Jobless Transportation - The Honored One

Pre-Awakened Gojo Satoru Transported Into The Six-Faced World. Or... Gojo Satoru In Mushoku Tensei. Enough said. Don't worry, he's still OP without being Awakened, as he is nevertheless Gojo Satoru. I'll do my best to do him Justice and perhaps expand upon him as he is Teen Gojo in a new world or in better terms: "Not a fully developed Character" just yet. For the sake of not making any false expectations here's a rundown of how this fic goes: This is a Slow Cook Story. A Slice of lifeish fic with a functional Plot. This is basically Teen Gojo's vacation/adventure through the wide and expansive world of Mushoku Tensei. With original plotlines, OC's appear often in addition to the Extremely Important Canon Characters who are important to the overall plot and events that cascade and will eventually intertwine. To give a rough outline of the percentage between Slice Of Life and Intense even Dark plot/action/serious moments would be... On average 70% for Slice of Life and 30% for the latter. This of course would change as we get deeper into important events and plotlines where the percentage could skewer in favor of Intense Plot stuff. Like 100% of only that. In summary - Slice of Life is a major part and covers the gaps between the more intense and plot-relevant stuff. Hope this clarifies your worries! Do take note, I wrote this fic to relax from my more serious main fic. So do take it with a grain of salt and try to enjoy this if you can :P This is a Fanfiction, As such, I own nothing. Not the cover. I don't own Jobless Reincarnation/Mushoku Tensei nor do I own Jujutsu Kaisen. The credit goes to the respective creators and kudos to them for creating such fantastical works. If you haven't. Go read the originals and support the creators. They're better than this I promise! Cover supplied by the kind Wudi_Tianxia! Updates are under no schedule, they are limited only by my motivation to write. However due to the nature of this fic being short chapters: 1k-3k Words Per chapter or more if I'm feeling fancy, chapters should be coming out rather quickly.

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To End All Concerns - Teen Gojo's Scaling

Yo people, to put an end to all concerns and questions on where Gojo exactly stands in the Power or as I more aptly place it "1v1" Scale in the Mushoku Tensei World.

This is my opinion and what I've decided to go with for the fic. Some of you may agree, some of you may disagree. Some may think I'm underplaying him or overplaying him.

Anyways here goes:

Teen Gojo, as I see it - if he goes completely seriously and isn't exhausted against his opponent he will be able to beat everyone in this world but 3 individuals.

That means he's top 4. This will of course be different as an Adult if ya know ya know.

Why do I think he's that strong? A couple of reasons:

Physical Strength And Speedwise - Teen Gojo is Upper Emperor Rank and probably lower God Rank as of this current point. Could change if he replicates techniques and uses Blue to enhance his strength etc...

In terms of hand-to-hand, there really isn't anyone who doesn't get slapped up by Gojo except Orsted. The hand-to-hand combat in Mushoku Tensei is underdeveloped and most of the attention is on the sword. Gojo is a genius martial artist and such.

It's a different story with a sword though.

Now destructive capability - Yes, Gojo won't be shattering any continents with his fists, nor Hollow purpling a country like some alleged characters can do.

But here's my argument, Novel spoilers and all that, but Rudeus fought with the arguably 2nd strongest of the verse - Badigadi with the Fighting God Armor.

As I recall, he didn't shatter any continent or mountain in the fight, Gojo seems to be fine in the overall strength scaling according to this.

Again, planet-destroying or continent-shattering feats are ambiguous at best even if they are stated in my opinion.

But all of this, really, falls apart when we get to the meat of the matter.


That's really all Gojo needs.

Except for the 3 aforementioned individuals who, for plot reasons, I assume they have the capability of bypassing infinity, no one can bypass it.

And I mean absolutely fucking no one.

Once he learns to keep it active 24/7 - it's literal invulnerability.

This is a world of Mana, not Cursed Energy.

Inverted Spear Of Heaven? What's that?

Domain Amplification? Really what's that?

Do you see my point?

The Magic in Mushoku Tensei is pretty Linear, an example would be a simple fireball.

Pour and manipulate more magic into it, the higher the rank it'll be, the more destructive and encompassing the fireball will be.

Sure a God-Rank Fireball could wipe a continent.

But throw that onto Gojo and he'd stand on the molten rock remains of a continent, nonchalant as always.

It's a concept of Hax not power in this whole story.

Now onto Gojo not using Mana.

Much like Nanahoshi, Gojo was transported, not reincarnated as such he only keeps his Cursed Energy, not mana-gifted or anything like that.

Now then again, if someone were capable of using his own power system and able to transform it into another - it'd be Gojo Satoru.

But that's a big IF, I'd probably not do that as Gojo Satoru as mentioned in my explanation is Strong Enough and WILL BE the Strongest eventually.

If he does learn to convert Cursed Energy to Mana, it'll be in the far far future.

My man can't use Reversed Cursed Energy yet, Do you want him to use Mana? XD

Anyways, that's the gist of it, don't take it too seriously as I'm trying to tell a story here. I'm just doing this so I don't have to answer repeat questions.

If you came into this fic thinking Gojo would be barely into the Emperor or King Class scaling in this world - Sorry to disappoint.

This is intended to be a for fun story where I just throw an overpowered character with a good personality (Gojo) into an interesting world and see how his antics shake things up. Don't think too deeply about it and let it flow XD

But if there's a big case against this choice of how strong Gojo is, I'll change it, hope this chapter wasn't all to spoilery as I only mentioned his power - nothing plot wise.

Hope this answered all yall questions! Cya next chapter!