Journalist of Souls : Lord of the Underworld

When Ukai, part of a family which completely hated him, started aspiring to actually become a good person with a good job, another man named Shin stole everything... fiance? ( GONE! ) families appreciation ( GONE! ) system he was supposed to inherit 13 years ago? ( GONE! ) At the edge of his life, Shin appeared again, witnessing Ukai kill himself... "again...y'know, keeping up an illusion for 20 years straight is pretty hard..." Said 'Shin' "we both know that's a lie, Jester..." said a mysterious voice, As 'Shin' gained a black and white mask, Well also obtaining a silver crown on top of his head. "Now that the potential sealing isn't needed anymo- "It still is." "WHAT! but we killed him?" Said 'Shin' "we did... That's exactly what he needed to awaken..." "wait.... then why the heck did we do that!?" Said 'Shin'. "Naive, but... You will see." Said '???'. - The book cover is completely AI made

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6 Chs

True self ( 1-3 )

As Ukai chose the Path of spiritual gluttony, He felt a deep warm sensation hidden inside of his body, causing immense ecstasy.

'W.....WHAT THE....?' Ukai thought, As the warm sensation got hotter and hotter, to the point where he should have been feeling immense pain.... But he wasn't.

[ 'Hidden quest - Rebirth' has been completed!

Rewards :

- Path chosen ( spiritual gluttony )

- authority ( boundless soul )

- Ascension ( beginning of the path to Power )

- meeting with the god of souls ( Ukai ) ]

"...huh?" Said Ukai, As the burning sensation silently faded away, same with the system prompt as well.

[ You have ascended to....

( Non-Ascent ) - LV.2! ] Said the system.

"What does that mean?" Said Ukai, as he felt his mental realm start to slowly collapse, He also had yet to realize the benefits of the rewards he had obtained.

[ Sending message...

The god of souls has accepted! ] Said the system.

"H- before Ukai could even begin to ask any questions, he quickly faded away ( his mental form did ), as the previous stable mind realm that was previously collapsing then stabilized.

[.... Too bad I can't temper with what their doing... ] Said the system, to no one's response.


"Hello...Lesser version." Said a man, He held long white hair along with wearing a white kimono along with many other features ( The Man from the book cover ).

"HUH!" Shouted Ukai, clearly being surprised from all that had transpired in a couple of minutes.

"You must be confused, and that's understandable... Although you probably shouldn't be acting like that when you're literally facing a guy who could kill you with their presence alone." Said the man, coldly, sending shivers down Ukai's spine, immediately shutting him up.

As Ukai looked around, He found out that they were in a space very similar to his own mental realm, except, much...much, larger.

"Look at me so that I actually can tell you what's going on." Said the man, calmly.

Immediately after Ukai paid all of his attention to the man.

"First off : All that you have experienced is in fact real, no dream.

Second off : You aren't who you think you are.

Third off : Your name isn't even yours." Said the man.

"...uhm...sir...Can I ask a question?" Said Ukai. " Ask away." " What do you mean by I'm not who I think I am?" Questioned Ukai.

"You're a fragment of a higher entities soul, being honest here I'm not even from the main script but your soul ( the fragment that makes you up ) sure is." Said the man.

"And what's the main script?" Said Ukai. "The main script can be seen as the largest and most powerful pantheon of entities ever. If you don't know what a pantheon is then it's basically just a group of gods from one religion or myth. In script can basically be seen as a amalgamation of multiple pantheons which are the strongest of the strong, their presence could kill some of the strongest entities you can think of." Said the man.

"But...sir...- "Its Ukai as well." Said 'Ukai'.

"...uh, if main script entities are so strong then how come orion had an item made from the tiniest bit of essence from two of those same entities?" Asked Ukai, reasonably looking for answers.

"Never said main script entities were actively hunting for people like you, a lot of them do once to see the day that the seed of the underworld truly awakens ( I'm sure you've heard from Orion what that is )."

"Okay...but, What do you mean my name isn't even mine?" Asked Ukai. "I came first, you came second, also the only reason you were even named that was because your parents were.... Alcoholics...( At the time )." Said Ukai.

"Ok... Then what do I do now?" Said Ukai, looking around some more.

"Isn't that obvious, you get your memories from your soul fragment and you go to who knows where!" Said Ukai, as the godlike being snapped his fingers, causing for the entirety of the mental realm to shake."

"Oh and also, You have a lot of capabilities that the seed of the underworld keeps you from unlocking." Said Ukai, snapping his fingers once again, causing even more shaking.

[ 'quintessence' has been attained. ] Said the system.

"Huh... Figuring of how you're so strong I didn't think the system would be able to interfere...?" Said Ukai ( fragment )

"Yada, yada, Just get out. Also if you're wondering I may or may not just happen to be the only reason you were even near the river of reincarnation, so thank me." Said Ukai ( God )

"Well....bye." said Ukai ( fragment ), as a massive portal similar to that of a black whirlpool appeared behind him.

"God of souls, commands you to leave." Said Ukai, snapping his fingers for the final time, causing fragment yukai to fully get sucked into the portal.

"Man was he annoying..."


"Huh!" Said Ukai, looking around himself.

'Orange prison like clothes... Black hair for some reason... And I'm in a jail cell?' Said Ukai.

"Hey Kaito, someone wants to talk to you." Said a guard specifically the one that had just walked in into his view.

"...." Ukai try to speak but noticed that his mouth was unmoving, and he couldn't even control any of his actions!

"Am I a spectator?" Said Ukai, inside of his mind of course, seeing as he could have actually talk.


As the jail cell opened for 'Kaito' to walk out, Ukai noticed his immense physical strength as he easily bursted up words towards the door, before stopping and waiting for the jail cell to open, All the while his two hands were being held together due to his belly chain.

'I wonder, what am 'i' in prison for?' Thought Ukai, exciting to observe.

- Tap + Tap + Tap -

"We're here." Said the guard as Kaito appeared behind a glass window.