Jujutsu Kaisen: Exception

Shuichi, a normal man gets reincarnated to the world of Jujutsu Kaisen as a boy from the Zenin clan, except he gets thrown out of the clan as soon as he gets transmigrated. Unfortunate right? Well, lucky for him, he has a system to help him survive! How will a man with a system at hand change the world of jujutsu kaisen, and more importantly, those around him? . . . . JJK does not belong to me, I only own the oc. Some changes might be there, seeing as its a fanfic. The cover art is mine.

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Gojo Satoru

After conveniently being able to replicate reverse cursed technique from Shoko using a combination of Hundred Armamnet Refining and Record of Tenjin, Shuichi continued to talk to her for about 15 more minutes.

The following conversation consisted of the nature of 'positive' energy and Shoko's own understanding of the subject.

The conversation included a variety of topics, ranging from curses, cursed spirits and even the essence of a technique.

And during this time, Shuichi thought of a question that was so simple, yet so paramount to the world that it shook his mind for a moment.

What is the essence of cursed energy?

By textbook definition, cursed energy is the negative energy that manifests itself through the negative emotions of humans. It is a malevolent force that births cursed spirits and becomes the driving force behind a sorcerer's strength.

However, is it really accurate to define cursed energy as such?

What is a curse in the first place?

The world shifts in response to an increase in strength, the breaking of binding vows causes a terrible punishment, cursed techniques evolve and adapt based in the current era, an example of which being projection sorcery. A binding vow is imposed by the world itself, cursed energy gives birth to autonomous spirits, cursed techniques bend the current understanding of the laws of physics.

It feels almost as if the cursed energy itself is a autonomous and conscious entity. Governing how the world works, making decisions and guiding the flow of power.

Judging by these thoughts, the actual definition of cursed energy by which sorcerers visualize it doesn't encapsulate the thing at all. It seems almost erroneous.

Shuichi walked along the campus, looking at the various temples and Japanese structures in silence as the chimes of bells sounded in the background.

His eyes were somewhat unfocused, thinking deeply about the subject at hand.

"Noroi and Jurei... and finally, the Juryoku.*" He muttered at the long stairwalk back to the foot of the mountain came into view.

"There's certainly more in it than what meets the eye."

Shuichi reached the top of the stairs, and looking down towards the stairs, he saw a very peculiar figure moving up them, not far from the top.

Seeing the figure, Shuichi immediately adopted a sour expression, completely torn out of his thoughts.

The figure was a lanky humanoid teenager with a toothy and sarcastic grin. The figure had bright white hair and adorned pitch black sunglasses on his eyes.

It was Gojo Satoru.

Of course... I just had to run into this guy... Shuichi cursed his luck and stood his ground.

From the stairs, Gojo Satoru called out to him with a big wave of his arm.

"Yo! Shuichi! Do you remember me!? It's your great and glorious friend Gojo Satoru!" He spoke, adopting a dramatic pose as he did so.

Shuichi's expression remained passive, neither annoyed nor too happy upon seeing this peculiar person.

It could accurately be said that out of all the students in Jujutsu High, Shoko was the only he he could consider to be remotely acceptable. Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru? Well, he was more than biased about them.

Gojo continued to walk up the stairs.

"What's this? Aren't you happy that you get to meet me again?" He said in a slightly depressed tone.

"I would be lying if I said I was." Shuichi replied tersly.

"Hah? That's not nice you know." He said, finally reaching the top of the stairs and circling Shuichi.

Then, putting an arm over his shoulders, he spoke, "It's been more than a month since we last met. I kind of forgot you even existed." A grin was plastered on his face, fully mocking him.

"I would like to do that too..."

"Aww. That's mean." He said, dramatically throwing his resting arm in the air. "Well enough about that then. I heard you've been pretty busy, making cursed tools and all for the campus?"

"You could say that." Shuichi nodded. To be honest, he himself didn't know why he was even talking with the man. He should have just kept walking and returned to his house. Yet here he was, trying to engage in a conversation with him...

"Enough about work, wanna catch up?" He pulled on his glasses, exposing his crystal blue eyes. "How about we go to the training field?"

Hearing his words, a small smile appeared on Shuichi's face.



Tokyo Jujutsu High's training field was very large, approximately the size of two football fields. It was mostly enough for various sorcerers to fight and refine their abilities and practice all kinds of things; ranging from martial arts, physical exercise and sorcery.

However, most of the time, it was seen empty. The biggest reason being that the sorcerers were always out on missions, and when they were not, they were either recovering or on leave.

As such, the only thing this place was used for was some events and occasional training bouts by the running student body, which again, didn't have too many students.

Zenin Shuichi and Gojo Satoru, the two youth of the competitive clans of the three great families walked side by side to the field. They both held smiles on their faces as they made some small talk. Yet, underneath, it was pretty clear how their interaction was going.

Gojo Satoru, the forever jester was repeatedly trying to get on Shuichi's nerves. Shuichi, in particular was somewhat looking forward to the coming spar.

Previously, he was not ready for the clash that had ensued in Saitama. Now?

Well... it couldn't exactly be said that he was ready, but at least he knew how to tread the dangerous grounds against the wonder child of the Gojo Clan.

The Gojo clan and Zenin clan were not on good terms to begin with. And with their youth getting into a friendly spar, it was bound to attract some attention when the news got out. However, none of them cared at this point.

Gojo Satoru, only wanted to more accurately gauge Shuichi's capabilities. While Shuichi... well, he just wanted to bash Satoru's skull in.

Reaching the training field, they saw another young man, doing some basic running exercises.

The youth wore simple sports clothes, his long hair tied into a man bun and some sweat running down his face.

It was Geto Suguru.

Seeing the two teenagers walk over to the training field, Geto Suguru stopped to gaze at them.

Looking at Shuichi, Geto Suguru adopted a confused expression for a moment before it turned into one of surprise. It seemed that he suddenly remembered someone that he had forgotten about...

As they descended to the ground, the black haired teenager walked towards them.

"Hey! Satoru!" He said in a cheerful tone, a bright smile adorning his face.

Taking a glance at Shuichi, he speaks, "Your friend, I presume?"

"Hardly." Shuichi said before Satoru has the chance to speak anything. Taking a stride, he extends his hand to Suguru.

"Zenin Shuichi, a first grade sorcerer and a cursed tool tinkerer."

Geto nodded with a pleased expression and shook his hand with an iron grip.

"Geto Suguru. Special Grade sorcerer."

Hearing his title of 'special grade' Shuichi contemplated his technique.

Then, manually pushed the target of the necklace to Geto.

There was no need to analyze Satoru, as he had already done so. In the fight, the target would once again switch to Satoru.

"Aww.. Shuichi-kun~ that's not very nice y'know~"

Satoru chimed in with a sing song voice. "You'll hurt your best friend if you say that~"

"A friend is it? I don't see one." Shuichi said with a sarcastic smile on his face.

"Well, enough about that." Said Satoru as he walked towards the center of the field.

"Suguru, we're going to have a friendly spar for a moment. You should take a rest."

"Hmm? A spar?" Geto looked at Shuichi in confusion and a hint of surprise.

Didn't you get beaten really bad before? Why are you trying to fight him again?

Seeing his expression, Shuichi could somewhat guess his thought process.

"It's just a friendly spar, nothing serious." Shuichi replied.

His resolute tone seemed to quell Geto Suguru's doubts as he nodded his head and walked some distance away to sit on the grass.

Shuichi walked further into the field to stand opposite to Gojo Satoru.

"It's a pretty spacious field you have here."

"Of course. It has to withstand some of the more distructive cursed techniques that are used. The campus needs to make sure there's plenty of safe space for practice even when some accident happens."

Not saying anything, Shuichi got into a stance, his necklace shifting his target of observation from Suguru to Satoru.

The white haired teen took off his pitch black sunglasses with a cheeky smile, revealing his crystal blue eyes.

"Be sure not to pass out like last time!" And then came his signature sing song voice.

Shuichi's face remained still, devoid of any expression except seriousness.

Positioning his body in a relaxed manner, Gojo Satoru adorned a toothy grin.

It was time for round two!


Ieiri Shoko sat by herself in the infirmary, a cigarette in her hand and a manga her another.

Her expression was terribly unfocused, with her eyes appearing a bit glazed and seemingly staring into nothingness.

Cursed energy and curses... it's simply... intriguing.

The previous talk she had with the first grade sorcerer, Zenin Shuichi had been more than revealing. Much more than that.

Although the contents of the discussion were the most basic, comprising only of cursed energy, curses and reverse cursed energy; it made her question her own knowledge to a greater degree than she ever had.

"What do you think is the true essence of cursed energy?"

Remembering the peculiar question he had asked her, her thoughts turned increasingly tranquil.

It was amazing how such a simple question could turn one's thoughts upside down. In truth, she had never once wondered about what cursed energy actually was.

It simply... was.

What was the need to think more about it?

At least that was how she always interpreted it.

However, when actually confronted with a deeper truth, she could not help but want to contemplat and know more.

Cursed energy was not just negativity. It was more. Something more primal and fundamental...

Perhaps if I can find it, my reverse cursed technique would arrive at a breakthrough.

Reverse cursed technique was always something that had been instinctive for her. Although she did not have a cursed technique, she was simply too valuable for the jujutsu society, simply because she instinctively knew how to perform reverse cursed energy output.

She had tried to improve on the art, but it seemed to always be at a peak.

Now... it was worth asking.

Is it possible for reverse cursed technique to turn into something more?

Just as she was contemplating, her phone suddenly rang.

Taking out her mobile, she looked at the message.

It was Geto Suguru, her classmate.

[Suguru: Come to the training field, something interesting is happening?]

[Shoko: what?]

[Suguru: Satoru and Zenin Shuichi are having a spar. Come.]

Seeing the message, her eyes suddenly widened.

Closing the magazine in front of her, she got off her chair and headed for the door.

[Shoko: Okay]

Perhaps... I could find more insight by observing the very same person who asked those questions...

I will have to see...



Noroi, Jurei and Juryoku*: These are the words used in JJK to refer to curses, cursed spirits and cursed energy respectively.

It is very important to use the appropriate Kanji and know their meaning as it can mean vastly different things in the context. This is especially true when talking about the nature of cursed energy and curses.

Noroi, in simple terms is a curse, speall or a malediction. It is the most basic word used yo depict a deeper curse that it different from the norm, yet also encompasses all the curse related things in jjk. Sukuna, is referred to as the King of Noroi, which is King of Curses. And not Jurei, which would be cursed spirits.

Jurei, although meaning long life and age in japanese writing, is used to refer to cursed spirits. It comes from the word Yurei, which is the Japanese equivalent of a western ghost, spirit or banshee. All cursed spirits are referred to as a Jurei, and not a Noroi; although in the wiki, these two are used almost interchangeably yo refer to cursed spirits.

Juryoku, is cursed energy and in simple terms, is the energy that comprises the Jurei. It does not relate to the Noroi in the same manner as it does to the Jurei, which it has a direct connection to in the literal sense. That is if the naming is done with that intent.


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