1 Journey of a Trickster

In the endless void inside a strange house a man with bored expression is thinking what he can do to have fun. He's a being from the same time when the first Law was born, none of the present Gods, Celestial being or Primordial beasts knows where did he come from, only that he's older and more powerful than them.

This being named himself Rai, a simple name because he was too lazy and didn't want something complicated. He loves spying the humans because they are very creative and intriguing, they have the power to create many thing for a better lifestyle and mostly how it was created various entertainment.

He use most of his time with his power to watch movies, TV series, listening music and play games. The only thing he's sad for is how some of the humans are greedy for power bringing destruction to their own home and mostly the day the one called God by them left with sadness during WW2 seeing the death and destruction everywhere. Why can't they lives in peace, with determination they could live a happy life without causing death and lose those who are precious the them. Today Rai still can see many humans pray to the God for his blessing without knowing he left long time ago, but fortunately God created a System management for those who died, the souls who still believe in Him and are without major Sins can go to Heaven or reincarnated, for the ones who sinned to much there's only Hell or obliteration.

There were others beings proclaimed Gods by humans born from the power of faith like the Greeks but only few are still alive because they are needed to maintain order like the God of War and Goddess of Love, this is because long time ago they tried to expand their influence everywhere even going to war against the Biblical God and most of them were killed by angels and archangels.

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