7 Evolution

{} - Voice of World

[] - Wiseone

"" - speech

'' - mental speech


It has been two months since Velzard had decided to stay here and let me tell you, it is the worst! They both claim to be opposites to each other but that is complete bullshit, they both constantly complain about everything when ever something needs done It some how become my problem. Don't even get me started on the food, I thought Velgrynd was a pain but Velzard is far worst, they are both gluttons who eat more than there body weight in food everyday, they don't even gain weight it is complete bullshit. To make it all worse is Velzard is a picky eater, Velgrynd will eat most things you give her, Velzard won't eat certain foods and she won't eat the same thing for two days in row. Before you say 'Just tell her to deal with it and man up' first of all that is stupid they are True Dragons, second I already did do that and I spend the whole day stuck in ice, I would probably left in there longer if Velzard didn't release I need to move to cook.

{AN: Some people might be going on about beta mc, but it will improve. Do remember they are True Dragons and he is just human even if he is strong for the average human, but when he gets stronger and can put up a fight against them it will all flip.}

On another more positive note, over the last two months I have been constantly training and consuming beasts in the forest. In the last two weeks my growth feels like it has been slowing down, according to Wiseone it's because I'm reaching the peak of what a human can achieve and am getting ready to evolve. It should be any day now.



"We should probably head back after consuming this beast." I say to Velgrynd.

"Yeah, I want to sleep." says Velgrynd with a tired look. I don't even know why she came with me for this hunting, she just complains. Well anyways 'Gluttony'.

{Conditions met commencing Evolution.}

{Entity entering sleep mode}

"Oh fuc...." says Levi as he passes out.

"LEVI!! What happened?" screamed Velgrynd, as she runs over to him. Checking him she notices he passed out due to evolution. "This idiot didn't even tell me he was about to evolve. I should probably bring him back to the cave so he doesn't get disturbed." continued Velgrynd.



{Individual 'Levi' has reached maximum potential for human race}

{Evolving into enlightened}

{Entity Wiseone requests for unique skill}


{Entity Wiseone retrying}






{Offering sacrifice of skills}


{Consuming skills, Ice manipulation, fire manipulation, Reinforce, Barrier and Power slash}

{Unique skill 'aspiration' granted}

[Notice, Wiseone using degenerate to create new skills.]

[Skills, Elemental manipulation, Omni-breath.... created]

{Evolution process complete}



Man my head is killing me, those voices they must have been Wiseone and The Voice Of The World. It said I got a unique skill should probably check that. 'Wiseone can you show my skills'


Name: Levi

Race: Enlightened

Blessing: Crest of Scorch

Title: Fucking Idiot

Unique: Wiseone, Degenerate, Gluttony, Aspiration

Intrinsic: high-speed regeneration, universal thread, omni-breath, universal sense

Extra Skills: shadow motion, thought communication, silent steps, elemental manipulation

Skills: Body Armor

Resistances: elemental resistance, poison resistance, magicule poisoning immunity


Damn I got a new unique skill afterall, 'Wiseone can you show me the information about it'

[Notice, yes]


Aspiration -

Icicle flames - Flames that are extremely hot and cold, extremely hard to heal or treat.

Weapon coating - The ability to reinforce and apply Icicle flames to your weapons and use them in attacks and arts.

Reinforced Barrier - An extremely strong barrier.


Damn that is pretty good.

"Oh look who decided to wake up." said Velgrynd. "Yes I see that sister" continued Velzard.

Turning around and looking at them I notice they look pretty pissed off, "Why are you guys mad?"

"Because you didn't tell us you where going to evolve, If Velgrynd wasn't there something bad could have happened to you"

"haha you don't have to worry about me."

"and if something did happen to you who would cook food for me." said Velzard with a sad look. This fucking bitch only cares about my food, 'Wiseone what are my chances of winning?'

[Notice, 0%]

'What! isn't there like 0.00000000001% chance.'

[Notice, No there is no chance, Host is advised against suicidal actions.]

"Hey Velzard, why don't you help me make the food?"

"hmm that doesn't sound like a bad idea, fine I will go and hunt the food." She said as she left the cave. That worked? I thought she would spew some bullshit about True Dragon pride and looking at Velgrynd she is also shocked.

"Well I'm going to set up everything for cooking."

"Cool I'm going to sleep."

After a while Velzard comes back with some snow bear thing, I have never seen it before but it is apparently Velzards favorite. The thing is, Velzard actually helped with the cooking, yes the lazy, glutton, True Dragon actually did something productive. I thought she was a fake for a while.

Anyway me, Velzard and Velgrynd are all sitting around the fire eating the snow bear, it is actually pretty good, just talking about things.

Levi - "You know I was thinking."

Velgrynd - "what?"

Levi - "How about we go on a trip around the content?"

Velzard - "That doesn't sound like a bad idea"

Velgrynd - "But where would we sleep?"

Levi - "Is that really major concern?"

Velgrynd - "Yeah"

Levi - "Wow, anyway, I sort of need to go and travel so I can learn different arts and magic."

Velzard - "True, we don't know any arts just some magic."

Levi - "So is it decided?"

Velzard - "Yeah let's go a journey"

Velgrynd - "Fine"

Looks like we are going a journey, I already feels a head ache coming on. But little did he know everyone all over the world got one, even Veldanava which greatly concerned him due to his inability to get headaches.

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