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What is Journey Towards Greatness

Read ‘Journey Towards Greatness’ Online for Free, written by the author Evil_God_ZARAKH, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering POKEMON Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A war veteran and an anime fan as well, he got into anime by watching it with his grandson after his retirement, his gra...


A war veteran and an anime fan as well, he got into anime by watching it with his grandson after his retirement, his grandson loved pokemon and so did he also came to like this world of pokemon where people didn't kill each other and people used to have fun with there pokemon, after watching Pokemon with his grandson and playing with him all day he got back his childhood which he could never experience due to the cruel war, and as of now our MC has turned 82 years old he was very satisfied with his life with no regrets and waiting for death to take him away but will death be is end or will it start a new beginning, a new legend. __________________________ Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/zarakh

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I have no idea how there are so many good reviews. The English is horrendous, and despite receiving numerous offers for editing it doesn't improve at all, the plot is incredibly cliche and predictable, the MC is completely flat and boring. All in all there's really nothing I can find likeable about the story, I guess the biggest reason it's popular is because it was one of the earlier and longer stories on Webnovel. I can't really think of much else.


this pokemon fan-fic has been the most consistent and entertaining one for me...... Recommended for all who love pokemon.. The plot has not messed up and most of all it keeps going. Well planned and great writing..


I give 5 star review for Gengar.............................................................................................................


I really don’t like that fact that the mc just goes around having s£x with someone at every damn town he stays in. Worse of all, they’re all one night stands. What’s the point of having s£x if it’ll only be for a single. I can understand it if he actually dated the girl, but noooo...it’s only for cardinal pleasure. Every “hot” girl, as hot as a show for 8 year olds anyway, that sees him fall into something I call the ‘Wet Dream Syndrome’ and instantly gets smitten by him. I don’t give 2 sh!ts how handsome or how “***y” he looks, it’s only in the fantasy of the author’s head, if he thinks sh!t like that is real. I don’t watch a lot of Pokémon, but I still read this anyway because it had a lot of chapters and the synopsis sounded not half bad. Boy did I regret it... the author really needs to learn how to use punctuation to separate his sentences. A few grammar errors here and there but it was acceptable. I couldn’t bring myself to read any further than chapter 10 so I don’t know what happens after that, but I’m sure it’s all going to be the same crap or much worse.


The synopsis is exciting, and being a reincarnated grandpa that likes pokemon is new to me which then garnered my attention in reading it. But, jokes aside, the writing style and grammar, for me, is a bit on the low end of my expectation almost conparing to a highschool literature work 2.0 version. Last but not the least, the author needs an editor(seriously recomended). The pronoun usage sucks. Honestly, I find it amusing for getting good reviews. I can only wonder.


Its a "with a system" and "god came and gave me wishes for no reason" story. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((/////////))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Only read up to chapter 10. Grammar could use improvement. Inconsistant time sequencing, jumping around w/ no real flow. Author doesn’t delve beyond the surface of any character, including the Mc. Despite Mc supposing to have the mind of an old man, he doesn’t show the wisdom of even an *****. Has sex w/ another character randomly, completely out of nowhere w/ no lead up. This character was introduced a paragraph before you find out they have sex. When the author addresses this, it is supposed to be assumed by the reader that this grandpa has mad game, conquering a woman who works in customer service presumably for years in a span of a conversation, and naturally both parties have no mixed feelings about randomly f**king and then saying “bye have a nice life”, never to meet again. Like, hah??? Unless your looking to invest in the long hall and hope it gets better, there is far better stories and **** on this website, would not recommend this work in the slightest. Oh and in the very first fight his pokemon uses more than 4 moves. Like WTF, this Gramps reincarnated after being beaten over the head by a gameshark or some s**t.


I don't know why a lot of people give this story 5 star. This story not about pokemon with it slogan "catch them all" its about a man who always find beautiful women and "f'ck them all". Every filler in this story is only about mc find beautiful women and f'ck her that very disappointed. This story will be great if author remove majority of that f'cking scenes I only read until chapter 50 and already bored


It's A person Who is dreaming.Plain and simple. He is Getting all rare Pokemon(Not possible) The plot is Similar to Chinese Wuxia Bullsh*t. He is making The professor look Like a newb, Are u freakin' Fcking with us? 1-10 years,.. okay then professor is atleast 500 years old, And U Outdone him in 80days? Does a Pokemon professor would not know about Beedrill Being violence bullies? This is so full of sh*t that even Infinite Space pocket Can be filled. What are they? Is their IQ so low? This Author'd brain is pea sized Multiplied with a 1×10^-1000000000000000....000000 size This is so full of cr*p they i had to say it, This Is an insult to World background, Character design and Grammar is sh*t And it looks and Feels Brain cell-KILLING to read, Even Majin Buu Would go into a state of degradation, This author thinks all people Like to chase skirts, Here i was Expecting Some Character development, And Now you Shi* on Those expectations. YOU CAN'T EVEN KEEP ALREADY EXISTING CHARACTERS FROM GOING OOC YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE AN AUTHOR, LISTEN PEOPLE WHO THINK LOGIC AND WANT THEIR BRAIN CELLS CASUALTY IN THE LEAST, DO NOT READ THIS SH** FCKIN AUTHORS CAN'T YOU CONTROL YOUR FREAKING HORMONES, GO AWAY FREAKIN ARROGANT BAST*RDS AND TRY TO NOT LET YOUR CHARACTER FROM GOING OOC DON'T WRITE THIS, ALL THIS, HO WRITE THOSE CHINESE NOVELS.


It's a bit too rushed imo.b MC's wishes are forced, random encounters are forced, everything is forced and I'm wanting finesse. If your going to force something so hard then go all the way, write him as a puppet of fate like some Japanese MC, don't pretend to be willfull.


Combat scenes are lackluster and boring. ....................................................... ....................................................... ....................................................... .......................................................


This is the best Pokemon fanfic I've ever find! Truly marvelous! EPIC 100/100TH Background: The protagonist Julian is not a pussy! He didn't die being hit by truck-kun as cliche. He died in a simple mortal life towards the end of his age. Next life wishes to go on adventure and God answered his wish. There's no manipulation or control at all. No destiny making him run through many troubles like the canon Ash Ketchum has to go through. Simply just moving on and make way for a grand journey ahead! Having the time of his life. His pokemons are no joke. They're simply monsters. Beyond that even legendaries are a breeze. The story of a legendary trainer that had a double life but also experiencing all manners of excitement and awesomeness!


The writing quality of this work is horrendous. This is obvious from the synopsis, which is a giant run on sentence rife with grammatical errors, but is also apparent in the chapters themselves. Furthermore, the chapters are written in a script format not appropriate for a novel/webnovel. Even if a story has an amazing plot, it is completely unreadable if the writing quality is abysmal. While I cannot remark on the fields besides writing quality, they are irreverent with writing quality at this level. This story badly needs significant edition.


I like the story👌 I hope you will keep updating, even with the problems. My only hope is that the mc will stay in the Pokémon world and has many adventures around the world, maybe even new countries and Pokémon? Good luck and have fun 😂


This only for gengar and his funny moments hope to see him more and others too. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


I loved the first 100 chapters, it was nice and peaceful with just him and his pokemon doing battles, interacting with the characters here and there, having one-night stands here and there, but sadly I'm dropping it. It's a harem. Not that I hate harems to the very core of my being or anything, it's just that right now it's too soon as it doesn't seem like a real lovers relationship. and feels more forced. The main reason why I'm dropping this is that his lover, daisy, decided to go on his journey with him. I don't know about others but it feels too soon for the MC to be tied down to someone, especially to someone who is gonna drag him down on his 'Journey Towards Greatness". Another reason why I don't want to continue is that (the author stopped doing this after he got his first set of pokemon) the MC suddenly gets stuff we weren't told about before out of his magical backpack. If the author sees this please make him free again and can anyone please tell me if his "lovers" accompany him on his journey. If they do I'm never touching this fanfic again (no offense towards the author), if they don't accompany him and hopefully break up please reply to me and tell me so I can pick this up again. Good luck for future chapters.


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****ty story and super bad writing i dont know how people give it such a high score expexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexp


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