11 Chapter 11


It had taken a whole day to get all the materials he asked for. He wasn't making anything too fancy yet so it only took him a few hours to put the pieces together.

Sitting in his assigned room in the now clean HQ, he observed the simple device in front of him. He vaguely remembered seeing Hange using a much more simplistic version of a microscope, but this was a more modern version which would allow him to further his tests.

He couldn't forget the look on Hange's face as she saw the finished product. She couldn't be any more excited.

He took out a small box from his pocket. Opening it, he revealed two slim syringes filled with blood. At first glance there was no difference but he knew better.


[Item: Titan Blood]

[Description: Blood of a pure titan. It evaporates upon exposure to air.]


That was all [Observe] could get out of it. It wasn't hard to get a sample when everyone was dying for any form of advantage against the titans.

The second syringe was simply the blood of a random Garrison soldier he knocked out when nobody was looking.

'I guess all those years of being dragged to my dad's hospital are finally going to be useful.' He thought, recalling his previous life.

'Since it evaporates if it comes in contact with air, I'll have to study it while it's still in the syringe.' He thought, rubbing his temples tiredly. 'This is not going to be fun.'


As 'fun' as it was to play with a poor excuse of a chemistry set all day, he had other things he had to do.

It was night and Liam had decided to go on a little hunt. Leaving an ice clone behind to keep up appearances, he had taken a brief trip past Wall Rose and outside Trost district.

Of course it would be impossible without [Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema] to fly above the walls. He had tested it out a lot during his daily dungeon diving to get used to it but the Zombies were barely giving him anymore EXP.

He wondered if that was the only dungeon available but there was nothing he could do except to switch methods.

It didn't take long to brew up a few doses of invisibility potion, lasting about 10 minutes each but that was more than enough time to fly over the walls. The wings were extremely fast.

Flying above the destroyed city, he caught sight of a large number of titans. Seeing as how it was night, they were unable to move which only made his job easier.

Lightly raising his hand, a few feathers detached themselves from the wings, floating in front of him. With a simple wave of his hand, the feathers shot forward faster than the eyes could see towards one of the immobile titans.

It didn't take more than a second for the feathers to cut through its nape in the required manner. The feathers were more than strong enough to pierce flesh and the best thing he found out about Mastema during his dungeon diving was that even with the amount of feathers he shot forward, the amount on the wings never reduced even by a bit.

This allowed him to snipe his targets to his satisfaction. Slowly flying through the city, he manipulated the feathers to cut through the napes of each titan he encountered.

Though he was aware that they were simply transformed against their will, there was nothing he could do for them at the moment. 'Either you get killed by me now or you get killed by me later when I eventually come back here.' The options didn't differ by much.

[You have leveled up]

He really missed that particular notification. 'The expedition will happen in a matter of weeks. Why not lay the groundwork now?' He was already aware of the route they would take.

With the Trost gate permanently sealed, they would have to go through the Karanes gate towards the east and make their way towards Shiganshina.

'Just in case Annie decides to dishonor our agreement, I'll just have to cut down a few dozen titans. If I remember correctly, she's able to rally titans with her scream.' It was also a precaution against Reiner and Bertholdt, though he was sure that they wouldn't attempt anything.

At least not yet.

With that in mind, he went forward, easily killing the titans in his sight as he slowly cleared a path towards Karanes.

-[Next Day]-

Sitting in the room assigned to him, he couldn't help but be satisfied. The daily dungeon diving added to the titan hunt he did the previous night rewarded him with a few increases in his level.

Name - Liam Ross

Level - 58

Race - Human

Hp - 3500 [140 per minute]

Mp- 4000 [150 per 30 seconds]

Str - 50

Vit - 70

Dex - 60

Int - 80

Wis- 75

Cha - 90

Points - 55

He was certainly happy with himself. Liam immediately got to work in assigning his points, putting 30 points into Vit.



[Perk Earned for reaching 100 Vit]

[Resilient Body]

All Damage reduced by 25%


He then added 20 points to Int and the remaining 5 to Cha



[Perk Earned for reaching 100 INT]

[Mana Attuned]

Additional 20 MP per 1 INT


Name - Liam Ross

Level - 58

Race - Human

Hp - 5000 [200 per minute]

Mp- 7000 [150 per 30 seconds]

Str - 50

Vit - 100

Dex - 60

Int - 100

Wis- 75

Cha - 95

Points - 0

Smirking to himself, he closed the menu as he turned his attention back to what he was working on.

It had occurred to him that Marley had a way of determining if a person was Eldian or not. He also remembered that Eren Kruger, the man who gave Grisha the Attack Titan, said that he paid a doctor to forge his results.

That only meant that there was something different between the two. Like a kind of genetic marker or a unique property found only in Eldian blood.

It had taken him a while and effort to analyze the titan blood as best as he could and he noted one thing. Despite their transformation, titan blood still vaguely resembled that of a human.

Vaguely in the sense that it looked like that of a regular human except that it was violently mutated at the cellular level. The similarities were there but the differences were more glaring.

That's when he got an idea. 'Is it possible to put together a potion that could reverse the mutation? Would they die or would they return to their human form?' He thought as he looked at a notepad on the table that had a few notes that he scribbled down during the analysis.

'With this, I have proof that could maybe prove that titans were once humans.' Though it was proof, it wasn't enough.

Some people would disprove it by stating that the titans looked somewhat similar to humans so it would be probable that their blood would be similar as well.

He frowned as he thought about what to do. 'Hange is eager for results. Do I tell her and let her deal with the questions or do I wait until I have a solution to it first?' He thought, clicking his teeth in indecision.

He could see different ways to play each scenario which was why he wanted to be careful in which one he chose.

"I need to take my head off this for a while." He muttered as he got off the seat and exited the room, a thought occurring to him.


Things had calmed down after the whole breach incident. The wall was sealed and they had just finished the cleanup operation to account for all those who lost their lives during the battle of Trost.

Pyxis had called for Ian so the man had gone off to HQ to meet with him. That left Mitabi free until he was needed.

As he walked through the streets, he thought back to the strange boy they met during the battle. A boy skilled enough to take down multiple titans in mere moments.

The memory of him taking down three titans which were at least 10 meters in mere moments still played in his mind till this very day.

'I wonder which regiment he'll join. It'll no doubt be the survey corps.' He thought dryly. 'A lot of the good ones go there.' He thought bitterly before discarding it.

As he walked, he found himself near Rico's house as he remembered something. 'I remember her leaving with him after talking with Commander Pyxis. Maybe she'll have an idea.' He thought as he walked towards her door.

As he raised his hand to knock, he froze, paling rapidly at the slightly muffled sounds of debauchery coming from within.

'What the hell?' It was fairly obvious to those who knew them well enough that Ian had a thing for Rico.

'Wait a minute. If Ian's with Pyxis, then who's in there?!' Though muffled, he obviously recognized the female voice as Rico's…if moans could be classified as a voice.

He quietly moved to the window at the side. The glass was only a bit clear but it was enough for him to see inside.

'That's him!' He froze in shock at the face of the male currently pounding into Rico. Even though he looked quite different, he still recognized the boy's face and dark hair.

'What the hell is going on?' He thought as he quickly left the area, not turning back. As he moved away from the house, though his mind was still reeling in shock, he was stable enough to momentarily speak.

"I'm sorry Ian." He muttered as he walked away lifelessly.


'Well that was…relieving.' Liam thought as he made his way to the center where the regiment selection was to happen.

He had been given the option to attend which he took for a few reasons, the first being to find Annie. The second objective was to know just how many people survived the battle of Trost and so that he could account for it in the event that he had a plan that relied on the numbers.

It was already getting dark but he knew the selection wasn't going to start until later so he wasn't in a hurry.

'Hange is going to burst a casket if I don't get there on time.' He thought with a sigh but didn't bother to speed up his walking.

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