Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: JojoFate.

What happens when a no-life gamer otaku virgin gets transmigrated during the events of fate/zero in the body of a 7-year-old. First, he has an orgasm. Second, he Nigerundayo's the s#it out of there. Third, he gets hit by a car, passes out, then wakes in the Einzbern's castle while the meeting between Rider, Archer, and Saber and then he gets noticed by Archer aka Gilgamesh. It was at this moment that he knew he f**ked up. ---- The Story starts from Fate/Zero. There will be Stand users and a final boss villain along with the barrage of Stand users before reaching him because that's what Jojo is all about. MC will be slightly(a lot) Op after the boss fight of Fate/Stay Night. Go and read now. And Praise the Sun while rejoice for a new Fanfic.

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Nigerundayoooo! fails;-;

'First things first, priorities, I don't have a family to worry about, so that's good. My computer has a bomb on it, it will explode after about 6 hours if the timer is correct, and my hard drive will be safe, no one shall ever know anything that was in it.' He had a slight blush remembering all the 'things' he had on his computer.

'Second is the contents of this book,' He picked up the book closed it, and let go of it, the book magically disappeared, he then stretched out his hand and the book appeared again.

'The book itself is pretty cool and all kinda like a grimoire from Black Clover without the Clover part, but the things in it are even cooler and more uncool than anything I have ever seen.'

'First is the basics, Hamon, Spin, and Stands, detailed information on Stands and learning methods of both Hamon and Spin.'

'Second is my stand and it's... let's not talk about it, I will get PTSD.'

'Third is the Requiem Arrow and Way to Heaven,' He turned to a specific page and looked at the photo.

It was a photo of a drawing of a man on a throne holding an arrow while looking down at some people with weird clothing, a drawing very similar to that of ancient Egyptians.

At the bottom right there was a date 1273 A.D.

'This is confusing the drawing is Egyptian but the date... as far as I know the last Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra VII's rule only lasted till 30 BCE. But the date here is 1303 years after her rule... Hold up wait a minute, 1273, weird clothes, and an Egyptian Pharaoh...'

A realization had suddenly hit him, "Th-this... This is the event of the Camelot Singularity meaning the Pharaoh in this picture is Ramesses II also known as Ozymandias."

"Now it makes all sense," Jouichirou then turned the page to the Author's Note Chapter, where a bunch of pages 4 in total were blurred out.

But even though the pages were blurred out Jouichirou could roughly figure out what was written on one of them, "Fate/Grand Order".

"But why did the Author give me this..., damn it, it's confusing. I will deal with this later,"

He then turned to the Status and Missions Chapter, as you can guess it was like a regular status screen you would see in games and novels the only difference being that there was no Level and stat points option not even a shop, it only described his current conditions.

But, there was an Adaptations page as well.

Next, were missions and those things... well:

Mission 1: Cuck Gigglemesh by stealing his treasure.

Reward: You get to keep what you stole.

Mission 2: Cuck him some more.

Reward: You get to know Author's three sizes and get to keep what you stole.

Reading them Jouichirou had the urge to just rip it apart, but he didn't as doing so would mean he accepted the mission, or at least that is what he read from the Author's notes.

'I have more confidence in being able to do a Genshin Artifact Grind without sleeping than these missions.'

And here is the real thing, these are just side missions decided by the Author, side missions, f**king side missions.

And the main missions were:

Achieve Requiem.

Reward: You have access to all Requiem Stands, along with the usual effects of Requiem.

Achieve Heaven.

Reward: You have access to all Heaven Stands, along with Stand evolution.

Collect and integrate all the Corpse parts that are spread throughout the different timelines.

Reward: Reward comes in three options for each corpse part you collect and integrate with:

Option 1: If the corpse part you collected has generated a stand before, then you can choose that very stand, for example, if you get the Left Arm then you can choose to make your own permanent Stand ability and get Tusk's ability.

Option 2: Or, you can just generate a new stand of your own.

Option 3: Gacha an already existing stand.

*Deep breath goes in* *Comes out*

"Well, no point in worrying about it, the only chapter that I don't understand now is Eyes of Heaven, it's that Jojo game, but here it is kinda like my own Sharingan here, if you know what I mean, the book says it will awaken after experiencing a... emotional trauma?"

"Anyways now is not the time." He looked at the clock hanging on the wall going TikTok. He then grabbed a bag and started packing.

He also changed his outfit, he now wore blue jeans, a green hoody jacket with a smiley face on the chest part and the words Dream written under it, a black belt with a white smiley face, black fingerless gloves with a smiley face, and knuckles with as you guessed it smiley face on each one.

"Man, this kid must have been a dream stan." He said looking at the cherry of this outfit, a white face mask with a smiley face.

"Wait does Dream even exist right now... Meh, doesn't matter. All that matters is that this outfit is cool, Dream is badass and me wearing this mean I am cool and badass at the same time." He said putting on the mask.

He opened the door and went outside, closed the door behind, went to the road, and drew in a deep breath.

"Joestar Family Secret Technique: NIGERUNDAYOOOO!"

And so he ran, he ran like a p*ssy, he ran fast as f**k, Jouichirou planned on leaving the city, he didn't want to get involved in the mess known as the Fourth Holy Grail War.

He ran to a nearby highway that would lead him out of the city, he planned to stick to the back of a car going to another city kinda like spiderman.

He hadn't received his monthly cash for 3 months and all his savings went into food, so he couldn't just ride a train out.

He arrived in a forest area, in between a tunnel and a turning point the distance between them would be about 7 meters.

"This place seems kinda... familiar I guess... meh, doesn't matter, what matters is that a car or something should pass by here... maybe."

He looked inside the unlit tunnel, "Man, sure is dark in there.". But the unlit tunnel was lit up. Jouichirou turned around and saw two headlights of a drifting car coming at him at 60 km/h or 37 mph.

The last thing he saw was the arms of his stand coming out and punching the car which did nothing but put a big dent in the car as the car rammed into him.

His last thoughts were, 'What idiot drives at 60 on a turning point.'


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