrance of the campus, his thoughts overtaken by a particular youth that had been supplying them with cursed tools.

Honestly, Yaga held some expectation for him.

Jujutsu sorcery was a difficult business, people died everywhere. Perhaps, with the help of this somewhat crazy teenager, they would be able to somewhat mitigate the overall casualties.

The zenin clan has still not spoken anything about the boy yet. It is quiet weird how quiet they have been. Then again, the Great harae is an event they would not want to mess up on.

Shuichi has supplied various cursed tools till now, the highest of which was a grade 2. The next order of a grade 1 has already been made. It would seem that things are progressing how the higher ups would like them to.

Holding a small kappa doll in his arms, he reached a large torii gate and stood in front of it.

"He hasn't come to jujutsu high since he was converted... it seems strange to have him come to the compound without any prior notice." He muttered to himself. But then, he shook his head.

It was quite normal for sorcerers to come to jujutsu high every now and then.

Most of them even lived in the campus, simply because of the amount of facilities it could provide. And Shuichi, being a supplier for cursed tools to the academy and a grade 1 sorcerer to boot was no different.

He might be coming to take a look at the school armory, or perhaps look for something else. Yaga thought.

Waiting for some time, the tranquility of the otherwise quiet environment was broken by the sound of footsteps.

At the same time, Yaga saw the lean figure of a young man walking up the stairs through the torii gates.

The youth looked at the mean looking figure of the cursed doll maker, supporting a serene smile on his face.

Walking through the last torii gate, the young man extended a hand.

"We meet again Mr. Masamichi." He greeted.

Yaga looked at his outstretched hand for a moment before extending his hand to tie it into a handshake, and nodded his head.

"A pleasure to meet again."

Breaking the grasp, Shuichi spoke first.

"An interesting entrance you have there. Really calms the nerves."

"That is what it has been created for. Sorcerers need to appreciate the small matters and contemplate in the silence."

Shuichi nodded at his reply.

Yaga motioned for them to move, and then they began to move towards the main area or the compound.

"How is the last request coming along?" Yaga asked.

"Hmm? The grade 1 tool?"

Yaga nodded.

"It's coming along nicely. Although the stronger tools take some time to make, and the end result doesn't always turn out to be a success." A hint of sadness could be felt from his words.

"That is acceptable. You will be compensated accordingly after the completion of the tool." Yaga said with firmness, his sharp gaze focused ahead.

"That is what I'm hoping for." Shuichi said with a gentle smile. "I am curious, what has the zenin clan and the other two families been upto?"

Yaga quieted down for a moment, contemplating the weight of the information. Then, as if determining that it would do no harm, he replied.

"The three great families have been quiet this past month. The increment in curse appearance has made them reevaluate their ranks and make adjustments accordingly.

"They have also been rather restless because of the coming harae ritual of Hokkaido."

Hearing his words, Shuichi's interest was immediately riveted.

"Harae ritual? The Great Harae? Isn't it held in september?" He inquired with doubt.

"That's right. The great harae has been preponed and is to be held on 27th of June."

Hearing his words, Shuichi realized the situation.

So that's the reason...

The increase in curse spirits has also taken place in Hokkaido. To take care of all those spirits, the ritual has been preponed to June instead of September.

That's also the reason the higher ups have been quiet, and coupled with the fact that they've been giving me more and more cursed tool requests, they must be thinking of sending me to Hokkaido!

In just a few moments, Shuichi surmised the current situation. His thoughts were not baseless and were backed by some logical reasonings.

The Great Harae, it was a ritual that uses two of the three sacred treasures of Hokkaido, Blessed Torii Gate and Thousand Faced Tower. It spanned the entirety of Hokkaido to conduct a great 'purification' rite, drastically decreasing the amount of curses in the environment to almost zero. Even all of the negativity in the air and special places was "purified"; turning everything into cursed energy that was stored.

The entire cursed energy reserves of Hokkaido... it was enough to rival the entire cursed energy pool of every orthodox sorcerer of the jujutsu society 3 times over. And it was all stored inside of the Thousand Faced Tower, in a large mass called the 'coalition'.

And this absolutely gigantic mass of cursed energy is used to make cursed artefacts. Lots of artefacts.

Every year, about 3 to 8 special grade tools are made using the coalition, along with dozens of lower grade ones.

It was an event that was deeply important for every power in the jujutsu society, be it the two jujutsu schools, the three great families, or the ainu society itself.

And because the Ainu society did not have many cursed tool creators, they took help from the mainland jujutsu schools. Every time the great harae was held, a set of cursed tool tinkerers were selected from the mainland that went to Hokkaido.

As payment for helping them use up the cursed energy and make tools, they are allowed to use a part of the energy for themselves, to make weapons for the mainland.

That was the reason Shuichi was being valued at this time. It was also the reason why the Zenin clan had stayed quiet all this time, despite their pettiness and him being an exiled member of the clan.

It all makes sense. He thought.

"I see." He spoke.

A silence persisted for 5 or so seconds before Yaga spoke again.

"Have you considered joining the school?"

"No." The reply came quick.

"...Alright. If I might ask, what is the reason for the sudden visit?"

Shuichi pondered for a split second, before replying with confidence.

"There are a two reasons. The first is to take a look at your cursed armory." He said.

"And the second?"

A small smile broke out on Shuichi's face, "The second is to meet your school nurse. That girl blessed in reverse cursed technique. I believe her name was Ieiri Shoko?"

Masamichi Yaga's thoughts stopped for a second as he took in the implications of Shuichi's speech.

He wants to meet Shoko? Why? Racking his brain, he came up with a couple of explanations. However, it was better to be sure.

"Why do you want to meet Shoko?" Yaga inquired.

"Nothing in particular. I want to inquire some things about the nature of reverse cursed technique." He replied tersly.

Yaga nodded in enlightenment, "I see. But I must say this beforehand, she might not be able to help you in any way. To her, reverse cursed technique is widely instinctual."

"You don't need to worry about that. I'm not expecting anything in the first place." Shuichi replied calmly.

Seeing his unwavering expression, Yaga nodded one final time. And they descended into silence as they walked towards the complex.


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