49 Decoded Report - World Gate pt.1

The following progress report of the project "World Gate" was written by Doctor Jan K. Langenberg. Clearance level Beta.


Special Protocols for Employees:

All researchers of the "World Gate" must be checked by a psychologist who has no knowledge related to the project bi-weekly. If the psychologist believes that a worker has a significant decrease in sanity, this worker will be removed from the project and their memories of the project will be taken.

Employees who have made significant breakthroughs in the project should immediately report this to any higher-level personal. The memories of these breakthroughs will be removed, but the name of the breakthrough will remain in the subconscious of workers to avoid repetition.

Upon completion of the project, all participating employees have the choice to use the result of the "World Gate", or to erase their memories related to the project. Exceptions to this protocol are:

- all personnel required to remain in this world to maintain the Gate.

- Doctor Jan K Langenberg

- Doctor Yelena Golovach

- Professor William Abbot

- Special Agent Toad [x]

- Special Agent Crow

- Special Agent Snake

- Special Agent Human

- Special Agent Horse

- Special Agent Ferret

- Special Agent Cat [x]

- Special Agent Dog [x]


The World Gate Project was first opened four years ago from the writing of this entry. I could use the chronology of this world, but unfortunately the one here is unusable, to say the least. This world does not have a unified system of chronology, because of this we have to use the time from the beginning of the operation instead of the usual "calendar."

The goal of Operation World Gate is to find the location of the "Gate" and find a way to open it, if possible. To do this, our benefactors have assembled a team of bright minds... and a few desperate souls ready to leave their lives behind.

Our personal thoughts should not affect the reports, but I don't think anyone will get to the draft version. That's not counting the codes and other... traps that I left in the translation.

If I could, these "desperate souls" would be long dead. I never had any tolerance for cold-blooded murderers and rapists. In any case, the selection of personnel for this project was not made by me, so I can only work with the tools available.

Should I write about my colleagues in these entries? I think not, they have enough intelligence to remain professional, so I will refrain from making unnecessary comments.

As soon as our team gathered enough information about this world, we began to study the existing myths. Given the strong spiritual nature of this world, Dr. Golovach suggested that the Gate would most likely be closely associated with Spirits and "Places of Power," as she put it. So, learning about the Great Library, where the omniscient - or really knowledgeable, the legends were not clear on that - Spirit rules, we decided to visit this place in search of information.

We found what we were looking for, but at the cost of a library that will henceforth be buried under the sands of the desert, and the lives of Agent Human and Agent Cat. Agent Dog could not come to terms with the death of his wife and committed suicide that evening. Several prisoners also died that day, but I will not honor their memory by writing their names.

The good news is that we've found the Gate location. Bad news: any mention of the name of the location itself can shake the mind of a person if the will of one is not strong enough. We are... not sure exactly how it works, future testing will require much more advanced hardware than the world has right now. I'm not going to wait ten generations to run these tests.

The place I'm talking about is called the "Spirit Womb" and according to legend is the birthplace of all Spirits.

This is false. The Spirit Womb is not even in the Spirit World as Professor Abbot expected. This place is located somewhere in the southern region of the Earth Kingdom, but we are still not sure of the exact coordinates.

Special Agent Toad was killed by one of the "Benders" due to suspicions of being in a relationship with the wife of a local when we stopped in a village on our way south. We found his corpse pierced with an earth spear. Not the best way to die, but not the worst.

I will continue to write here about our progress so as not to miss too important events from the final report.

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