She was following him…the cutest Senior she had ever laid her eyes on at John Thomas High School. Her classmates told her that the most handsome guy is David Ji. But, he is BEYOND reach. They were right. However, the one she's stalking right now, to her point of view, is way much cuter. Based on the information she gathered as she stalked him every day, the Senior's name is Joe Chen and he is David's one and only long time best friend.

Joe stopped and turned towards the athletic field. She continued to follow him. He stopped by the benches and talked to a bunch of friends. She sighed after seeing the smile on his face as he talked.

'Perfect set of teeth… kissable lips… awwww,' she sighed and swooned. Her eyes glistened with happiness. 'This is it. I must tell him now. It's now or never… He has to know that I like him so much. He will also find me adorable. I am one of the cutest girls at Elizabeth Eve School and it's an all-girl school,' she told herself. She was determined. She took a deep breath and called out with her loudest voice. "JOE CHEN!!!"

He looked at her. 'His eyes are so beautiful, too,' she could not help but sigh.

All of Joe's friends looked at her, too. With her heart beating faster, she headed towards Joe at a very fast pace. Within seconds, they were standing face-to-face.

She took a deep breath and told him of her feelings as fast as she could. This is after all her first confession. "I am Michelle Choi, a junior from EE All-Girl High. I think you are cute, cool and super nice. I really like you, can you consider dating me?" she said without a pause and took a deep breath after.

Joe sighed and closed his eyes as his friends laughed.

"What happened?" asked someone.

Everyone turned to the direction of the voice. Michelle's heart almost melted as her jaw dropped. It was the most breathtaking voice she had ever heard. It was David Ji. The heartthrob smiled at her then stood beside Joe.

One of the boys held his stomach and managed to stop laughing for a moment, "She wanted to date Joe," he said and laughed again.

Michelle saw the small smile about to form at David's lips. "What's so funny?" she asked.

Joe cleared his throat. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. But, actually, I am a girl. If I wasn't, well, maybe I could consider the offer. Or if my preference changes… maybe?" she said in a manly tone as she scratched her head.

The boys laughed harder.

"Huh?" Michelle looked at her with questioning eyes.

The boys nodded simultaneously. One of them spoke, "Yup. If you think she's a dude, you are mistaken. She's a girl who loves cross-dressing…"

The other one continued, "…actually, she hated girl-clothes and preferred boy's clothes better. But, she's straight. Oh wait… are you, Joe?" They all laughed again to tease. David crossed his arms and Joe shook his head a little bit displeased at her friends.

Michelle was red all over her face. David, then put his arms on Joe's shoulder, "Let's go MISTER Joe Chen. We have a basketball game to play," he said and winked at her. Joe gave him a glare in response. Both of them walked away from Michelle and the continuously laughing group.

Michelle took a deep breath once more. Her feelings have not changed yet. So what if she was a girl? Her feelings are true. Besides, she did say maybe her preferences will change. So, she called Joe once more and declared, "I still like you even if you are a girl. Please consider us dating. I want you to be my… honey."

Joe looked at David. The latter closed his eyes to control his laughter. "It is not funny. It is embarrassing."

David smiled at her, "You should have gotten used to it already by now. It has been like that since 6th grade. As a matter of fact, she's not quite bad. She's really cute."

Joe gave him a light punch on the stomach, "Pervert, she's not my type." David laughed in response.


They stopped playing for a ten-minute break. Joe quickly took her water bottle and gulped all the water she could swallow. David continued to shoot the ball in the hoop. After drinking water, she sat down on the grass and watched him. She sighed and managed a small smile when her best friend retrieved the ball and shot it one more time. They were best friends for a very long time now. They had been through several things and circumstances already. As a matter of fact, because of the length of time of their friendship, a series of events had happened and these truths were significant in understanding the kind of bond they have.


The reason why she never grew her hair and acted boyish for all these past years is her promise to David's silly demand. He just turned ten-- she was nine…

They were sitting down on the bench. They just finished eating ice cream when David put his arm on her shoulder, "Joe," he called.


"You're my best friend, right?"


"Well… promise me then…"


"From now on, you have to act as a boy and you should never grow your hair."


"Because you'll get cooties. Now, promise me."

She frowned, "Okay. Okay. Okay."

He smiled; "Pinky swear and seal it?" he reached out his pinky.

She accepted it, "Pinky sworn and sealed."

Joe sighed at the memory. That was funny and she managed to keep that promise until now. If that is the only way to stay right beside him, she will forget about her gender and be content with what and how she is now.

She put her arms on top of her knees, she was still holding the water bottle. David dunked at the court. The ball went in….

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