Jujutsu kaisen : Dust release

What will happen when someone lives the life of onoki in the naruto world get reincarnated into the world of jujutsu kaisen , so guys this my first time writing a storie like this and English is not my first language so i need any help there is .

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gojo vs onoki 1.

Onoki's attack left a straight, empty path through the forest towards the Jujutsu School; parts of the forest were missing as if they had never existed before.

There was no trace of Toji anywhere, as if he had vanished into thin air.

"Although Yoshinobu Sensei said not to kill anyone, he didn't leave me a choice."

On the ground in front of Onoki was the sword that Toji had previously wielded, without any signs of being damaged by Onuki.

The length of the sword was about a meter and a half or more with a thick handle and a tassel between the handle and the blade. The blade was broad and slightly curved with an edge; it was clearly a cursed tool.

It was a shinogi-zukuri, the most common shape of Japanese katana, although swords in the Naruto world were generally straighter and thinner, it didn't pose a problem for Onuki to carry it.

The only problem was that he hadn't touched a sword since he was a genin in the Naruto world , there was a reason why kunai were used more frequently in the world of Naruto, unless you had the talent to wield a sword, it was better to use kunai. Of course, Onoki didn't have the talent to use a sword.

When he carries the sword, Onoki felt the distinctive cursed energy around it and easily guessed that it was a cursed tool of a special grade.

"A weapon of a special grade is not something easily obtained; I can easily guess that the dagger he used to pass through the Gojo's infinity is also a special grade tool."

"Cursed tools don't grow on trees, especially tools of a special grade; to be able to possess more than one, one must be from one of the three major clans."

"Gojo Clan shouldn't send someone to kill the future clan leader, right? Also, Gojo didn't recognize him, so this denies him being from the Gojo Clan."

"The possibility of him being from the Kamo Clan is also low, as the clan has been in decline since no one has been born in their cursed technique for a while."

"This leaves only the Zenin Clan; since Naobito Zenin took over the leadership of the clan, the clan has been constantly rising, with him gaining the title of the fastest living sorcerer."

"Although he didn't say he was from the Zenin Clan, he had the characteristics of the clan."

"But what benefit does the Zenin Clan have from killing the star plasma vessle , or was it just a cover for killing Gojo Satoru? I've read that the relations between the two clans have been tense for the past 400 years."

"Well, it doesn't matter now, although it's unfortunate that the dagger that pierced through Gojo's infinity was destroyed with Toji , at least I got a special-grade tool."

After surveying the area to ensure that Toji was completely dead, Onoki leaped into the air and flew to where Gojo was swimming in his blood.

Along the way, the trace of dust was very clear, his technique left a straight path devoid of trees for 300 meters leading to the entrance of the Star Shrine.

Part of the thorn forest that had been created earlier was destroyed, and Gojo Satoru was standing here in the center .

Onoki approached and landed on the ground, not concerned about revealing more of his techniques, as the battle report was enough to expose much about his strength and techniques.

When Onoki looked at Gojo Satoru, the first thing he noticed was the disappearance of all wounds from the previous fight. Although the blood on the ground and his clothes still testified to the previous battle, there was no evidence of his injuries.

Suddenly, Onoki noticed that Gojo wasn't normal at the moment, as his head was lowered and his body was shaking violently.

Just as Onoki was about to advance and check his condition, Gojo burst laughing and threw his head back to spread his laughter to the world.

"Hahahahahahaha, I finally understood it, I understood the cursed energy core."

"Cursed energy is born from negative energy, so even if it is able to strengthen your body, regenerating it is impossible, so negative energy must be multiplied together to make positive energy. This is the reverse curse technique. Of course, it is not that simple, but I am a genius after all."

'Has he gone crazy or what, it's as if he took several stimulants at once' Onoki thought.

Gojo was babbling in a completely hysterical state as he described how he had achieved the Reverse Curse Technique.

Suddenly he turned to me and said condescendingly, "Where is he? Where did he go? "

"He already lost when he couldn't completely kill me before, we just started the fight, and I will destroy him completely."

I watched as Gojo acted as if he was on drugs , he spoke condescendingly to me as if I was an ant on the side of the road.

What did he mean by he couldn't kill him? If I hadn't stopped him from stabbing your head, you would be dead by now.

Despite Gojo's behavior and harsh speech, Onoki was not bothered by how dirty his clothes got when the wind blew on him.

"He is dead, I killed him," I said and waved the sword over my shoulder so he could see clearly.

The smile froze on his face and he looked at me as if I was the funniest clown in the world.

It was clear that he did not believe me at all, but the sword in my hand was the best proof of that.

The look on Gojo's face went from smile to confusion and then to disbelief as his brain tried to come up with an explanation as to how I acquired the sword.

In the end, his face would settle into anger when he looked at me , but suddenly he calmed down and the expression on his face relaxed.

I didn't really care whether he believed me or not, I wanted to go down to the Star Shrine and make sure everything was fine in order to complete the mission and return to Kyoto.

"I will go down to the Star Shrine to make sure that everything went well with Jito and that the Star Plasma vessel was delivered."

Upon hearing my words, Gojo seemed to gain a sense of serenity and came out of his hysterical state and looked at me seriously as if he was accepting the fact that I had killed Toji Fushiguro.

Suddenly, Gojo stood in front of me and prevented me from moving towards the entrance of the shrine.

I narrowed my eyes slightly at this action.

"What are you doing?" I quietly asked Gogo standing in front of me.

"I'm afraid I can't let you go,"

Gojo said with a provocative smile, looking at me from above.

I frowned as I looked at him, what the hell was he thinking to stop me from passing, suddenly a crazy idea popped into my head when thinking about his and Geto's behavior with Amanai Riku in the past days.

"You're not thinking about stopping the merger, are you?"

I asked as I filled with anger, what are these two idiots thinking about interfering with the fusion, do they have no idea what are the consequences of their stupidity.

"Exactly, Geto and I agreed to prevent the merge if the Star Plasma vessel did not agree to it, even if it meant fighting you and Tenjin-sama"

He said with a more provocative smile.

If there was one thing Onoki could say he was proud of other than his strength, it was his calmness and long patience, but now Onoki could easily feel his blood boiling with anger.

"Do you have any idea what might happen if Tenjen is unable to merge with the astral ship? The difficulty of using the barriers will increase, the entire world of Jujutsu will be exposed to the public, and chaos will spread throughout the entire country and the entire world. At worst, Tenjen will turn into a cursed spirit. Can you imagine how strong is a cursed soul that has lived for more than a thousand years ?"

Onoki exploded in anger and shouted at Gojo as if he were lecturing a stupid kid .

Even Onoki, who had read only the mission file , could guess the consequences of failing to complete the mission, while these two idiots were planning to destroy the world.

What made the matter worse for Onoki was Gojo's answer.

"It doesn't really matter, because he can't defeat me, I'm the strongest in the world."

The hysterical smile reappeared on Gojo's face as he opened his arms as if he wanted to embrace the world.

Gojo's answer made Onoki understand that this person in front of him was arrogant and selfish beyond measure, to endanger the world just because of your arrogance was too much for Onoki.

After living in Naruto's world for eighty years, peace was something Onoki valued deeply and he would not allow a child full of himself to try to put him in danger.

In less than a second, Onoki appeared in front of Gojo and sent a punch filled with cursed energy towards his smiling face, but before he could reach him, the punch stopped just a few millimeters away.

Onoki suddenly felt a force pulling backwards as he was forcefully thrown towards one of the houses outside the range of the Forest of Thorns technique.

Now the battle between the two most powerful sorcerers in the future has begun


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