1 Chapter 1 End and the Beginning

There was a young man with blond hair violet eyes androgynous face like an angel descended from heaven he is wearing a headset in his ears and resting in a hospital laying in a bed where he is weakened from a certain disease or unknown disease for centuries that had never been discovered he is like a guinea pig, using him for experimenting for medical purposes he is drinking a lot of medicines, tablet and lot of medication injection, etc causing him to feel nausea and sickly more, the pain never stops nor it subsides he becomes too thin, every day is just like torture for him. The only entertainment he had is reading some books like Novels and Light novels and watching TV, movies, and anime. Like right now he is reading a Light novel from a certain anime Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou desu yo? (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?) he idolized a certain character because they have the same name, the same face the same fashion they have a lot in common but what he doesn't have is his strength, he's just a human with no superpowers nor ability but He is number one in academic literacy because of his photographic memory to remember things by seeing them once, he can cook, do chores, sing, dance, novel writer, business he owns a lot of companies and many more. He'd been nicknamed JACK OF ALL TRADES. His name is Sakamiya Izayoi age 17 his height is 169 cm(5'6) Izayoi has light blonde hair, which spikes downwards in all directions, and a set of purple eyes. He wears white headphones, with black straps and a flame logo on each side he's a talented guy but 6 months ago he is coughing up blood which make him dizzy frequently and breathing difficulty he made up his mind to go to the hospital, for a medical check-up but sadly most of the doctors don't know what kind of disease this was, all the things that he built up since he was a child slowly crumbling because he is weakened of his disease slowly eating his body and most of them are the cause of a lot of medication inside his body. The pain is slowly becoming numb starting from his feet and slowly going upwards from his legs, and thighs when he can't feel his lower body, he slowly put aside the light novel that he read puts his hands in the solar plexus slowly closing his eyes and accepting his fate. His body slowly became numb. His Heart beat slowly until it stops beating his breath becoming rag. He is still calm no matter what the situation was

'sigh.. so this is where it ends huh. well, I donate a lot of my money to the people who need it, not my problem anymore... even though I'm an orphan from the lower caste and make my way through the higher caste of society I don't regret having a blissful life. My only regret is that I don't even have a Girlfriend in this life'

'If there would be reincarnation please give me a cheat like Sakamaki Izayoi. I wish to reincarnate in a different world and have a harem.'

'Isekaid?? nuh~! that's just a dumb illusion!! let's just rest peacefully'

His body laying motionlessly the doctors doing everything they can to let him live but it's over now. THE NEWS OF THE DEATH OF A CERTAIN PRODIGY!! many people mourned his death. unbeknownst to them his soul-forming white circle travels through space and beyond into the galaxy spiraling until it's sucked into the wormhole

Suddenly there was a FLASH. He was in a space full of white light Izayoi slowly opened his eyes to look through his body... or not! it was his soul but had a form the same as his body from the last time, suddenly an incorporeal figure slowly appeared in front of him talking through his mind

"Congratulations young man!! your wish had been heard that you want to be reincarnated in another world !!!"

There was trumpet music in the background. What he saw was just a white incorporeal figure you can't tell if it is a girl or a boy but what he heard was a raspy voice in his mind maybe it was just an old man opening his arms widely and welcoming him.

Izayoi's eyes are twitching because of this gimmick.

"So are you a God or something??"

asking for confirmation but...

"Yes but I'm not just any other God I'm The Supreme Creator, Creator of the Gods and Creator of the Worlds"

He put his left hand on his chin like a certain detective analyzing the case. But he has some Doubts.

"Are you for real?? Really REAL? You're Not A Devil disguising as a God?? A Wannabe GOD perhaps?"

"If I'm The Devil I will not talk to you and Force you from that world without ability and watch your misery and laughing maniacally and I'm the Real GOD THE SUPREME CREATOR"

Izayoi Nodding his head rolling his eyes

"Sure sure."

Cause he reads it a lot in light novels lately and becoming a trend he knows where the conversation will go it's better to finish this early and go have some fun with some beauties.

"So you're saying you're going to give me abilities in that world "


"But Before that can I ask you a few questions"


After a few seconds to organize his Questions.

"What kind of world do I Reborn to?"


The wannabe God Scratched his cheeks. Izayoi raised his eyebrows with suspicion because of the wannabe GOD's action...The wannabe God reading what is on his mind.

" That World is similar to your world in the middle ages where wars are commonplace but 1 year ago that world was visited by a singularity followed by monsters invading every place and every country, most humans have slowly declined to almost extinct because they don't know how to fight monsters. Monsters have abilities, endurance, strength, and magic while humans mostly use their weapons swords, guns cannons and etc. but that's not enough they almost lost their will but they're praying that someone will appear and free them from their misery."

"I heard their prayers and I heard your wish that's why you are here I'm Hoping that you'll become their HOPE. THE HOPE OF THE HUMANITY. It's up to you to decide. I'm not Forcing you because this is your will, your choice and I'll gratefully accept your decision"

Izayoi wrinkled his eyes it sounded more troublesome but deep inside his excited at the same time.

"So in summary you want me to become a HERO The Saviour of humanity? Sorry but NO. I can't Become their hero because I can't save them all But I want to help them as much as I can "

The Wannabe God chuckles upon hearing his answers

"You're misunderstanding the hero part. I like you to be their HOPE, their inspiration, If someone will show them that SOMEONE can fight the monsters they will follow. they will try to walk the path that you walk, the road you choose, the desire to survive, the will to live, and their hope for the brighter Future."

Izayoi nods his head understanding it's better to try and find some challenges and enjoy the new world.

"Okay I will try to become their HOPE"

The God Nodded his head he was glad that

someone took his offer. He claps his hands and the place becomes eerily silent.

"Because you already took my offer I'll give you a bonus All the abilities of Sakamaki Izayoi will be given to you Sakamiya Izayoi because you idolized him that much. You"ll reborn in that world with the same appearance and age from your past life I'll Transfer your Body directly to THAT place"

"Before I transfer you to THAT place ask 3 wishes I'll certainly fulfill them"

Izayoi felt that his soul-Form becoming Denser felt like forming its BODY.

God snapped his Fingers and a mirror suddenly appeared. Izayoi was looking at his reflection in the mirror seeing his face, his appearance is still the same but he became more handsome and refined he still wears his headset and smartphone in his pocket suddenly an idea pop up in his mind. He looks up to Wanna be GOD.

"Okay, ill take that offer, My FIRST wish is to give me KNOWLEDGE about alchemy, blacksmith, magic, cooking, farming, etc."

The God Pointing a Finger at izayoi on his Forehead suddenly Knowledge From any field that he asks was given to him but suddenly his head hurts it feels like his brain is about burst open at torture. He kneels on the Ground while holding his head with both hands. God look at him and stopped.

"Let's stop this you're not ready to take all this Knowledge I'll just give you what you need, any more than this will destroy you and your soul"

Izayoi who hears it calms down and nodded understanding his words for a while and looks up at him while holding his smartphone in his pocket then stands up shows it to him then said to him.

"My second wish is to use this Smartphone in another world Let it charge using magic let it connect to the internet in my former world"

God take the smartphone and Held it in his hands then suddenly it lit up he returned it to the boy.

"DONE, I Also add up to its function it will never be lost, if something happens it will come back to you to its owner, and it's unbreakable and unto the last one!! your last wish!"

Izayoi gladly takes it and put it in his pocket. He take a deep breath and answered him.

"My Third Wish is to let me train for 6 months to master my abilities and items that need to be ready before I go there"

"Okay very well you'll train in the dungeon called Babylon there will be a reward waiting for you there"

Izayoi nodded. God snapping his Fingers The boy disappeared, nowhere to be seen. He transfers him to the dungeon to let him train there

God sighs and the place suddenly transformed into a living house and transforming himself into an old man long beard through his neck wrinkled face sparkling eyes, and a smiling mouth he looks like a 40-year-old man. A white cat suddenly appered to him.

"I never thought that you would reincarnate HIM. Is there another reason for you to let him be Reborn in that world?"

A feminine voice was soothing and clear that you would love to hear. The white cat looks up asking some of his doubts. God Nods his head picking up the white cat and letting him sit on his lap looking down at him tenderly you can feel the kindness in his eyes with emotion and answers him sincerely.

"You could probably say that.. but the main reason is that let him take care of that world"


Asked the cat with doubts cause he knew what kind of God this guy was so he need to confirm it.


the GOD got a chill on his back from the tone that he hears got a shiver in his spine. He is scared because the last time this animal did this is when his BALLS were crushed by this freaking cat.


The cat holding his Balls using his two cute paws the aura of the white cat began to change, electricity filling up the place The Universe began to tremble








That's the end of the WORLD

the apocalypse by crushing his balls his worst nightmare ever....



By remembering those nightmares he shivers, his teeth clattering and his hands shaking nonstop because of his unstoppable trauma filling him up...

so he doesn't have a choice but answer truthfully.

"Well because it's TROUBLESOME to look for other candidates for summoning people it's better to reincarnate one person to stop the calamity by chance of hearing his wishes I respond to him and pick him up, It is supposed SAGAHARA YOSHIHARU We have to put into that world but there's irregular there! That guy wouldn't last long if it is that monkey we have summoned because that guy is too weak-willed Meanwhile Izayoi had a pure soul that can let him influence other people because of his action with kindness and gentleness, courage, and most of all because he is funny and entertaining. And that's why. and so does that answers your question?"

The White cat sighed cause it knows there was nothing more to it and look where Izayoi had gone, his heart began to feel fuzzy at the same time warming up an unforgettable and enjoyable memory filling up his mind, and slowly tears began to fall under his eyes and his voice began to tremble with excitement.

"I'm happy to see you again Iza-chan"

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