1 Path - spiritual gluttony

As LiW and Jester continued to battle, in another area of the pure desert....

"So that's what's happening." Said a giant gaunt man, wearing a cloak to cover his lower body, along with that he held two extra pairs of arms as well, making him look like some sort of giant monster ( but mainly humanoid ).

"So basically, I have this thing called the 'seed of the underworld' inside of me, which is a danger to everyone and even the people in the 'Main script?" Asked Ukai. "There isn't really a point to summarize my words but yes, That's what I'm saying, and I'm here to help you awaken that seed of the underworld." Said the man named Orion.

"Anyways, to begin the process..." Oreon pulled out a massive red crystal. "You're going to have to get in contact with this." Said Orion.

"Umm.... okay?" Said Ukai, wondering where he even pulled out the massive red crystal from.

As he maid contact, he felt a feeling of pure ecstasy, something... Addicting.

As soon as Orion forcefully pulled his arm off of the red massive crystal, Ukai was nearly about to shout at him before regaining his normal composure.

"W...what happened?" Asked Ukai.

"You just made contact with a fusion of some high level entities source material ( progenitor of worlds energy, primordial of essences essence, etc ), some of which we even got from the main scripters! Now due to the fact that the potential seal on you was created by a high level transcendent entity, it's going to take a lot more to actually remove it." Said Orion.

"What do we do with for that?" Asked Ukai. "Duh awaken." Said Orion.

"... Isn't that... What we're trying to do?" Asked Ukai, confusion eminent in his voice. "Yes but I'm not talking about 'the seed of the underworld' Awakening, but Awakening what sort of path you will go on ( Power system explanation time! )."

"... Just explain." Said Ukai, As he started catching glimpse of the fight between LiW ( who he learned was on their side ) and the Jester.

"Well... There are many paths that a person can take, some of the most notable ones are 'The path of spirituality', 'the path of mysticism', 'the path of Divinity', and 'the path of physicality'. Every person takes a path ( there are more pads than these paths that I have mentioned ), and after reaching a search on the level of power they grow their own abilities completely unique to them, these are special abilities originate from their divinity or 'Soul originality', something I will go about later.

Basically there are many different techniques like 'Fragment World' and 'territorial reversal' That all people from all paths can utilize, but again I won't really be going about that as I don't need to." Said Orion, pushing up his non-existent glasses.

"Basically to awaken a person has to come in contact with their Soul source or future divinity, after doing so they can awaken into any path they want ( As long as they have an affinity for it, affinities for a certain path can range between 1% to 100%, and if it's 100% then you will normally be far stronger than people at your same level or stage of power ). Due to the seed of the underworld inside of you its most likely that your preferred path would be that of the path of spirituality." Said Orion, once again pushing up his non-existent glasses, something Ukai was confused by, but didn't mention.

"How do we awaken, you may ask? Very simple, Just absorb this crystal." Said Orion. "Absorb.... IM Genuinely questioning if I'm going mad." Said Ukai, looking at Orion in confusion.

"No of course to absorb this magnificent crystal, All you have to do is channel your energy through it ( You have a specifically made it so that it would automatically be absorbed into your body allowing for a clean awakening process )." Said Orion, having to stop a massive javelin from hitting both his and Ukai's head, as LiW used her 'blob into the air, javelin into the ground' attack.

"AAHJH!" Said Ukai, he was nearly pierced by a javelin, a clear near death experience.

"Lightspeed sure is fast for you guys, but back to the original topic, just touch the crystal and try to stay focused this time." Said Orion, is he basically pushed Ukai, touch it.

But once he did...

'DAMNIT!! STAY FOCUSED!!' Said Ukai, as a slither of his nearly non-existent pool of natural energy ended up inside of the massive red crystal...

[ Detecting 'primordial progenitative essence crystal', absorbing...






100%.... ( !! Completion !! ) ]

As Ukai looked at the screen in front of him, he genuinely wondered...

"Do I have a system?" He asked.

"Yep, also it's not even the seed of the underworld... Not even an inheritance... Technically you are its creator." Said Orion, giving Ukai some time to think about what he had said.

"W-... Never mind I probably wouldn't even understand... Aren't I supposed to be awak-?" Nearly asked Ukai, as with a big mental flash, he got knocked out.

"....Remi sure does love playing... If it was Tiamat, Jester would already be dead." Said Orion, as he picked up Ukai's body and with light speeds ( far beyond it actually ), Orion practically teleported to another area.


- Huh! - Said Ukai, as he appeared in what he immediately assumed to be space.

There were multiple stars, a massive sun, and even planets as well...

[ Hello creator / administrator! Due to what the system has calculated, we can approximately say that your connection with the path of spirituality is 100%! ] Said the System.

"Huh...Orion did say that, how am I getting used to this so quickly?" Asked Ukai, to himself sort of.

[ That's one of the effects of the system, if not then you would still be a mad man.

But anyways would you like to go on the path of spirituality? ] Asked the System, seemingly taking pride in its words despite the fact that due to it being inside of Ukai's mental world, It didn't have its usual mechanical voice, so no one could tell it was being prideful.

"Is there any other paths with equal potential rates?" He asked.

[ Yea.

There are :

- path of spirituality ( already seen )

- path of celestialism

- path of mysticism

- path of realms

- path of thoughts

- path of knowledge

- path of Death

- path of souls

- Path of spiritual gluttony ( Unique ) ] replied the system.

"Wait a second... If I'm right then a unique path is way stronger than normal! Why was I about to choose the path of spirituality?" Said Ukai, before quickly remembering that the system almost automatically chose it as his option, although he didn't say anything.

[ Path of spiritual gluttony ( description ) :

Normally the path of spiritual gluttony is seen as a very in pure path due to this the user has to devour and eat a lot of minds to stay sane, however due to the seed of the underworld you wouldn't have this issue, along with that the path of spiritual latony actually provides all of the benefits of the path of the soul and the path of spirituality as well. ] Said the system.

"Ok... It seems this seed of the underworld is pretty overpowered." Said Ukai.

"Is there a status I can look at?" Asked Ukai.

[..... If you were stronger while naturally creating the system then yes maybe there would be....]

"Hey don't blame me I didn't even know what supernatural factor was inside of existence outside of novels!" Replied Ukai, clearly offended, however the system didn't respond.

"Well anyways, the path of spiritual gluttony."


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- spiritual glutton, now here!

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