Job Change For Everyone: My Job Can Infinitely Evolve

"The world underwent a mutation that year. The game world appeared in reality and various disasters started to ravage the world. To resist all of this, everyone had to plan for their job choice, manically level up, and strive to become stronger. There were mages, warriors, knights, and summoners—over 100 different kinds of jobs. This was a job that a person would be stuck with his entire life. Thus, everyone chose cautiously. Out of this dazzling array of jobs, Moses picked Knight—which had the most average ability value—to be his job. At the same time, he also awakened the Hundredfold Increase System. ""Ding! Detected that the host learned Shielding. The skill has become Absolute Defense after the hundredfold increase!"" ""Ding! Detected that the host learned Defensive Domain. The skill has become No Damage Domain after the hundredfold increase!"" At the same time, Moses also discovered that his job could evolve infinitely! ""Ding! Detected that the host's Knight job has met the conditions for a hundredfold increase. The job has become Great Knight... Paladin... Impregnable Fortress!"

Infinite Evolution · Eastern
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352 Chs

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When Moss tapped on the red question mark behind the first profession's evolution direction and saw its contents, his eyes widened with excitement. He saw the new targets to unlock.

"Holy Belief value: 1600/2500. Locked."

"Obtain a stronger mount. Locked."

"Spiritual Power: Reached intermediate powerhouse level. Unlocked."

"Search for relic fragments: 0/10. Locked."

"Miscellaneous: Holy Belief Value is insufficient. Unable to display more information."

'Huh? My Holy Belief has already reached 1600 points! Looking at it this way, I'm unsure if the value has increased by a certain degree or if I've unlocked a new target and a new one appeared.'

After some thought, Moss noticed something else. He smiled slightly, and his eyes flashed as his heart shook. 'Perhaps there's a clue here.'

With that thought in mind, Moss quickly got up, picked up a book with a password lock, exited his room, and headed toward the conference room.