Journey Towards Greatness

A war veteran and an anime fan as well, he got into anime by watching it with his grandson after his retirement, his grandson loved pokemon and so did he also came to like this world of pokemon where people didn't kill each other and people used to have fun with there pokemon, after watching Pokemon with his grandson and playing with him all day he got back his childhood which he could never experience due to the cruel war, and as of now our MC has turned 82 years old he was very satisfied with his life with no regrets and waiting for death to take him away but will death be is end or will it start a new beginning, a new legend. __________________________ Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/zarakh

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Meeting Cynthia

Julian spent quite a while inside this ancient temple, it had scriptures written on it that were on the walls of this temple, ancient legends are written by man as to how Arceus created the whole universe alongside with Dialga, Palkia and Giratina.

He walked past one wall after the other as they described the lake guardians and how they guard the gateway which separates this world and other dimensions, without them, the gateway cannot be opened.

He then moved on towards the carvings below Palkia's statue, and it stated that Space became stable as soon as Palkia was born, it has complete control over space allowing it to travel through dimensions with no effort, it has the power to create space and can separate itself from reality itself.

He then moved on towards Dialga's statue, it stated that it can control time to its liking. When it was born time itself started to flow and the endless cycle of the universe began, with its will alone it can freeze anything and anyone completely separating its target from the flow of time, it can also travel through past and future with easy.

Julian is more impressed by Dialga's ability than Palkia, even though both are the most powerful ability in the universe if Julian had to choose he would choose a time.

If what stated here is true, Dialga can be in multiple timelines at the same time or Multiple Dialgas in the same timeline.

The concept of time is very vague to nonexistence, nobody understands it other than Dialga and maybe Celebi.

After that, he moved towards Arceus, the biggest statue out of the three.

It stated not much about Arceus as its whole concept is just a myth to people, there is nothing that humans or pokemon know about this God of the pokemon universe.

It just states that Arceus created and shaped the whole pokemon universe with its thousand hands.

Julian "Thousand hands, I think a thousand hands referred here are the Unknowns as they are the one that binds the space and time together"

Julian said.

"That's quite an interesting take on this theory"

A woman's voice came from behind, Julian turns around and sees a tall woman with long blond hair, wearing a long black coat with a black pant and a shirt, she has four black beads on her hair and a very confident look on her face, she oozed of confidence just by standing there.

It is Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh.

Julian is surprised seeing her, as he is wearing his cloth mask Cynthia has no clue that the person in front of her is Julian, his theory of the Unknows being the thousand-arms of Arceus caught her attention.

Julian nodded at her and looked back at Arceus.

Julian "I think my theory may be true, not many is known about Unknow but they hold so much power, just one is useless but when they are in group, they have the power to alter reality, reality becomes what they want it to be, I really think that the thousand arms or Arceus are the Unknowns as they bind space and time together"

Cynthia "I never thought about this before, thanks to you I can view my theory in a completely new perspective, thank you very much"

Cynthia said and bowed her head a little to show him some gratitude.

Julian "There is no need for it, I am just another person who is curious about these Gods that created the whole universe where our small world resides"

Cynthia "Indeed, these are majestic creatures that are the sole reason for our existence, they are gods that control this vast and expanding universe"

Cynthia said as she looked at these three statues.

Julian "Too bad I cannot find anything about Giratina here, the third one of the Creation Trio"

Julian said and sighed.

Cynthia "Giratina? yes, the pokemon that was banished for causing destruction, not many people worship Giratina anymore and they keep declining, maybe they are still few relics left of it but they are very hard to find"

Julian "Who knows what really happened to Giratina, it happened millions of years ago, people might have just made that up, we are just humans and we really don't know what these Titans really are, some treat them as god some say it's just a myth that people in the ancient time made up"

Julian said.

Cynthia also got very intrigued by Julian's word.

Cynthia "What about you? do you think they exist or they are just myths to you?"

Julian "I believe they do exist, there are some things in this world that cannot be explained even after being seen, these things should just be left as myths and legends so people can always fantasize about them and open up to new possibilities, that is how we humans evolve"

Cynthia nodded, humans may not evolve but generation after generation new possibilities arrive on their own, this is how humans evolve through time and that is why they are still thriving after millions of years.

While they are having this talk a few people in the temple notice Cynthia and rush towards her.

"Look its Cynthia, the Champion Cynthia is here"

Soon many people surrounded Julian and Cynthia, they just ignored Julian and closed up to Cynthia and took her photos, few bold fans of her asked her to take a picture with them, some asked for autographs.

Julian sighed seeing this, he thanked himself for wearing his cloth mask, he soon made an escape from the temple and got out.

Julian "Being famous is really hard"

Julian sighed.

Hearing him sigh Crystal mimicked him and also sighed, seeing this made Julian laugh and he patted its head and tucked it into his pocket and drove off in his bike.

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