Jock Next Bed (BL)

College was like a wake-up call for most people. Especially the likes of Christopher Owen, who spent the rest of his high school years messing around and pining for the boy he never had. Having had a frustrating high school year, he decided to dedicate himself to his studies in college.   He flew many miles away from home, changed his looks, and hid his real identity from everyone.  His plans were simple: study hard, pass well, no dating. But then he realized two things: life was anything but easy without the backing of his last name. And... he wasn't sure how long he could last before he jumped his roommate, who was obviously not gay. But lust wasn't love, right? Maybe he could indulge a little? Just a little, I promise.

ThatAmazingGirl · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
121 Chs


Chris looked at Sky suspiciously. 

Didn't that tone sound familiar, or was he overthinking? 

Nah. He doubted he was overthinking. 

Either Sky really wasn't pleased with Gary being here or Sky... was jealous. 

Collins, noticing the sudden shift in the conversation, interjected in his usual bland tone. "Aren't we here to order?" His words acted as a disruption, breaking the gaze between Sky, Chris, and Gary and redirecting the attention of the group. "I'll take your orders." He offered, taking out a notebook and pen to write. 

"You are such a darling. No wonder I love you—" Henry was about to give Collins a side hug when he put up a hand to stop him. 

Collins took a jotter and pen to write out their orders, and when he left to go get it, Henry turned his attention back on Chris.

"What exactly happened between you and Ash? People have been talking about it." Noel asked Chris curiously.