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Doesn't this world deserve a better end? The main character finds himself in the world of "Jujutsu Kaisen" with the power of the Red Priest from "Lord of Mysterios." Hello everyone, I am amattsu, the author of "Jujutsu Kaisen: Red Priest Pathway". Unfortunately, I had to re-upload this fanfic to my account because, for certain reasons, my co-author Vandalizer cannot publish it on their own account. patreon.com/amattsu

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Chapter 35. Crossing the Threshold (Part 1)

Halloween Eve.

October 31st, 2018.

At precisely 19:00, a curtain with a 400-meter radius was cast at the Tokyo department store Toyoko branch.

20:14 - Tokyo Metro - Shibuya Station, near exit 13.

Outside the curtain that severed Shibuya Station from reality, a group of Sorcerers assessed the situation with high vigilance.

"This curtain only blocks ordinary people," Kiyotaka mused, his chin in his hand, deep in thought. "It's odd that there are windows through which people can enter. Moreover, any Sorcerer can easily walk through."

Nanami, maintaining his usual imperturbable demeanor, pierced to the heart of the matter with his question:

"What about radio waves? Can they cross this curtain?"

"They're blocked," Kiyotaka replied instantly, not letting the question hang in the air. "To send a message, you either need to step outside the curtain or have someone else deliver it."

"A tricky situation," Nanami noted, his face as calm as ever, as if discussing the weather rather than a communication blackout.

"Hey, Fushiguro! Long time no see!" Suddenly, from behind Nanami, a voice called out.

Megumi merely gave the middle-aged Sorcerer an indifferent glance.

"You see, inherently, the curtain holds back everything filled with cursed energy: Sorcerers, cursed spirits, cursed weapons," the man began, as if ready to lecture. "But blocking radio waves is just an unexpected side effect. Normally, curtains like this don't affect them."

"I'm aware," Megumi responded, looking at his interlocutor with mild disdain as if he were an idiot.

Nanami turned to his subordinate:

"Ino, Megumi is well-informed and knowledgeable enough, so there's no need to try to appear smarter just because you're older."

"Oh come on, Nanami, I was just trying to show some concern for the younger one," Ino grumbled, looking displeased.

Ignoring Ino's complaints, Nanami focused his attention on Kiyotaka:

"So, where's Gojo?"


Meanwhile in Shibuya mark city, outside the curtain, near the entrance to the restaurant zone.

Nobara looked around in surprise at the deserted streets of Shibuya, which were usually bustling with life, especially on Halloween night.

"How can there be no one here? On Halloween? In Shibuya? It feels like a nightmare," she said anxiously.

Maki responded with her usual calm:

"This indicates that something serious has happened. That's precisely why we were stationed around the perimeter of the curtain."

A tense voice from a blonde woman standing opposite them added:

"What's even more troubling is that we only know one thing about the enemy—they demand Gojo Satoru be brought to them. That's quite alarming."

Akari Nittu, the senior assistant at the Magic School, whose main role was coordinating the Sorcerers' actions during especially complex missions. Like Kiyotaka, she was overwhelmed with paperwork when not on missions.

Off to the side, an elderly man commented with some disdain:

"People far removed from the world of Sorcerers certainly can't grasp the full depth of what's happening."

Maki involuntarily grimaced, catching these words. She hadn't expected to find herself on the same team as Zenin Naobito, head of the Zenin clan.

"Can't we just destroy this curtain?" Naobito mused aloud, stroking his thin dandy-style mustache.

Akari shook her head negatively:

"Using force here is futile since Sorcerers can pass through it freely. We need to find the caster maintaining the curtain and stop them."

"So, our goal here is to help with that?" Maki guessed, adjusting the position of her spear on her shoulder.

"No," Akari cut her off sharply, spreading her hands. "Our task is to hold our positions."


At the same time, at JR Shibuya station Shin Minami entrance, outside the curtain.

"This isn't just any curtain. Moreover, they've specifically requested Gojo Satoru," a tall man with tousled chestnut hair quietly started, his gaze shifting to Panda walking beside him.

"Kusakabe," Panda replied, a hint of surprise in his voice, "the perpetrators?"

"We're dealing with the same group that attacked us during the inter-school exchange," Kusakabe answered calmly. "The higher-ups decided to minimize casualties, which is why Gojo Satoru is taking the initiative in this incident."

Atsuya Kusakabe, a first-class Sorcerer and teacher at the Tokyo School, felt mixed emotions: relief that none of the students would be in danger, yet anxiety, anticipating that something would inevitably go wrong.

"'Casualties'..." Panda paused for a moment, digesting the information. "They mean just the Sorcerers, right? They don't care about ordinary people!"

"Don't get worked up," Kusakabe sighed, looking at Panda. "Unlike the 'Night Parade of a Thousand Demons,' we were caught off guard this time. The current plan of action is the best we have. We're here as a backup, along with Nanami, the old man from the Zenin clan, and Mei Mei..."

"Still, it sounds wrong," Panda shook his head in disagreement.

"I've been inside the curtain, and the ironic thing is that there's relative peace inside. People are scared, but there's no presence of a cursed spirit, nor are there sorcerers running around killing people," Kusakabe remarked with a smirk.

"That doesn't make me feel any calmer," Panda grumbled. "Are they all just trapped in there? Can that be true?"

"All we can do is wait," Kusakabe began stretching his neck. "And frankly, I'm not thrilled about the idea of going back in there."

"Why?" Panda looked at him with questioning eyes.

"Somewhere deep inside, special-grade cursed spirits are lurking..."


20:39 - Near Shibuya - Aoyama Cemetery.

"I understand why they're doing this, but we could help!" Itadori exclaimed, his gaze filled with bewilderment, directed at me.

"If you're sure you can keep up with Satoru, I won't stop you," I replied, shrugging nonchalantly.

"What brings you here?" Mei's younger brother began, eyeing me suspiciously. "You're not from our team."

"I'm just bored," I responded to the boy with a smirk.

At the moment, I truly had nothing to do.

If my memory serves me correctly, Satoru should have already started his fight, or it was about to happen soon. Yuki Tsukumo, like me, must be bored somewhere near Shibuya. And Yuta… Yuta was running late. First, his flight was delayed, then completely rescheduled. Fortunately, he managed to catch the last available flight and was due to land in Tokyo at any minute.

Who even advised him to arrive just a day before the events in Shibuya? Oh right, Satoru Gojo himself. Of course, he had his reasons — trying to track down Geto. However, Yuta not only found nothing but also arrived late. Personally, I didn't mind, confident that I could handle everything here, especially with Yuki nearby. But Yuta was extremely frustrated by how things turned out.

"You look too calm," Mei suddenly remarked. "Do you and Satoru have some kind of plan?"

We had no plan; Satoru wouldn't repeat the mistakes made in Amsterdam.

But seriously, it turned out our informant, Kokichi, wasn't as helpful as we had hoped. We knew about the upcoming incident, were aware of the unusual curtains, and that a group of curses planned to use ordinary people as hostages. However, the true purpose of this "festival of curses" was unclear until the last moment, which particularly irked Satoru. So, after weighing all pros and cons, which is to say, simply having a cup of coffee and eating some mochi, we decided: Satoru would act first, and we — the special-grade Sorcerers — would follow as plan B. Although, it would be more accurate to call it a strategy where I played a key role, ready to clean up the "mess" Satoru might leave. Yuki and Yuta were to rescue civilians and be ready to assist, while Kokichi... just had to try not to die and, ideally, support the other four teams.

"Apparently not," I shook my head in denial. "And my calm demeanor is solely due to the beautiful woman opposite me. Shouldn't I try to look cool?"

"Idiot," Yui Yui snapped back instantly.

"Are you flirting with her?" Yuji asked in surprise, his eyes not leaving me.

"It seems she likes it," I replied, winking at the woman who responded with a pleased smile.

"Sister, say something!" Yui Yui cried out in desperation, rushing to her, clearly hoping for some sympathy.

But before he could embrace her, Mei stopped him, her gaze fixed on her phone screen.

"We have other plans," Mei said, standing up from the gravestone she was sitting on and slinging her axe over her shoulder. "The same kind of curtain that appeared in Shibuya has just formed at the entrance to Meiji Shrine."

"Blasphemers," I chuckled, stretching my back.

"Are you coming with us?" Mei asked, looking at me intently.

"As much as I'd like to continue admiring your pretty face and shapely figure, I must decline," I replied regretfully, shaking my head.

"Fine," Mei snorted, then without wasting another moment, turned and dashed off.

Yui Yui gave me one last look filled with anger before following his sister.

"Um, good luck, Sukehiro," Yuji said, waving goodbye before running after the others.

"Keep her," I called after him.

So, what should I do now? I'm sure that with Kokichi's support, my fellow Sorcerers will handle the situation and start acting as effectively as their strength and numbers allow. Meanwhile, it's time for me to don the hero's mantle again.

"If my memory serves me right, I should be able to catch this bastard," I mused, unable to hide a smile as I anticipated the upcoming confrontation. "Now, where was Kiyotaka last seen?"

In that instant, the map of Shibuya seemed to ignite in my mind, revealing the city's routes and streets. Quickly analyzing the directions, I leaped to my feet and, without losing a second, headed towards where I calculated Nanami's group should be operating.

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