Journey To Become A True God

Ye Chen was an honest and hardworking man, but he caught his girlfriend who was having an affair with a wealthy second generation, because of his sadness he decided to return to his hometown to calm down, while on his way he met a god cultivator and ended up being his student . After that his life began to change, on the right and left arms holding the Beautiful girl, from the start of the School flower, rich young women, beautiful teachers, beauty Ceo, famous beauty stars, beautiful goddesses. one by one the women came to him

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Ye Chen Running Down the grass "motherfucker, why today I was so unlucky, First I broke up with my girlfriend and now I'm being chased by the ghost of the old grandfather" Ye Chen kept cursing in his heart.

After Running for a few minutes Ye Chen's running speed decreased, Ye Chen then looked back knowing that the ghost disappeared, Finally Ye Chen could relax, Ye Chen rested near the tree with his breath rising and falling because he was tired of running.

"Hey kid, why are you running away from me" heard a voice beside her all the hairs on Ye Chen's body stood up.

Ye Chen turned to the side and saw the old man's ghost flying in the sky standing beside Ye Chen "Grandfather of the Ghost, Ghost Ancestor please don't eat me my flesh tastes bitter" Ye Chen once saw in the films that ghosts like to eat people, because that is Ye Chen was afraid to be eaten by this ghost.

"Hahahahaha, young man, I'm not a ghost, I'm also a human like you," the ghost of an old man laughed, stroking his long beard.

"You're lying how could humans be able to fly, do all ghosts like you like to cheat" Ye Chen could not believe that there were humans who could fly like this grandfather, if this old man was a superman, it was impossible for sure grandfather This was a ghost and wanted to eat Ye Chen.

Mysterious Grandfather "it is true that I am a human just like you but I am also a practitioner in the deva realm, coincidentally when I passed this planet I found something interesting".

"What place of god nature is that, aren't you from this planet?" Ye Chen asked this mysterious grandfather.

"Of course I am not from your world, Space is very wide, there are many people who live out there, and there is a place called the Realm of Gods, there is a gathering of the strongest people in the entire universe." Grandfather explained everything to Ye Chen.

"Really" Ye Chen did not believe that there were other humans outside the earth, because even scientists could not find any signs of life outside this earth.

Mysterious grandfather: "Of course, what's in it if I lie to you".

Ye Chen: "Then why did you chase me just now?".

"I need to confirm something from your body" after saying that Mysterious grandfather Immediately Grab Ye Chen's right wrist.

Seeing what this mysterious grandfather did, Ye Chen was afraid and tried to get away from this mysterious grandfather, but however much Ye Chen tried it, Ye Chen could not escape from this mysterious grandfather.

"Good, I did not expect to meet a treasure on this remote planet." Mysterious grandfather laughed, then let go of his hand from Ye Chen's wrist.

Seeing that the Mysterious Grandfather laughed happily Ye Chen was rather confused, what was going on Why did this Mysterious Grandfather say that he had just found a treasure.

Mysterious grandfather: "son, you have the Ancient Body, the owner of this body is very rare. The owner of the body (the primordial) is very difficult to find and does not even appear for 100 million years, and this body is very good for cultivation."

"How are you interested in trying to become a cultivator?" Asked the Mysterious Grandfather.

"Not interested," Ye Chen answered firmly.

hearing Ye Chen's answer was stunned "Why?".

"Because being a practitioner definitely has to sit and close my eyes for weeks or even years, life like that is very boring, if there is nothing else then I will go first Senior" Ye Chen imagined that cultivators were the same as Shaolin monk who was always meditating every day Even though they were strong, such a life would be very boring for Ye Chen.

After paying homage to the Mysterious grandfather, Ye Chen immediately went towards the direction of his village.

While the Mysterious Grandfather was left astonished after hearing Ye Chen's answer just now.

Mysterious grandfather thought that Ye Chen's brain was damaged, there were many people out there who sacrificed wealth and were even willing to be servants of a cultivator to be able to enter the world of cultivation.

If people who were willing to become servants of the cultivators listened to what Ye Chen had said just now they would definitely hit Ye Chen's head because of his stupidity.

Mysterious grandfather still hasn't given up and Immediately Catch up with Ye Chen.

"Son, are you sure about this?" The Mysterious Grandfather asked once more.

"Of course I am sure I do not like the life of the one who only meditated for many years" again Ye Chen answered firmly without any hesitation.

Seeing Ye Chen, who was still stubborn, Mysterious grandfather, immediately told the danger of the owner of the Ancient (Yang) Body, if it was not treated properly.

"Son, I forgot to tell you that if the owner of the body (Yang) is Ancient, if it is not treated properly, then you will die soon."

Heard the words of the Mysterious grandfather Ye Chen immediately turned "what do you mean?" Ye Chen could not even feel a better life, but the Mysterious grandfather said that he would sooner or later die at a young age.

"If someone has an excess of YangQi in his body, then that person will not be able to control himself, and in the worst case then that person will explode" Mysterious grandfather immediately explained to Ye Chen.

"What !!" After hearing Ye Chen very scared.

"Then how to prevent it?" Ye Chen immediately asked how to prevent this.

Mysterious grandfather: "hehehe, in this world nothing is free, if you want to admit me as a teacher I will tell you how".

Ye Chen is very confused why this Mysterious grandfather really wanted himself to be his student "What exactly do you want from me?".

"How can I release a good seed like you, with an ancient (Yang) body that you have, you can certainly climb a tap that I cannot reach in this life".

Mysterious grandfather "I have lived more than 300 thousand years and my time is not much anymore, so I want to find a student to inherit all the knowledge and techniques that I have".

Hearing this mysterious grandfather mentioning his age of nearly 300 thousand years, Ye Chen could hardly believe what he had just heard.

"Ehem, what are you waiting for you do not want to worship your teacher" Mysterious grandfather deliberately coughing.

Ye Chen Mysterious grandfather and Ye Chen slightly posted "Students greet the teacher".

"Hahahaha, good start. Now you are my first student" The heart of the Mysterious grandfather was quite happy as he seems.

"Master then how do I cure YangQI's strengths in my body?" Ye Chen immediately asked How to cure YangQi's strengths in his body.

Mysterious grandfather: "What else is of course doing the sacred thing between men and women to cultivate Yin and Yang in the body, cultivators call it dual cultivation".

"Is it just like that, isn't that easy to do" Ye Chen's chest heaved up in anger, Ye Chen thought that to cure needed rare materials / methods that were very difficult, but it turned out that just needing to get in touch with the woman could cure him.

Isn't all that Ye Chen needs to do is find a woman and this matter will be solved very easily.

"Son, although relationships between men and women are easy to do, do you have the techniques to manage Ying and Yang themselves? Mysterious grandfather Immediately asked whether Ye Chen had the technique to manage Yin and Yang.

"Me. . . Ye Chen looked down and began to think, Ye Chen did not have such techniques or methods.

Mysterious grandfather: "hahaha, finally you realize that without me you will die because of the excess YangQi".

"Then Master quickly give me that technique" Ye Chen immediately asked for the Dual Cultivation technique from the Mysterious Grandfather.

"Don't be greedy, let's leave this place first".

After that, a power enveloped Ye Chen, Ye Chen flew with the old man towards the night sky and left Earth.

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