The peace...

As Ukai rushed through his phone ( "YouTube do be bussing." - me ), He breathed in and out, as his breath was seeable with its gray coloring.

"Man... Winter sucks ( Christmas carries ).." Said Ukai, as his jacket slightly fluttered in the air, a affect that would feel slightly exaggerated... That is of course saying that you weren't going to get your dream job..." You can do this!" Said Ukai, As time momentarily stopped for him, As he noticed the fact that...

"HEY, UKAI!" Said Shin, A black haired man who was wearing similar clothes as Ukai, coming from the brand [ Umios ].

As Ukai looked around and confusion for a couple of seconds, he quickly realized where the voice was coming from and who was shouting... Quickly dampening his mood.

'Don't tell me he's going to ask for money! What more could this do take for me?' Thought Ukai, I see genuinely wondered what Shin - The dude who stole everything he had - wanted.

"What." Said Ukai, quickly, as he genuinely wanted to get to the job interview.

"Well... You should probably be looking where the sign that said they needed a new person is go-

"SERIOUSLY!" Said Ukai, already knowing where it was going.

"What? So what if I got the job? Whatcha gonna do about it?" Said Shin.

"W....nothing...( Why the heck wasn't I informed!? ).." Said Ukai.

"Hah...welp, bye bye." Said Shin, walking inside of the building.


"Damn" Said Ukai, as he walked into his apartment building, with it being amazingly clear that he was poor.

There were multiple cracks and spider webs inside of the apartment, and other than the basic necessities there was even a large amount of bugs ( thankfully they seemed to be newborns so they were small but very large in amount ).

"Huh....DAMN!" Said Ukai, has he threw off his red scarf, and his brown coat onto his couch ( which was amazingly small ), throwing himself to the ground, for catching himself and throwing himself to the couch.

"Damn... I was finally going to work at 'Co-Morphers', my life could have changed!" Yelled Ukai, slamming his fist down on the couch in pure rage and anger.


An amazingly loud 'ding dong' shook throughout the apartment, as Ukai quickly wiped the nearly non-existent tears on his face, fixing his pants as he went up to the door.

- qqq -

As he opened up the door , making a squeaking sound, he noticed some of the few people he didn't want to meet...

"What do you want?" Said Ukai.

"Aww.... We're just seeing how pathetic you really are Shin!" Said Makoto, his brother, as he looked around the apartment in 'curiosity'.

'F*ck*ng leave my property!' Thought Ukai, as he stood there, ready to close the door at any time.

"Trash...but anyways, we're also here because you have some stuff that isn't officially under your name..." Said Athena, his mom.

"What do you mean? Everything I own is under my name! I don't even remember borrowing any sort of money from you guys either." Replied Ukai.

"Yes...your house actually belongs to us." Said Athena, responding to Ukai.

"H....oh.... Shin bought it?" Asked Ukai, already knowing the answer in advance, although he did keep a sprinkle of hope.

"HA! For once your puny brain actually got something right!" Said Makoto, as without anyone's permission, he entered the house.

"Wait a second! I still have rent money so technically I can stay here!" Said Ukai.

"Nope, this is one part of torture which I actually didn't interfere in!" Said Kirin, Ukai's dad.

"The monthly rent is naturally ( Even if you didn't use anything for the month ) $2,000." Said Kirin.

"Wah....w-WHAT!" Said Ukai, shouting in anger.

"It was only a hundred bucks before! You can't just raise the price like th-

Before he could even finish speaking, something hit his back....


- GGG -

As he fell to the ground, he noticed that a lot of his stuff had been uncaringly packed up into some of the few bags that he saved ( in case he would ever move out ), which was one of the few instances of good luck he held.

"We already know you can't pay, therefore we're just going to have to kick you out right now!" Said Makoto, standing right behind Ukai.

"G... Even then! I only have to pay rent at the end of the month and that's 3 days away!" Said Ukai.

"O....ops." Said Makoto, as all of the family members they're sneered at him.

"Let's go." Said Jessica, his sister, as she had already started walking away to the car that they were using.

As Ukai watched them walk away, He simply stared back into his house, which was decently ruined but within 5 days could be cleaned and fixed up... ( If you're not counting all of the spider webs and cracks ).

- ( 1-day later ) -

As Ukai went towards the building hopeful wish he would hopefully obtain a job, he thankfullyvdidn't notice anyone like Shin around.

'I wonder why that guy can always find me.' Said Ukai.

[ -E-R....ERR... ]

"Huh?" Said Ukai, as he looked around, but saw no one making a 'Eee, rrr' sound.

'must have been my imagination.' Said Ukai. 'I wonder if they're going to kick me out because of my clothes alone.' thought Ukai. He figured himself pretty stupid because of what he was wearing last time however due to the extreme coldness it was kind of reasonable, despite the fact that it was so cold it was still hotter than before, hot enough to wear 'nice clothes.'

As he walked into the decently large building, He sat on one of the nearby chairs next to a person who had long since sat down.

'is there a lot of job offers?' Said Ukai, realizing that there was a decent amount of people inside of the decently larged building.

[ - Hello, can we get a 'Ukai - Majinn'... ( Weird name )... - ] Called someone from the speakers.

'Lets do this!' Thought Ukai, as he walked up to the doors...


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