Jock Next Bed (BL)

College was like a wake-up call for most people. Especially the likes of Christopher Owen, who spent the rest of his high school years messing around and pining for the boy he never had. Having had a frustrating high school year, he decided to dedicate himself to his studies in college.   He flew many miles away from home, changed his looks, and hid his real identity from everyone.  His plans were simple: study hard, pass well, no dating. But then he realized two things: life was anything but easy without the backing of his last name. And... he wasn't sure how long he could last before he jumped his roommate, who was obviously not gay. But lust wasn't love, right? Maybe he could indulge a little? Just a little, I promise.

ThatAmazingGirl · LGBT+
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121 Chs


Chris had been about to head home after school, but a strange intuition tugged at him, urging him to make a U-turn towards the school gym. His steps were determined, but if someone were to ask him what he hoped to achieve by going there, he wouldn't have an answer for them. 


Despite the chilly air in the room, the gym was alive with the sound of clinking weights and the sight of students giving their all to their workouts.


Among the sea of sweaty bodies, Chris spotted Noel. Noel's muscles were rock hard and glistened with perspiration. His focused expression only added to the allure, making Chris momentarily forget the reason he had come here.

Wow! He didn't know this guy was this...

Fuck's sake, promiscuous Chris, focus!!!

He shook his head to clear his thoughts, just as Noel noticed Chris's presence. Noel set down the weights he had been helping another guy lift.